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The Cure Comes Before the Disease

This has been repeated many times throughout history. Our world was created in it's complete perfection. Our fruits, flowers, leaves, roots, fungi, seeds, nuts and algae were all created to feed, fuel, clothe, and/ or treat humans and animals on this earth. Many traditional medicine men or women knew from knowledge passed down which was learned through trial and error. Until today we are constantly trying our hand at herbal medicine and learning how to cook and prepare with these treasures.

Those in the medical fields also know many of the benefits of these herbs and test them further when there is some outbreak on the loose. They take components out of suspected herbs with potential for healing a specific problem and test them. Lo and behold there is a "new" cure available for some dis-ease.

These plants and their properties have been around since the beginning of time, but were up until then not tested for a novel intruder. This comes only from being challenged with constantly mutating viruses, bacteria, fungi etc in which the world is always host to.

The first place to search for cures has always been in the plant world. This has never failed us and humanity has continued to exist despite the many plagues that have befallen humans or animals in the past.

So yet again, science has to return to it's roots to find which components of which already existing plant provide the answer for the new situation. This is something that has been repeated throughout history when people still had their wits about them.

From dandelion, to cannabis , to chaga these hold the mysteries of any illness to come face to face with humanity. We have figured out not only to make tea from them, but to hold them up to a microscope and find and extract the many anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties, components, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals they hold. We condense, specify and concentrate these for a particular dis-ease in order to have quick and spectacular results. These are used in singular form or together with others that have an entourage effect, meaning they work together and compliment each other for stronger more potent effects.

When we began recognising ADHD and autism in exponetial number of children, we began testing cannabis and found it's encouraging results. Cannabis has been here all along, but we hadn't the reason to connect it's effects on autism symptoms until we were challenged with the condition. Same goes for many many herbs from brain fog to heart disease to psoriasis and everything in between.

So wouldn't it be safe to say , that this "new" coronavirus is just another challenge along the continuum? We already know of anti-viral herbs and how to fortify the immune system against daily stressors. If this so called "rouge" virus is stronger than other strains, we could

1. use the strongest natural anti-viral measures,

2. concentrate certain components of those already used herbs and make it even more potent, 3. test other existing herbs with anti-viral properties to find what works and

4. teach prevention (using these daily tools (described below) to those not yet unaffected.

These have been the measures taken throughout time in order to slow down the spread and inconvenience of "rouge" trouble makers until the necessary cycle has run it's course.

Even if it is a bioweapon of some sort , ( this needs to be considered so that those responsible can be brought to justice and new laws set into place to protect the world from further fiascos), we can protect ourselves in the normal way by taking the same measures we have always taken: strengthen our immune system, reduce toxic load, hydration and increase medicinals foods and herbs into our daily diet. When we are strong on the inside, and our bodies were designed to withstand unfathomable conditions, if needed, the majority can overcome this. Just as in any disease, plague or infection those weaker than the average person should be cared for by using the same measures as above: hydration, strengthening, and cleaning up their toxic load.

Every vitamin and mineral has potential for healing. Our foods, herbs and natural supplements contain a perfect mixture of these and other phytochemicals which are meant to be utilised in our bodies to do the jobs they were meant to do: Protect us from harm.

Shouldn't then this be the normal working proceedure? Give people tools to strengthen their bodies reactions to dis-ease all the while continuing to go about our daily routines such as work? Then we can pay for the foods needed to stay healthy rather stay at home perfectly healthy, getting into panic mode, which brings down our natural immunity, which leads to fear, sleeplessness, worry about the future and the deadly cycle continues.

Although there are many relaxing herbs and tonics to calm down the nervous system, we could avoid this anxiety altogether by treating the dis-ease from the beginning with the plant life God gave us when the world was created. Anti-viral herbs, Vitamin C, Vitamin D , zinc, B12, oregano, cat's claw, thyme, lemongrass, lemon verbena, lemon, olive leaf, wormwood, mullein, celery juice, citrus fruits, frankincense, helichrysum , ginger, garlic, turmeric, lavender, fennel, onion, pine, pau d' arco, the list goes on and on.

The cure came way before the disease was ever upon us. We have gone far away from trusting nature, by putting our trust in the medical system and turning our backs on our innate intuition and in our world's ability to provide exactly what we need at the the exact time we need it.

Maybe this is one of the lessons that needed to be learned. The world is ever loving and patient and if we haven't looked to nature for the answers yet, maybe it's time we did. Because they are there just waiting for us to open our eyes and trust our bodies' connection to the earth, the heavens, our creator and his creations.

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