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Survival Kit 2021 and Beyond

As much as we're doing to "halt the hoax", our government is moving forward at breakneck speed with new mandates, "variants", scare tactics, apartheid measures, sanctions, and germ theories.


We are running out of time for arguing, it's just postponing the inevitable. Now is the time for action. We need to be prepared for whatever is coming. I am creating a "Survival Kit for 2021 and Beyond" using practical tools and information based on years of experience, both mine and other experts in their fields.


My hope with this series is that you will have practical easy to use information that will help you navigate through this year and beyond. Tools that will help you prepare for the worst, while praying for the best.

Please take the time to watch and listen to the blogs, videos and interviews below.  These are important ideas that will hopefully inspire you to take action.   Feel free to come back to this page over and over as needed and to use this page as a spring board for ideas and action plans.  I will continue adding to it as I continue writing, making videos and receiving information from others.   Thank you so much for your efforts in giving focus to what needs to be done in this space and time. 


Please share with friends and family so that we can work together towards building the world we want to pass on to our children.


I have many more blogs , vlogs and interviews on my blog  here  and podcast page  here, if you'd like to see more.   Please sign up , if you haven't already, to receive my newsletter and updates about what's happening at Nettles and Pins!!  


As always, I share this for free, but I welcome donations to continue to share Nettles and Pins content. 

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Thank you so much!!

Take an herb walk with me to see what food and medicine is growing outside 

Gluten free Potato flat bread

Shoshanna Harrari shares 4 videos with us on preparing for the future. From gardening, to the importance of keeping hydrated, to her first aid kit and how to prepare mentally and spiritually for what is to come.   

א-ב  Yoga




Bee Keeping with Ido Barav

Birth outside the box

Kelly and Ben Whitely  are a young couple from Florida who had been through very traumatic births with their first two children. But with their third baby they were able to heal their past birth experiences. Listen to an amazing empowering story of trauma, healing, overcoming, rebirth, and ultimately salvation. This is a long but very important interview, so I'm leaving it up for all three days. That way you can jump off any time and start again where you left the day before. 

J Rivka Asoulin is the founder of Ancient Roots Israel

A Magical way to start your day!  


Eucalyptus Trees:   ARI (Ancient Roots Israel)  

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Our interview with R. Chananya Weisman about repairing the broken chain of mothering

Knitting with Malkie

   Malkie puts a lot of philosophy into her knitting so that it becomes not only a functional craft, but also a way to ease a troubled mind 

  Malkie Swidler is a homeschooling mom who co-runs A Torah Adventure and Ani v'ami Jewish homeschooling curriculm.   You can find her at  Ani V'Ami link:

Our interview with Rabbi Chananya Weisman. We discuss homeschooling, parenting, homebirth, breastfeeding, reconnecting with our children and healing the broken chain of pseudo-parenting 

Easy how to make a bunsen burner with candle

How to make gunpowder . Might prove useful to know this skill and have it ready......

How to store seed potatoes for next year

A segment from my Interview with Akiva Hollinger about all things farming/gardening. Please see my blog for the rest of the interview....

Check out PrepperCollective channel on telegram. Tons of information on food storage, health, homemade antibiotics, hunting etc etc.   

An interesting video on making your own dog food

Good to Know   Survival skills

How to make soap from wood ash

A page with various ways to dig a well at home. 

This is a prepper's list compiled by the Ice Age Farmer

Ham radio explained.

Instructions on how to make your own penicillin

Various poultice and healing techniques for emergencies

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