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The Family Doctors

Meet our family doctors: Mr. Blender, Ms. Juicer and Mrs Teapot. These doctors are available 24/7 to take care of my family in every situation. They make house calls, they put my mind at ease, they relieve colds and flu,, bring down inflammation, restore health , dissolve eye infections, relieve cough, sore muscles and irritated skin, reduce blood pressure, balance blood sugar, reverse kidney, adrenal, liver, digestion, heart and brain dysfunction, etc etc. "How can these three doctors do all that?", you ask ?

Juicer and blender: Juicing and blending can be an easy effective way of getting lots of fruit and vegetables into your day. Everyday we have juice celery in the morning. 20-30 minutes later we make a fruit smoothie which includes bananas, berries, herbs, dulse, lemon juice and coconut water. This mixture contains all or most of our daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, fiber, micronutrients and cleansers, so it's a great way to start the day with lots of good positive energy.

Drinking juice is a way of getting all of the plant nutrition into your body without having to digest it. Sometimes our bodies (our livers in particular) are overloaded and overburdened. They are not working at their top level. So drinking juice or a blended smoothie is a way of getting lots of nutrition in without too much work on your digestive system. It feeds the cells without feeding the viruses and bacteria because it goes straight to the cells, bypassing, even disarming the bad guys .

Much of the nutrition is in the "water" of the fruit or vegetable. When we juice celery for example, we break open the cells that contain the living water held in the plant. They release their nutrition and we strain and drink only the extraction.

Smoothies are a great way to get a lot in without having to eat a huge amount. I use smoothies to mix fruit with supplements, greens and herbs. That way my family is getting a great start each day. The natural sugar in the fruit helps to carry the important herbal components from your food or supplements into the cells. Our cells love glucose and when it comes from fruit or any natural source, they open up their channels to receive it. When it's mixed with the greens, herbs or supplements, they are taken in at the same time that the channels have been opened and will actually be used by the cells to do what they came to do. So you get full use of the medicinal properties you were hoping to use to prevent or heal. The fiber is filling and moves things along the digestive tract while sweeping the intestines and keeping them healthy and active.

I like to drink lemon water first thing in the morning, then celery juice , then smoothie after that. This way, I am clearing out the liver, delivering a powerhouse of nutrition and immune system support right from the beginning of the day. This has kept us healthy throughout the winter months and full of good energy throughout the day. (Please see my other related blogs about my morning routine, celery juice and fighting colds and flu)

Tea kettle: Making herbal tea or infusions can be used in so many helpful ways. One is to make tea to drink. Soothing teas can be used for upset stomachs, headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety, weightloss and more. We also use teas as our base in smoothies instead of plain water.

Another way to use tea is to add it to a bath. When we sit in an herbal infusion for at least 20 minutes, the herbal properties pass through the skin which increases the absorption area and has a calming effect. Teas used like this can be used to soothe skin conditions, anxiety, seizures, coughs, toxic exposure, muscle soreness, joint pain, headaches, insomnia, parasites, and more.

Herbal tea is a simple way to injest herbs. Some herbs are hard to eat or someone might not have the correct alcohol to make a tincture. Capsules are not always the highest quality and not always digested in the stomach. Tea is easy to use, easy to make and highly absorbable . The dosages are higher, so it also makes us use the toilet more often. This helps to flush out toxins and hydrate us at the same time.

I dip medical pads into tea and place it over a troublesome eye (or any other sensitive areas) to treat an infection or injury. Tincture can be used, but I prefer tea because tincture is usually made from alcohol, and if it drips into the eyes, it will burn. Herbal tea is just infused water, so we don't have to risk that problem. It is absorbed gently into the skin and soothes and treats infections or other complaints.

I also use herbal infusions in my homemade soaps, shampoos, perfumes, cleaning products, salves ,etc. I keep these in my natural first aid kit to use in the house, garden and in the car when we travel. They are a safe alternative to chemicals and they work magic when needed.

When I use my family doctors as part of our daily regimen, we are able to keep the harmful viruses and other trouble makers at bay. We strengthen our immune system by using these methods at home. Thank God, for the past 23 years I have been able to handle injuries, sicknesses and infections at home with the help of my "family doctors" .

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