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Broken Promises and Unanswered Questions

We are reeling from the after-effects  of October 7th .  Body, mind and soul are frazzled.  We have questions,  eye-witness accounts, and time-stamped videos.  But where has it all gotten us?  Only deeper and deeper in to the chasm of "How?".

How was it possible? Who was involved? Why was nothing stopped before it started?  The deeper we go, the further frazzled we get.  And still the murders continue with our soldiers in Hell's Kitchen and our hostages taken from a festival, from their cribs, playgrounds as well as from gated, secured , protected communities,  or so we thought. 

People's faith in their government and strong-arm military has fallen and shattered.  Where we once walked freely, we now find ourselves constantly looking over our shoulders, sleeping with weapons and praying for true security in our homeland.

After this, who do you trust?  There is nothing left but to rely on God, once again.

About once every generation there is an upheaval so great it rocks our collective conscience. Jews experienced the Shoah, but as horrifying as it was, it was still considered a "Jewish" experience.  Then came covid, a global mission that prayed on humanity at large, with it's jab victim's numbers being quietly swept under the rug.  Then just a year or two later of coming to conclusions about government involvement, the rug was pulled out from under us yet again, once more a Jewish massacre.  "Never again" just became  "Here we go again".

Evil knows no bounds. Murder ,rape, torture, looting  and taking captives into the belly of the beast. Where is the UN? The Red Cross?  The international outcry of humanitarian lawyers and providers?   Aren’t there laws and statutes on taking hostages?  On taking babies, toddlers, elderly, and those in need of urgent care (not to mention all those in between).   All of this has been ignored.  We bury our heads in the sand and leave it up to the same lustful, greedy, agenda-driven, selfish, anti-Jewish "leaders" to fix the problem that they themselves started…

Problem, reaction ,solution…..all in the same hands?   This is sounding a little too familiar.  

If there was one so-called border blunder, what of the other borders?   Can we even  recognize who our enemies are?   Do we have clear and defined borders? Or is everything open and  international now?   Is Israel a sacred nation on sacred land or just a piece of real estate for sale to the highest bidder (or the wealthiest  Jihadist)?    (Feel free to substitute  "people" for "piece of real estate")  

We have been souled out.  Our leaders have proven  themselves  undeserving of our loyalty and have shown their true colors.   Now it is up to us, the tribal nations of God to fight for our homeland and for our sovereignty .   We will not  find  either of these coming from our "leaders".  We must look to God and beg Him for mercy.  

Only God can return to us our freedom, our security, and our ancient land.   But for this to happen, our idol worship of a godless government and hiding  behind  foreign  security budgets must end.   The only one we can and must rely upon is God.  All the rest is collapsing under it's own weight.

My hope is that we see it before getting dragged down into the abyss with the rest of Sodom. What happened on October 7th, and what continues to happen as we speak, is just a taste of how bad it might just get.    The same  mouthpieces are in charge of the narrative.

What if we just stopped listening?  What if we unplugged from their dystopian nightmare and instead, had God on speed dial?   It's just re-routing the power system.  We remove it from "them" and give it all over to Him. 

This requires faith, trust, and fear of God.  It also means asking questions, looking  for answers and being open to what you find, even if it makes you very uncomfortable. 

God is truth.  When we learn the truth, we connect to God. We gain strength from this connection so that we can continue our search for light,  always connecting to more power.  Truth=God=Power.

We cannot achieve this , acting alone for the  individual's sake.   We need to act as Am Israel:  one nation under God  -  collective unity.  We are Am Israel when  we are together fighting for one another, standing for one another and holding each other up for our sacred right to live in Eretz Israel as free people serving God and Torah. 

We know what we stand to lose by continuing on the path of the blind,  but we have everything  to gain by stepping out of the darkness and into the light.   No one said it would be easy , but the answers are all there and the promise cannot be broken.

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