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5 Simple Tools to Put You in Control of Corona

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Coronavirus! Schools cancelled, airports closed down, businesses going under, grocery stores emptied out, people in quarantine..... What has happened? It seems the entire world has been taken over by aliens. People are in panic mode and we are given numbers through our TVs of the rising tolls of infected people. Don't shake hands, don't use your hands to cough or touch your face , stay inside, avoid contact with everyone. Rumors are flying about how this whole thing got started, but no one is putting the blame on anyone, no investigations are being done, vaccinations are being rushed through the pipeline, no preventative measures are given besides the "don'ts". So people are panicking and they feel helpless to do anything progressive other than wait for their turn to come down with something.

I want to bring back empowerment so that we can all feel that we can do something for our families and bring peace back into our lives again.

Viruses have been around as long as the world has been turning. Science has been developing viruses for probably a hundred years and governments have been developing them as bio-weapons for decades . Corona is nothing new, it's just been tweeked.

So what have we done in the past to get through another bought of _____ (SARS, flu, Ebola, etc) virus? It all comes down to staying healthy. Keeping our immune systems strong, flexible and ready to handle anything that comes our way . This is done easily , but it needs to be consistent. It is never as good as a fix-all pill. Our bodies are complex, viruses are complex and living amongst them requires dedication on many levels : mind, body and spirit.

1. Stress

First of all , panic never did anyone any good.

Take a deep breath. Our nervous system can be put into a flight or fight mode and create harmful stress hormones for long term. These harm our liver , adrenals heart, brain and other organs. The viruses actually feed off of these hormones, so the more panicky we get, the more they have to eat and take over our bodies. When we take a deep breath (or a few) we are giving our body the sign that everything is ok. It's ok to calm down, it's ok not to have to run or fight . Our body stops producing these emergency stress hormones and we return to a state of balance and calm.

We fill up our lungs with fresh air. Expand our lungs as fully as we can and feel them working and feeding our body with energy and oxygen. It clears bad energy from around our space and allows us to feel positivity and joy.

Smile, say a prayer, meditate, and spend few minutes feeling grateful for your health, your family's health and for the simple things, such as sunshine, laughter and having a roof over your head. Saying the words "I am healthy and whole and my loved ones are healthy and whole" can make a simple, yet profound shift in your wellbeing as well as those around us.

2. Use herbs and vitamins

Many herbs are anti-viral. They have properties that can break down viruses, take away their foods, kill on contact, find them and drag them out from their hiding places, even hinder their ability to multiply and create neurotoxins. By adding these herbs, essential oils and supplements into our diets, we are creating a place that the viruses no longer are able to reside and cause havoc. They come in, take a look around and leave. These herbs can come in many different forms and all of them are useful.

Smudging: To make this you tie dried herbs together. We light these on fire which goes out and lets us smoke the room or house. I carry this around to let the smoke reach every corner. I use any combination of sage, thyme, lavender , eucalyptus, rosemary . These are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and they kill bad energy leaving the room fresh with new clean energy.

Essential oils: The same herbs as above plus others such as citrus, cinnamon, cloves, frankencense, myrrh and others . I like to fill a small bowl with water and add drops of these oils with a candle burning underneath. A diffuser works the same or a pot of water with these herbs simmering on the stove has the same effect.

Herbs fresh or dried can be used in tea or Infused water as a drink or as a base for fruit smoothies. These can also be used in natural soaps, salves, shampoos , tincures, infusions, candles etc. The more we use them in our lives, the more they work for us to clean up our living spaces and our bodies from harmful intruders , such as the coronavirus and others.

More herbs and supplements that are especially helpful during these times are:

Vitamin C. Load up on it. It kills viruses and strengthens the immune system so it can perform at top level.

Thyme is anti-viral. An awesome herb to have growing outside or in pots. Make tea and drink and drink. Also great for respiratory complaints (corona!)

Sheba, Cat's Claw, licorice root and cleavers are also very effective to strengthen the immune system and against respiratory illnesses.

Lemon balm: anti-viral as well as calming to the nervous system

Zinc: keeps the immune system strong, anti-viral

Garlic, onion, turmeric and ginger: These are super powers when it comes to anti-viral and bringing the immune system to the next level. Use is tea, cooking, smoothies, pestos, salsas, etc etc.

Elderberry , echinacea and goldenseal are other herbs to use.

Celery Juice: I couldn't write this without adding my favorite keystone herb. Celery juice makes all the others work even better than they do alone.

Ivermectine, Quercetin, and HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) are other protocols used by doctors in prevention and treatment.

3. Eat Healthy Whole Foods

Processed foods only aid the problem of strange viruses flying around. When we consume packaged processed foods and drinks that are mostly (if not all) made of chemicals , bad sugars and harmful oils, we are making a wonderful place for viruses to take up residence. They eat these harmful "psudofoods" which are their favorite foods and they become stronger . When we eat these harmful substances, we make ourselves weaker by depriving our body of it's essential nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and fight off intruders.

Fruits , vegetables, greens, sprouts and mushrooms are the best foods for fighting off viruses . Fill up on these in whatever form you choose: fresh, dried, frozen, cooked in soups, stews, juices, salads, smoothies, snacks . As long as these are the main part of our diet, we are creating an environment that is inhospitable to viruses and giving our bodies the fuel they need to survive and thrive even during crazy outbreaks.

Our bodies need good sugars from fruit to continue to give us energy and keep our bodies in top gear. When we are giving the correct energy through fruits our bodies become flexible, strong and resilient. This kind of energy is exactly what we need to get through rough waters.

4. Connect to your wild side

When we get sucked into our TV screens or become panicked from what we see on our phones, we cause more stress and become part of the never ending cycle of fight or flight mode. We end up spending our days worrying, and our nights not able to sleep. This leaves us vulnerable to catching anything , getting through it with ease and having a hard time recovering . By stepping away from our screens and just taking a walk outside in nature (or as close as you can get to it) we are able to take the deep breath, smile, look around at our world, see the sky, stars, trees, sun, moon, birds etc. This can instill a calmness and a return to our natural life. Nature has a huge impact on our wellbeing bringing balance back in and resetting our overloaded sensories. Our world is full of healing energy, and thousands of years worth of documentation used in many cultures all over the world.

A few ways to reconnect and bring calmness into our lives are:

Sunshine: Spend time outside in the sun, soaking up it's healing rays. 15 minutes can make a world of difference . Vitamin D from the sun helps to improve our immune system and our peace of mind.

Forage: Go outside and walk among the medicinal weeds that God has provided for us. Seeing this abundance reenforces that we are not alone and we will get through this just as other generations have gotten through similar things in the past. Each herb has healing and anti-viral properties (please see my related blogs). Walking amongst them , being close to nature, feeling the sun and the wind in our faces, brings back joy and gratitude for simple pleasures.

Earthing: Being barefoot on the earth connects us to our mother and her healing energy. This allows us to release negative energy and receive her healing positive energy. This exchange reduces inflammation, stress levels and allows for peace, better sleep, less pain and more joy.

This can be done anywhere there is soil, or natural bodies of water, such as the beach, the forest, your garden or your front lawn.

Both laughter and exercise are amazing ways to strengthen your immune system and get your lymph moving.

Whether it's hiking or any form of getting outside, moving and enjoying our world, it helps to bring us back and remind us that this world and our bodies are always working for us. They are never against us and we can and will survive and thrive with love and positivity.

5. What to avoid

When we are concerned with staying healthy and in charge of our lives, some things to consider avoiding especially during times when we need to stay extra strong. Viruses are fed eggs in the laboratory where they were raised. When they get into us, no matter the virus, they will continue to crave eggs in order to thrive. We are becoming in control of how to make life inhospitable for these viruses, so this is important to know. Eggs feed them which leaves us at their mercy. If we cut out eggs, we are leaving the viruses hungry and vulnerable and easier to manage.

Dairy, gluten, processed oils, corn, heavy metals (in tuna fish etc) are also food for these viruses, so avoiding them as much as possible (or avoiding them altogether) during these outbreaks is only helping to weaken them and make you stronger. Then we replace these foods with fruits, vegetables, greens, sprouts, herbs and mushrooms which are all anti-viral and immune strengthening. When we realise that these foods, which in and of themselves are not particularly harmful, feed the viruses then we can control the outcome of how the virus multiplies or dies. It's up to us and our choices.

We are in complete control of our health. Be proactive, use common sense, and take care of your families by remembering the tips above. It has gotten us through scares before, it will continue to bring us through time and time again.

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