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How Celery Juice Saved Us

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

My husband and I have been making and drinking celery juice for about a year. Our kids have been drinking for about 6 months . Although there are things we noticed almost immediately, my biggest impression is from a yearly scan. The little things made the difference daily, but the big things took longer .

This is a list of things we personally benefitted from over the course of last year.

1. My husband's horrible leg pain (sciatic nerve) went away after suffering for an entire year.

2. Gum disease went away. Cavities cleared up

3. Sade's mouth sores cleared up. He had been suffering from them for many months

4. Negev's light spot on his cheek disappeared. It had been growing larger, and more distinct until celery juice swept it away.

5. Negev's bottom lip on the right side has been swollen for a very long time. Years. Now the swelling has reduced and it is the same on both sides . The lips are a sign of the large intestines. So his ascending intestine was swollen, perhaps with viruses or bad bacteria. but not any longer.

6. Sex has improved for both of us.

7. My hair has never been this thick and healthy in my whole life.

8. I don't experience PMS symptoms at all any more . I used to get PMS pimples the week before my period, not any more. No more bloating, no tender boobs, no cramps, no crankiness, it just comes exactly on time every month. Celery juice even changed my schedule by 2 weeks. It righted what was off. Since then my period is more solid and feels much better.

9. Peeling, cracked heels. Gone

10. Eyesight improved dramatically

11. My husband used to have a big extended abdomen . Now he has a more even, flatter stomach

12. Intestines have been cleaned out of slimy junk . It took a few months for me and a year + for my husband .