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The Barter Manifesto

There seems to be a recession at least once in every generation. Whether rationing during wartime or droughts creating a dustbowl, the scene has repeated itself over and over. People become hopeless and begin to feel helpless, the government steps in and saves the economy. Or so we were taught.

Each time the world goes through a recession, the banks get stronger, the people lose property, and a bit of their dignity and the government creates more control through regulations and taxes.

Well, here we are again. We see the signs, recognize the patterns and feel the pull . " They" always have something to blame the recession on: the weather, viruses, war and on-going fear. The world has been propelled into an advanced and prosperous time . But because the media is masking the signs and marketing this recession as "climate change" or some such, depending on their mood, the masses aren't paying attention to how close to home this is about to hit.

Governments, with their overlords pulling the strings, are printing money at will, racking up enormous debts, stopping economies through lock downs, shutting down farms, culling livestock, disposing of harvests, replacing small businesses with powerful and foreign run corporations (prices are going up, quality is going down and they are using their wealth and power to influence policy and politicians), burning down trees, covering up the sun, polluting our air, water and food , creating artificial weather , taking away freedoms and rights and generally trying to replace God. We are told to just keep our heads looking down at our screen, keep shopping and to do what the newscaster tells us to do.

Now that we know what's what and we recognize the lock step of world-wide governments falling in line with the new world order, it's time to take back our individual rights, creativity, community reliance and self -sustainability.

Money will be worthless within a short time. We need to create our own currencies and trust amongst ourselves. For now using cash when possible helps to slow down their "cashless societies". Bartering and trading, skills, crafts and trades for farm fresh vegetables, eggs milk, etc. What you lack , someone else has and vis versa . Get in touch with your neighbors, create relationships and support for such bartering.

When we have a strong community, we know we can be independent of government rationing, regulations and restrictions. Everyone involved will be fed and have their needs met.

These groups are popping up in areas all over the globe, both virtually and physically. Small communities taking care of each other. Use cash while with is still around, and begin to establish who has what and create a barter system.

Governments are moving towards establishing "15 minute cities" so that we won't be able to leave and travel out of those restricted communities, with our reliance on "government help" becoming even more inevitable. But if we beat them to it and build real communities, we can lessen our reliance, and therefore our slavery, to government systems.

Start with you. How can you contribute to a local bartering system? Do you have goods or services to provide? List them and share them with other like -minded people. Are you good at budgeting? Do you have a degree in a profession that could be useful? Can you recognize herbs that can be used as herbal medicine and food? Are you a good writer? Can you teach? Martial arts? Coding? Handyman? Knitter? Seamstress?? Mechanic? Gardener? The list is endless and everything is needed. Don't underestimate your power or your gifts. God put us here, each with his/her own mind and soul capable of great things. "They" would like us to forget that and keep us from connecting to our higher power, to each other, to nature and to our own wisdom. So it is up to us to do the opposite.

Instead of ego, competition, separation, hatred, hopelessness, helplessness and despair….. We can rise up, revel in our God given talents and hard earned skills, drop the ego, come together to celebrate our creativity and independence from centralized systems. Together we can survive and thrive in abundance and freedom in the midst of loss and shortages brought on by government greed and evil.

Having a bartering and communication system in place before the fall, ensures that we are going to "weather the storm", rather than be caught up in it unprepared.

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