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A Salve for Cysts and Growths

We had a bunny that was born with a small cyst on her back. I was already treating another rabbit with a large growth on his testicle, so I let it be for awhile. We would check the cyst daily, but it didn't seem to be growing, so i didn't worry about it. She continued to grow and thrive, but after a few months I felt that the cyst was finally beginning to grow and I had to do something about it. It got to be about the size of a large marble.

My first thought was to lance it, but I didn't have a sharp enough knife and I didn't want to harm her in any way. So I came up with a protocol that included making a specific salve for cysts and growths as well as giving her celery juice to drink.

For two mornings I put celery juice in a bowl and she gulped it down so fast I'd never seen anything like it. She loved it and begged for more. All the other rabbits in the same cage wouldn't touch it. They all eat celery leaves every morning (left over from us making juice for the family) , but no one wanted the juice except this rabbit. I also shaved her fur over the cyst and spread this salve (recipe below) over it.

After just two mornings of this routine, the cyst popped out of the shaved area and left a very small incision. I did nothing more. I put salve over the area to keep the wound clean until it healed. It healed very quickly and cleanly . Now the fur has grown back and there is no sign there was ever a cyst. She continues to thrive and has no other diseases.

Since the protocol worked so well and so quickly with her, I decided to try it on my other rabbit that had a testicular growth. I had been treating it by wrapping fresh herbs over it and replacing it every morning. It had been coming down in size over the months , but it got to a point that it wasn't really shrinking anymore. Now that I had this salve, I began wrapping the growth with the salve covered by a bandage. Immediately we saw an improvement. The growth was shrinking in size every day.

It is now gone completely. His did not disappear as fast as the other rabbit's cyst . This time I did not give celery juice to him and his growth was more complicated. But there was a definite improvement every day. Now after a month it is completely healed and closed up where it was protruding from.

My husband had a bump on his lower back over his left kidney. The doctors dismissed it and said it was nothing, but it made me suspicious. Now that I had this amazing salve that I had been using on the rabbits, I decided to try it on his bump as well. I massaged it every night and now it has disappeared. It had never caused him discomfort or pain. He didn't even know it was there until I told him. I have no idea what it was because the doctors never took it seriously enough to have it checked out. So I have no idea if it was a tumor, a cyst or what have you. But none the less, it is no longer there .

I have seen only amazing results from this salve on cysts and growths. It does not seem to have any effect on rashes or bites, but it's success comes when used on cysts and growths. It dissolves them or pulls them to the surface of the skin then out. I'm sure there are others just as effective, but these herbs are what I had outside growing or harvested and dried in my jars.

Melt 1 cup beeswax in a pan (over a pan of water)

Add herbs: (You want about a handful or 1/2 cup each. If you only have a smaller amount, use it anyway)

goldenseal root powder

chamomile flower

dandelion root

burkock root

chickweed leaf

tumeric root (or powder)

Simmer over heat for 2-4 hours. Roots take a long time to release their medicinal properties., especially if they are dry. The longer they simmer the more potent they can be. If you don't have 4 hours, then at least let them simmer for 2 hours. Make sure the pan with the herbs is simmering in another pan with water so that it doesn't burn. Check the water level every so often to make sure it doesn't finish and burn your herbs.

Strain and pour into small glass jars. Let cool and harden. Close the lids and store in your first aid kit or a cool dark place.

Apply to the area 1-2 times a day. Repeat until the cyst or growth is gone.

If you can keep the area wrapped with a bandage to keep the salve on longer, do so. If not, just continue to cover or massage the area with salve.

Other herbs used for dissolving cysts: (These are herbs listed as being helpful although I didn't use them myself, so I can't vouch for their effectiveness. )

tea tree oil witch hazel castor oil apple cider vinegar aloe vera red clover

frankincense milk thistle violets garlic lime

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