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Find Your Way, By Following Your Feat

Feat. Yes, you read that right. I choose to use the word "feat" instead of "feet" because it's what we're talking about here. Don't get me wrong, we're also talking about feet, but to be more specific and get you up out of that proverbial chair I have chosen to say it this way: We all feel lost. So many of us know we were meant to do something special, but we haven't found that zing. We feel overwhelmed, confused, out of time, lost and constantly searching without direction. I want you to find your way and find it now. To feel your power, harness it and use it for your true purpose. We've got a magical world inside of us and we sometimes need a little steering to pick up on, pay attention to and trust in our own selves and what we know is right even when it might seem crazy or not make sense to those around us .It's called intuition and I'd like you to get to know yours. But what does this all have to  do with your feat?

Let me take a minute to define the word "feat" , so that we're all standing on the same page, so to speak.  The Webster dictionary uses the definitions : achievement, courage, skill, novel, out-of-the-ordinary, amazing, unusual and accomplishment. We use the word when we see characteristics of surprise, control, effort, and bravery.  Each of us is born with God given strengths and a destiny to fulfill. Through conditioning or circumstance, we were taught or lead to believe that these values were worthless or that our inherent gifts weren't useful or extraordinary.  This is where we got lost, off track or completely turned away from our abilities. We were made to believe that we weren't special or talented or gifted in anyway. But YOU ARE. This is how you will find your way: By following your feat. What are you good at? What do you love? What gets you excited? What do you always have time for (or at least to dream about)?  That's right . You know the answer. Don't be afraid to say it out loud. Sometimes we hear it loud and clear. But sometimes it takes awhile to really hear the answer. It might be buried deep inside you , under all the noise. But if we take the time, make the effort, sit with ourselves and listen, we will eventually hear that voice. As you begin to listen and learn more, eat better and move, the voice will get louder and stronger and it will lead you to your truth. It's about letting your heart lead you and not being afraid to step into the void. Whether it's fear, trauma, lack of self confidence or a creativity blockage,  I'm here to help you, to support you.

I  coach people via telephone, Skype or whatsapp with coaching calls. Each coaching session lasts about an hour. I focus on a  wholistic approach to health and we will talk about your past and present, lifestyle, eating habits, and dive into your whole person to try to get a picture of the root cause of the problem or problems you many be having in order to help you treat and cure so that you can return to yourself and your full potential . We will discuss how to best help you through self exploration, supplementation, herbs and lifestyle changes. I can support you in making difficult changes , kitchen makeovers, introduction to healthy foods, exercise, energy levels,  meditation, stress reduction , mirror work, mood and sleep improvement , weight loss and more.

Sometimes we need help, support, advice, new ideas and knowing we can put our trust in a person we know has both the experience we need as well as the care required to help us through some tough spots.  We will work on your mind, body and spirt to lift you up and feel not just good about yourself, but great.

Feel free to contact me . I'd love to hear from you,  to support you, and to help you achieve your health goals!

​I work with people on many levels because that's where real  health lies. We work on food and nutrition , your relationship to it, stress, exercise,  beliefs, your history,  resistance and emotional  state. We'll dig deep to unleash the real you , the healthy ,beautiful , vivacious you. We'll find your superpower , (your feat) which will lead you to your path, (your way)  . Feel what it feels like to be free, happy, strong, independent and beautiful.

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