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Pashut Kashrut: The Covid Jab

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Strangely , many people, about half of Israeli citizens and counting , have lined up to voluntarily to inject themselves and their children with a serum that has unknown risks and unknown long term adverse events.

The only explanation I can come up with has to do with the fake science we've been bombarded with. The media and government have been playing tag team to see who can scare more people with their "cases" and their "variants".

Perhaps people really believe the safety testing, the approval by the FDA, the efficacy and the success of the injection campaign. Perhaps they haven't asked any questions regarding the ingredients, the possible adverse events or the agenda behind it all.

It's also possible that they don't believe that the health ministry, military complex, pharmaceutical companies and government are all working together to use dangerous technologies, created for military use, but instead using them on their own citizens.

Maybe they haven't heard that these very same technologies, owned by these same multi billion dollar corporations with conflicts of interest and criminal records, are reeking havoc on thousands upon thousands of people all over the world, including , though not limited to, that little side effect called death.

It could be , sadly, that they haven't read or seen the works of Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr Lee Merritt, Dr Larry Palevsky, Dr Byram Bridle, Dr Roger Malone, Dr Simone Gold, Dr Sherry Tenpenny, Dr Vladimir Zev Zelenko and others bravely stepping forward to discuss the knowns and unknowns of these injections. Through their research and experience, they are finding that the ingredients, and the ways in which they are being used, are telling a very different story than the one being touted by our government leaders. Yet their voices are being heavily censored so that the truth will be derailed from getting to the masses.

Dr. Carrie Madej , has been talking extensively about the technologies used in the injections such as the nanobot/electromagnetic/luciferase hydrogel/mRNA/spike protein/graphene oxide transfection. I am adding one of her many interviews, this one with Dr Tenpenny, in case you haven't seen it or would like to share it with a friend .

Spike proteins, which are now understood to be pathogenic proteins, capable of opening the blood brain barrier, injected directly into the blood stream and then carried to every part of our body to begin their manufacturing process of more spike proteins. It seems that these spike proteins are what is causing the diseases and deaths as a result of the injection , leaving only destruction in their wake.

It is also being recorded that these are being transmitted to unvaccinated people who come in contact with the vaccinated populace. This is causing various adverse reactions including bleeding, rashes, flu symptoms, severe fever, unusual menstrual symptoms, even in the elderly, miscarriages and more.

How they are being transmitted is still being investigated, although the manufacturers have known all along, as recorded in their trials. Perhaps the spike proteins are being transmitted via sweat, gas, bodily fluids, breath and contact. It's also possible that it is an electromagnetic pathway that can travel from cell to cell, from one body to another.

The package inserts of the covid injections are purposely left blank. There is no list of ingredients, there is no list of potential side effects, there is no name, number or address to contact in case of adverse events. It is left blank. On Purpose. We have thankfully found out about some of the technologies and some of the ingredients through the thorough and investigative research done by journalists, doctors, scientists and insider whistleblowers.

The information is growing, but there are much more we don't know and won't know for years to come because the pharmaceutical companies are not required to disclose the ingredients. The few known ingredients and technologies include elements that completely turn away from any accepted form of what is kosher. They also have never been used on the general populace the world over. It is a massive agenda/ experiment being conducted on us without our consent.

Perhaps many Israeli citizens are using this skewed un-researched view as an excuse to pretend that these shiny new "miracle" injections are still a good idea to use on themselves , their children and even on those who choose to refrain from partaking in dangerous experimental drug therapies. If this is the case, I would like to address another little side note that might be of interest to those who follow the "scientism" or the mainstream narrative , but not the truth.

Kashrut. If people don't want to hear anything about the injection's ingredients, maybe they'll listen to the fact that the injections are completely void of kashrut . In fact, they go against most of the kashrut laws we are commanded to follow. Even though we don't eat the jab, we do ingest it into our bodies. The laws of kashrut are still relevant.

We live in a country that spends much of it's time , manpower and shekels making sure that our kosher labeled food is available in every store, restaurant, cosmetic, imported food and Jewish farm field . We've got domestic and international labels, certificates and specified rabbis who travel from place to place in Israel and all over the world checking that every kosher law is being upheld at all stages from planting to packaging. (I would personally question the kashrut of many of the ingredients that are added to the manufacturing of processed foods here in Israel. For that reason, I refuse to have any of these processed foods in my house or in my body, but that's another subject requiring another blog) .

People spend a lot of time reading labels, buying from only reputable sources and avoiding restaurants and venues that don't uphold the laws so as to keep the commandment of kashrut. Shouldn't the same attention go into medicines, therapies and other ingested materials?

Eating kosher has always been a corner stone to Jewish traditions. Whether it's an everyday observance or reserved for holiday feasts, kashrut is part and parcel to Israeli life. As far as kosher laws go in Israel, people feel safe that the food they buy and bring in to their homes to feed their families has gone through rigorous testing and selection.

When it comes to kashrut our laws are really pretty simple. They can get more complicated , obviously, between learned scholars and more observant communities. But as the Torah states it, it is very clear cut, so that even less observant Jews can keep the laws of Kashrut. Our main kashrut laws from the Torah are:

  1. Do not eat the blood of an animal. It is the soul of the flesh, it represents the life of the animal

  2. We can eat animals that chew their cud plus

  3. We can eat animals that have completely split hooves

  4. We cannot eat the animals that only do one of these two things. They must do both in order to be kosher

  5. We can eat only fish from the water that have fins and scales

  6. Do not eat the eagle or the bat, but birds accepted in your community you can eat such as the chicken, turkey, duck and quail

  7. Do not eat insects of any kind

  8. Every herb yielding seed on the surface of the earth , every green herb is for food

  9. Every tree that has seed yielding fruit , it is for our food

  10. Do not eat a dead animal

  11. Do not slaughter an injured or deformed animal

  12. When slaughtering an animal, do not make it suffer. Make the killing a quick one by slitting the jugular vein

  13. Cannibalism is forbidden

  14. Do not mix milk and meat

God states the reason for these specific laws as, " you will make yourselves holy, as I am holy. " We were made in the image of God, this is how we stay connected to Him, through our sustenance. The moment we veer away from his kosher laws, that's when we begin to fall from our potential as holy beings.

Keeping kosher has always brought a positive outcome for Jewish people the world over , while keeping us connected to our source and our heritage. Kashrut has actually brought Jews through many hard times throughout history, by providing us with a rigid way of eating and therefore avoiding the traps of disease and plagues.

More facts about the injection in relation to kashrut and kosher living:

1. We are not permitted to eat blood or crabs, yet there is a compound added to all vaccines (including the covid injection) in the blue blood of horseshoe crabs called Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL). We are also not permitted to make an animal suffer , yet to harvest this blue blood, they harness the crabs in metal holders while injecting a large needle into their soft underside and draining the blood into jars while the animal is still alive. Once they have fulfilled the required amount of blood letting, they release the crab, where he most likely dies of deficiency. Is this considered honoring and respecting all of God's creatures? Why are we, as Jews, allowing this to continue?

2. We are commanded to be fruitful and multiply, yet these injections are targeting our reproductive systems causing infertility. There are molecules in the injection that destroy the fertility process by ,among other things, blocking fertilization and causing the placenta to be eaten away. Infertility from the covid injection is also affecting men by targeting their sperm and reproductive pathways. You can read the very eye opening article by Lance D Johnson who wrote an article on the study by Dr Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr. Michael Yeadon

3. We are forbidden to engage in idol worship. We are commanded to obey one master, that is God, not corporations or world "leaders", governments, masks and injections have morphed into a form of cult and idol worship. The nanobot technology as part of the serum, can be used to control us, send personal private information to the cloud and to our "overlords" for greater control over us. Once this patented serum is in our blood, the life of the person, that person could possibly become the property of the corporation that made the serum. In this way, we could be made to bow down to our new "masters".

4. We are forbidden to engage in witchcraft, yet here we are volunteering to inject ourselves with such a dangerous concoction. The serum is pure witchcraft if you look at the satanistic ingredients and the way it is all combined to cause devastating outcomes from all angles . From nanobot technology, to chemicals never-before-used-on-humans , mRNA technology, to luciferase hydrogel, electromagnetic particles, to aborted fetuses. It's easy to picture a witch hovering over her cauldron stirring it all together while muttering curses, green smoke evaporating and filling her hovel in the dark forest.

5. We are commanded not to murder or harm innocent people. These injections contain tissue cells from aborted fetuses . The fetuses were pulled alive from the womb scalped, ripped open and diced up, without being euthanised. Our children are holy, human life is precious. This goes against all that is in the name of God. It is murder, abuse, and pure evil.

6. The Torah explicitly refers to counsel, liability, responsibility, upholding laws and harsh, public punishment for not doing so. Governments have allowed voluntary sacrifice so far. This is the way to rule over someone , by bringing them in to the cult of their own free will. Whoever bows to the idol worshipping cult of satanic masks and the needle is welcomed in with open arms. Of course, once you are injured by their godlessness, they are not so warm and welcoming. You are left to suffer with no help available, no one held accountable, no one to sue for liability.

So my next question is, how can Jews or any people who believe in God, ever consider injecting a serum that contains some known (dangerous) and many unknown pathogens directly into their blood? Blood is life. It's where our immune system resides. Blood is the way we are provided with the complexities of nutrition, oxygen deliverance, and toxic pathogens taken away to be removed from the body.

By by-passing our normal systems of ingestion, we are dumping toxins and technologies into the blood stream without the slightest concern of what they might do to our body or our spirituality. We don't know how these chemicals will react in the body when combined. We don't know how the body will react to these strange substances because this is being used on humans for the first time. We are all a part of a huge trial that we never consented to.

Another personal piece of stock to add to the puzzling questions: how is our secret, complex, unique, mysterious DNA is being manipulated with these technologies? God's name has recently been discovered to be written over and over again on DNA strands and can be understood to be an antenna directly to God. This is not by accident. This mRNA injection is proposing to alter our DNA, and therefore obliterate our connection to Him. When we alter our DNA, we are 1. messing with nature's perfection and 2. causing humans to become genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Our identity as a unique individual will be taken away as well as altering the building blocks that keep us healthy, connected and whole.

There is clearly an evil cult agenda ruling over those allowing such subversive actions against us. Practicing kashrut includes laws for eating, ingesting, upholding God's laws and avoiding impure practices. Allowing these injections into our body goes against the Torah and God's laws. Our body is a holy temple and we are commanded to treat it as such.

We were born into this world , given all the tools necessary to handle the challenges we face and we were given an extraordinary immune system to protect us from harm. Following the Torah's guidelines of how to live and eat, our immune system can handle any natural pathogen that comes our way.

We have no need to fear. We have no need to bring this patented, dangerous , untested, unsafe, un-godly, un-kosher poison into our bodies . For any God-fearing person, please think twice, research and make informed decisions before ever considering giving your consent to these injections for your family. Because once you allow this deadly poison into your or your children's body, there's no going back. God help us............

AI remote control, nanobots

The mask and jab obsession of this last year and a half is a form of idol worship.


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Joshua Shalet
Joshua Shalet

All true and reasonable

I'm sure anyone who has had the death shot will dismiss this evidence as "conspiracy theories" and "agenda driven crazies"

In a year from now, tens of millions are going to die from these "vaccines"

This is the last normal summer the sheep will enjoy

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