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Preparing The Body Terrain, Part 1

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

This is it!! How many times have we heard "Get ready , It's coming!" and we don't take action?

Last year 2020 opened our eyes and showed us the corruption and the plans of the elite for their take over of the world.

This year will be us taking a stand against it. Lawsuits , sharing information, civil disobedience, and survival preparation.

This may last awhile. It is literally a battle between good and evil and we have a long fight ahead of us. We need to stay one step ahead , to keep our wits and to remain healthy and stay alive for as long as possible.

That may sound grim, but it's best to deal with it head on, so let's be honest.

The only way to do this is to prepare the terrain, both of our body and of our home.

This is an introduction to topics I will cover more in depth in later posts. These are may ideas and this is what I am doing, but if you have other ideas and action steps to take, please share them @nettlesandpinschat on telegram or reply in an email or on whatever social media you're on.


The first place to begin is always with your own body. This is where it all begins and ends. To have a strong immune system and an understanding of how the body works and what it's up against is half the battle. When the body terrain is strong, it can receive, neutralize and clear out un-constructive intruders. We are human beings created to live on planet earth. We are meant to engage with pathogens and not see them as a threat, only a challenge. So if our bodies are strong and flexible we can withstand toxins, infections and pathogens without succumbing to them.

We have no need to fear our world when we are feeding our body correctly with God's resources: good food, sunlight, exercise, clean water, clean air, intuition, common sense, joy , compassion and faith.

Our body uses these as tools and information to stay strong and healthy. There are many forces coming at us from different directions. We need to have just as many powerful tools to offset them and stay protected from inside out.

This is a list of common sense action steps to take, and although they may seem obvious to some, it's important to list them , to be reminded and to state the obvious many times so that it sinks in and becomes second nature to all of us.


Real food is medicine, information and energy used by our body to fight disease, rid toxins from the body , maintain homeostasis, rejuvenate, and adapt. Real food includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, sprouts, seaweed, wild herbs, berries and spices. Animal products can be both good and destructive depending on the individual, so follow your body, what you need and what is harming you. It is important to note that eggs feed lab grown viruses. Viruses were raised in laboratories in petrie dishes and fed eggs to keep them alive. Now they're kept alive inside of us by our continued use of eggs in our diets. Dairy and gluten (as well as GMO corn and soy) also contribute to feeding these unwelcome party crashers.

Other forms of food for our body come from sunlight , deep breathing, connection to our soul and with people we love.

Juice and smoothies

Juicing vegetables is a good way of getting a lot of nutrition into a cup. Add this to your day for extra vitamins and minerals. Celery juice is in a class all by itself. When you drink it, make sure it is by itself ( check out or my blogs and videos on celery juice for why, how, when and how much).

Smoothies are another way to get in a lot of fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc into your day. Most of us don't eat 10-20 fruits a day, but with a smoothie it's easy to increase the amount as well as mix it with herbs and supplements for maximum energy and health.

Vitamins and Minerals

We are at a point in time where we are being bombarded with toxin from every direction (food, air, water, radiation, pharmaceuticals , etc) and we need extra tools in our toolbox to balance this out. Most of the soil has become deficient in these nutrients from poor industrial farming practices and therefore so has our food. Vitamin C, D, A, b12, iodine, zinc, and many others are required now to supplement our bodies where and when they need it. Sea vegetables such as dulse and other seaweeds are amazing sources for many of these minerals, such as mineral salts and iodine. Ivermectrin and hydroxychlorquine are being used by doctors to prevent and treat respiratory illnesses

Natural Herbal Remedies

As things become harder to order from overseas (at least here in Israel), we need to learn to rely on what is provided to us for free in abundance outside. Wild and domesticated herbs can be found growing outside , in our gardens, on rooftops, or in pots. These are medicinal in nature and can be prepared and used to provide ample and ready remedies for almost any ailment. These are simple to make and very effective if done properly. Please see Ancient Roots Israel's youtube channel for many of these plants and instructions for use and storage . I also have a First Aid Herbal Report available on my blog.


Water is life , but not all water is equal. We are made up of about 80% water. Our blood, brain, cells, mitochondria, lymphatic fluid, digestive system etc need water for daily functions . When we are chronically dehydrated, we end up with many health problems. Water is truly remarkable, but it is not the only way to hydrate. Fresh fruits , vegetables, greens, , smoothies and juices are also a way to consume living water. These live foods come with their own perfectly designed water with a balance of necessary sugars , salts, vitamins and minerals. When we squeeze a lemon into a glass of water, we've transformed that water into a living element that our body can utilize immediately. Coconut water is also full of minerals, sugars and needed vitamins. Make sure to have some on hand. Staying hydrated gives our body enough of what it needs to perform all of it's functions from digestion to excretion and everything in between . Without enough, we feel headaches, experience brain fog, aches and pains, thick blood that is hard for the heart to pump, an overloaded liver, sleepless nights, fatigue, disease and more. It puts our body in a state of stress, having to deal with a deficit of a much needed tool. Make sure to start your day with hydration rather than the classic dehydrating coffee and toast, then continue throughout the rest of the day.


Moving your body can seem like a simple idea ,but it seems to be less and less part of people's day . We are now putting ourselves in three positions: either sitting opposite a computer screen, standing while we're walking or lying while we're sleeping. Yoga, stretching, floor work, Breema, or any exercise moves your body in many positions and keeps it from freezing into a very limited sphere of movement. Keep flexible and your joints stay limber, your lymph system can collect and excrete waste, your heart and lungs stay clear and strong and your muscles will continue to hold you up, stay toned and react to change and/or danger.

Self Defense

We don't know what might come our way, but it's best to be ready for it. Self defense can come in many forms, and each person can choose what's right for him or her. Whether it's a weapon, martial arts, kick boxing or krav maga; learn it , practice it , know it so that if and when the time comes, you will be able to defend yourself to the best of your ability.

Step away from technology

We are immersed in screen time. It brings us together and connects us to the world. However, we need to understand the real dangers of it as well as the dark side of it. Radiation is emitted from our phones and devices, we are on information overload, stressed out and we are vulnerable to unconscious messaging. Limiting our time gives us more freedom to pursue our passions, develop our skills and it allows us to tap into our own personal power. This time can be spent, reading, praying, meditating, creating, listening or playing music, exercising, being in nature or whatever connects to your soul. "Dumb phones" can replace "smart" phones for emergency use.

Connect to Nature

When we connect to nature we connect to our origins, to truth, to the vibration and rhythm of life and love. The answers are all there, but we must take the time to find the quiet and listen to what she's telling us. Find time to touch the earth, soak in the sun, bath in the star and moonlight, swim in a natural body of water, touch the trees. Engaging in nature connects us and grounds us to our roots and to our path forward.

Fresh Air

Despite what we're being made to believe, oxygen is important. We need it in our brain, in our blood and in our lungs. It is being taken away from us with useless mask wearing. We are covering our children's mouth and nose so that their breathing and speaking is depleted and they are being taught that it is more dangerous to breathe fresh air, than to catch a cold. these masks contain dangerous cancer causing chemicals including synthetic flouride, asbestos, and phthalates, which cause penial shrinkage and infertility . It is beyond comprehension that this has been allowed to happen, but our job now is to take off the masks and teach our children to love and respect God's world and our bodies living amongst it. We need to be able to breathe and speak freely , openly and deeply. This is for our children's health and for their future.


A good night's sleep will make a world of difference in our health. It is needed for homeostasis, clear thinking, calm nature, and energy. We connect to the circadium rhythm and to the ebb and flow of the earth. Our brains are programmed to rejuvenate while we sleep by repairing synapses, traumas, injury and detoxifying . Resting during the day when needed, can also help restore energy levels and reduce stress.

Get creative

One way to stimulate our brain and nervous system is to create. Whatever that means to you, whatever get your excited (see my blog "Follow your feat". Being creative can lift you out of trauma, boredom, depression or brain fog. It is what makes us human and elevates our light from the darkness. Use creativity to connect to others, to God and to nature (which is in a constant state of creativity) and can lead you on a journey of self discovery which will overflow into many areas of your life .

Heavy metals

Heavy metals tend to settle in our brain and other organs causing many serious health problems. They come from vaccines, foods, " silver" fillings, packaged foods, kitchen appliances, animal products and more. Once they have settled in our body they begin to decompose releasing dangerous neurotoxins as well as turning us into radioactive antennas which then react to radiation waves coming from cell phone towers and satellites. We must get them out and make an effort to reduce our exposure to them. It isn't easy and it takes time, but with patience and practice we can begin to see results. Iodine can help protect us from radiation, celery juice, cilantro, spirulina, and other herbs and supplements can help the body loosen, release and wash the metals out of the body.

Become an Expert

You don't need a university degree to be an expert on your health or anything else for that matter. Sadly most universities have been purchased and corrupted by big corporations who shape the curriculum according to their own agendas. They are no longer free thinking hubs of creativity and higher learning. We have books and the internet. We can become experts on any subject we desire. It takes hours of research and pushing our brains to perform, but in your own time in your own hoe we now have access to the world's information at our fingertips. Take a deep dive into whatever interests you and become an expert. The possibilities are enedless. This focus of attention is needed now more than ever and with the internet, experts in their field, courses, instructional videos and groups we can soar above and beyond and educational what any institutional system can provide. "Life is a journey, not a destination" . This is the perfect time to begin that journey.

Face the Fear and do it anyway

These coming months and perhaps years will be full of uncertainty. It might get scary and we will probably feel many emotions along the way. We must keep our families safe, healthy and alive. So it is important that we stay level headed as much as possible for as long as possible. If you've ever faced something really scary, maybe just outside of your comfort zone or maybe actually life threatening , you'll know that it takes every ounce of effort to get through the experience. We are going to need to stay focused and push through what we never thought we'd have to do. Whatever that might be, we are each going to be pushed beyond our limits and we will need to survive. This is our time to shine, we have children depending on us to get through this next stage and we are going to have to face our own fears head on in order to conquer them. This can be done in so many ways, each person is going to find out what they're made of in their own way. Meditation, prayer, connecting to nature, practice doing something scary everyday, push yourself mentally, spiritually and physically, step out of your comfort zone , so that you begin to feel at home there. F.E.A.R. : Fear Everything And Run Face Everything And Rise . It's your choice and this is the time to make it...

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