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Preparing the Home Terrain, Part 2

Updated: Apr 8, 2021


The second place to fortify is our home terrain. Our home is our castle. We must defend it and use it to protect our family. It is the one place in the whole world where our children can feel safe from threats from the outside world.

We can prepare our body's terrain with help by preparing our home terrain. Healthy food, reducing toxins in the home environment, storing water and food, being a step ahead for disaster preparedness all help to defend our way of life, our health and our lives. When our foundation is strong, we are able to reach out and help others . We can pull each other out of this when we each work together and each take a part of the responsibility.


Food scarcity is real and coming closer everyday. We want to make sure we are as independent as we can be when it comes to providing food for our families. One way to do this is to start a garden. This can be done on a small plot, in pots on a balcony, on a rooftop, a community garden or whatever is available to you. (see my blog Seeds for the Future for more information and ideas). Vegetables, fruits, berries, sprouts, herbs, mushrooms and more can grown pretty much anywhere . With a little creativity and dedication, we can grow a large part of our food and share/trade with others for what they have. Saving kitchen scraps to start a compost pile to feed your garden is another way to keep the soil healthy and the plants happy and productive. It helps save on water use for the garden and provides necessary vitamins and minerals to the plants. Just like people, when the plants are healthy, they can fight off disease and pests and there is no need for pesticide use.

Toxic chemicals

We can find toxins everywhere: air, food, water, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, perfumes, pesticides, fungicides, chemtrails, radiation etc. We literally can't avoid it in the current world we live in. But we can reduce the exposure to them at home. We can make our home a refuge to all that's happening every where else. Use non-toxic, homemade cleaners, soaps, dish soaps, laundry soap, cosmetics, perfumes etc. Avoid using pesticides, air fresheners, fungicides , scented candles, new clothes with chemicals sprayed on them, masks treated with dangerous chemicals, vaccinations and synthetic colors, dyes and food coloring. Try to keep food as natural, simple and homemade as possible. Packaged food has many chemicals with known and unknown connections to poor health.


We can't see it but it is all pervasive. Radiation affects us on many levels, including energy, fertility, brain function and more. Effects can be fatigue, cancer, brain fog and disease in many forms. Our home should be protected from wi-fi, wireless, bluetooth etc. All these have cumulative effects and multiply over time. We all have varying amounts of heavy metals stored in our bodies , these cause our bodies to act as antennas with the radiation from wi-fi, cell phone towers, devices at home etc.

There are many ways to help create a radiation free zone at home. One is to turn off all devices at night. This provides better sleep and allows our body to rejuvenate unhindered . We are electrical beings and if we can sleep without dirty electricity disrupting our own functions it can help provide better health . Phones can be turned off or put on airplane mode. Avoid wi-fi, wireless, bluetooth as much as possible during the day, but at night it should be turned off throughout the entire house.

There is house paint, clothes, material for sheets and window curtains etc and other forms of protection against radiation. But mostly the protection needs to come from within. If we can rid our bodies daily of heavy metals, we won't be so reactive to the radiation. Cilantro, iodine (seaweed) , spirulina, barley grass juice powder, asparagus, and other means pull the heavy metals from their deeply deposited stores in our brain and other organs , and wash them out of the body. Over time we begin to feel better and radiation will not have such a strong effect on us. The less exposure to radiation we have, the better . The more we actively seek to remove it from our homes and our bodies, the better chances we have to stay healthy.


Water is life . It is what sustains us. It is also under attack. Chemicals such as flouride, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, pesticides, and other toxins are making their way into our water. A