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Civil Disobedience

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

From a recent letter to a friend: "Be proud of every rebel move you make. You are not alone and every time you do something , someone will see you and be inspired. That's what this is all about. We have to give hope encouragement and strength to each other until there are so many of us., they can't stop us".

Everyday we lip further into tyranny. I hope many people are finally realizing that ths 'pandemic" has nothing to do with a virus. It's all about world domination and up until now our rebel voice was small. But now it's growing. All it takes to end this is to end our compliance. When we as a nation say "no" , it's over.

Our government forgot who it was working for . It also forgot where it's loyalties lie. Our government has been hell bent on destroying democracy, religion, traditions, family, freedom, sovereignty, capitalism, God's commandments, power of the people, freedom of speech, right to chose, education, childhood, science and love of nature and God's world.

They've shut down small businesses and farmer's markets, while huge grocery stores, malls and airplanes were given the green light through bribery and connections. The government policies never once took into account economics, suicide or starvation into account (or maybe they did) when they ordered lockdown after lockdown.

They have harmed their citizenry physically, mentally and spiritually with every step along the way. We've gone along compliantly acting through the fear that has been drilled into us over the past year.

But it's time to wake up from our slumber and become lions of Judah once again.

We must dig deep to find that God-given spirit that resides in each of us. It's there for a reason, and our world leaders have done everything they can to suppress it. But Jews tend to become comfortable in their situation throughout time. We learn to keep or heads down, our voices silent and our suffering hidden. We learn to continue on "unnoticed". This has happened over and over again. But our collective Jewish soul is suffering. It cannot be contained forever. Eventually a few brave souls speak out which sets into motion the tidal wave. It's time for us to be brave.

Only when this action is put into motion are the world events worthy of retelling. When the oppressed show courage, bravery and are willing to risk it all for the cause, does God step in and offer a helping hand. He is with us when we trust in Him, when we take responsibility for actions and lives and when we acknowledge our own authority in our own destinies.

Because people have been playing the role of the slave for so long out of fear, it is taking a long time for the to see the predicament that we have blindly walked into. But we have run out of time. Because we didn't put a stop to it at the first two week lockdown and mask mandates, we have a lot more to over come. "They" have more power than they've ever had before and they're not going to give that up without a fight.

We've got to play it smart, learn from others who have already succeeded and use our unity as our greatest strength, next to God. They have done a wonderful job of separating and dividing us. This makes us weak and unsupported, but it is all a facade and the moment we realize our force when we work together to fight evil, is the moment their little game of world domination is over.