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Preparing The Body Terrain, Part 1

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

This is it!! How many times have we heard "Get ready , It's coming!" and we don't take action?

Last year 2020 opened our eyes and showed us the corruption and the plans of the elite for their take over of the world.

This year will be us taking a stand against it. Lawsuits , sharing information, civil disobedience, and survival preparation.

This may last awhile. It is literally a battle between good and evil and we have a long fight ahead of us. We need to stay one step ahead , to keep our wits and to remain healthy and stay alive for as long as possible.

That may sound grim, but it's best to deal with it head on, so let's be honest.

The only way to do this is to prepare the terrain, both of our body and of our home.

This is an introduction to topics I will cover more in depth in later posts. These are may ideas and this is what I am doing, but if you have other ideas and action steps to take, please share them @nettlesandpinschat on telegram or reply in an email or on whatever social media you're on.


The first place to begin is always with your own body. This is where it all begins and ends. To have a strong immune system and an understanding of how the body works and what it's up against is half the battle. When the body terrain is strong, it can receive, neutralize and clear out un-constructive intruders. We are human beings created to live on planet earth. We are meant to engage with pathogens and not see them as a threat, only a challenge. So if our bodies are strong and flexible we can withstand toxins, infections and pathogens without succumbing to them.

We have no need to fear our world when we are feeding our body correctly with God's resources: good food, sunlight, exercise, clean water, clean air, intuition, common sense, joy , compassion and faith.

Our body uses these as tools and information to stay strong and healthy. There are many forces coming at us from different directions. We need to have just as many powerful tools to offset them and stay protected from inside out.

This is a list of common sense action steps to take, and although they may seem obvious to some, it's important to list them , to be reminded and to state the obvious many times so that it sinks in and becomes second nature to all of us.


Real food is medicine, information