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5 Potential Emergencies and How to Treat Them..... in (Another) Lockdown Situation

Here we are again, going into another crazy lockdown. This looks like it might become a frequent re-occurance and something we need to get ourselves ready for. With Nettles and Pins Folk School, I have been teaching independence, self sustainability, health, skill sets and so much more to all ages so that people will have the tools they need to thrive in extreme and unreliable conditions.

One of the situations that can and most likely will, come up is emergencies. Ones that normally would require a drive to the emergency room at the hospital. But imagine that you are unable to get there because of another lockdown. You are alone at home with the kids, and something happens that you weren't expecting. But it's better to be prepared and expect the unexpected.

Although there are many books focused on home remedies, three books I recommend (below) are great to have on hand for treatments. I cannot possibly cover all topics, nor can I give treatments for all emergencies. This is a small list of daily emergencies and remedies to help provide some calm and information . These books cover herbal remedies (Health through God's Pharmacy), food as medicine (Cleanse to Heal) as well as conventional treatments, homeopathic, accupressure, and common sense tips ( Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child). I have added a couple of videos from Ancient Roots Israel on how to treat some of these emergencies. Shoshanna Harrari will provide us with an amazing Natural First Aid Kit inside the A Return To.......Hanukkah Festival , so please tune in!

The best plan of action is to read/listen through all of this and other sources and prepare a kit based on your family's needs. You can buy or make herbs, remedies, salves, tinctures, poultices etc.

These tips are my compilations of a few sources, they are not the sole advice of the contributing experts. Any combination or choice of one remedy is up to you and what you have available. I personally like to treat things from many angles so that I don't miss something. For example, I will have the child drink Vit C etc so that they are strengthening their immune system from the inside , while I apply remedies to the wound from the outside.

Below are five examples of everyday accidents and quickly how to deal with them at home.

Dog bites, stings, other bites (please see important additional videos below)

Make sure cut is thoroughly washed.

Keep open while it's healing to prevent trapping bacteria inside.

Use black salve, later use healing salve around the area, not directly over the wound.

Continue to watch the progress. Treat 2-3 times a day.

Take Celery juice, zinc, vita c , b12,

fire ant bites

Apply garlic/tumeric oil, or black salve, or ice

This is an excellent mini documentary on how J Rivka Asoulin naturally treated a dog attack victim .

Another video from J Rivka Asoulin on treating a scorpion sting (she actually had multiple stings)

Hebrew Tivon Davik טיון דביק


Clean immediately, with soap and water, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide

leave open while treating,

black salve, healing salve,

vit c, celery juice,

The herb (pictured above) Inula Viscosa is found growing all over Israel . It has sticky leaves, is good for cuts, fevers, digestion etc. The Arabs call it "the herb for 40 ailments" Herbalists say it is similar to elecampane . Can use fresh leaves to cover wounds,

It is considered by some to be the Israeli version of Yarrow. (akilium milifolium) Which is very good for deep cuts, scorpian stings, etc

Fever Our body's way of fighting off infection. Viruses and unproductive bacteria cannot live in heat. So our body creates an environment in which it kills off these intruders and returns balance.

Keep the person cool if they are running a hot fever (wet cloth over forehead or back of neck,

If low temperature, keep comfortable, but don't let them become chilled.

Keep them hydrated with lemon water (optional honey, not for under 1 year olds ) and fruits Give Vit c, every half hour

Also zinc, real citrus fruits or juices, soups, baths, sun time, garlic,

teas: ginger, lemon balm, peppermint, chamomile, elder flower,

Echinacea/ goldenseal herbal combination

Always check for breathing and watch for febrile seizure

Use combinations of acupressure, homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies and others

Sprains, fractures

Ice immediately

Do not move

Use comfrey root paste and/or sitz bath

Keep immobile

Other herbs to promote healing: horsetail, nettle, oat straw, arnica


There are first, second and third degree burns. Always evaluate which one the burn is so you know how to treat accordingly. I am dealing here with first and second degree burns.

Cool the area with running water or compresses

Place Aloe vera gel over the area

No oily creams yet , they will trap the heat

Cover loosely

Do not pop blisters

Herbal remedies to use later once the burn has cooled:

calendula preparation, comfrey root, gotu kola, , Rescue Remedy , drink Vit c , zinc, celery juice

Remember that in an emergency situation, panic doesn't help anyone. So take a deep breath, and get to work using these and other home remedies . It's important to act quickly, but calmly. Our reaction can be seen on our face and the patient will react to that. If we are calm and in control, they will feel rested and that they are in good hands. If we are panicking , they will also panic. Trust in your instincts, and in your abilities. Whenever in doubt, reach out to someone who can help.

Thanks to J Rivka Asoulin from Ancient Roots Israel, Keter Benchimol, and Shoshanna Harrari for their expert advice. (Check out their presentations during the Festival ) For more amazing herbal wisdom, please check out Ancient Roots Israel's youtube page and subscribe. For any questions or discussion, @nettlesandpinschat ,

or the chat window on this website

Please sign up, if you haven't already , for the upcoming A Return To... Festival at

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