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Rejuvenating Teeth Naturally

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

A few years ago, my 9 year old son and I had teeth problems.. He had many black spots on various molars and they seemed to be spreading disease from one to another. They were painful , but we were able to turn all that around.

I had a molar that seemed to be slowly falling to pieces . Every now and then I would see that another tiny piece was missing until one day a big piece came off and i was left with a little more than half a tooth.. The disease had started to spread to the molar next to it and my front teeth were also chipping away piece by piece . We ate a clean diet, took vitamins and minerals and had strong healthy teeth up until this one year where it all went down hill. All the other members of our family still had good teeth, but some were experiencing other problems such as canker sores and sore throats.

So I started researching and took notes on what other people were doing to reverse tooth decay naturally . We tried it all.

Baking soda doesn't help. So don't bother.

What did move the meter, was a mix of practices that we continued for about two months hard core. Then we slacked off but continued with these same additions to our day.

After a few months of this, I took my son to visit Dr. Yarden Goldstein in Tel Aviv to see if what we were doing was making any difference. We could both feel that there was no more pain and no more chipping, but I wanted a dentist to look and tell me what he thought. He was so impressed, he asked me what I had been doing and told me to keep it up. He couldn't believe that we had no more pain and he could see the scar tissue that our teeth had made . He said this is the way teeth protect themselves from further decay, but it's not easy to get this to happen. It requires constant practice to get the correct minerals so that the teeth can use them to make this protective scar material.

Important to note:

Teeth will develop scar tissue over an injured area. The injured or broken or decayed area does not disappear. It does improve in color a little, but the scar material begins to cover the area so it doesn't continue, get worse or go deeper. The true sign that it is working is 1. the pain and chipping stops and 2.. a dentist can look and let you know that the scar material has covered the area. I thought that the tooth would turn white, fill itself in and look like a healthy tooth. This is not usually the case . It can fix the damage, but usually it remains the same visually.

When there is any sort of dis-ease in the body, I always say over-do rather than under-do. The reason we are in a state of dis-ease is because of deficiency of good things and a take over of bad things. In order for the body to tip the scales and turn the balance, we need to give too much so that our body can use whatever it needs to correct, drive out and heal. If we do the minimum, the body will still be in a state of stress from not getting enought to go that extra mile to health. Whatever the body doesn't need, it will discard. So doing just one of these protocols listed isn't enough. We don't know what will work if we don't do everything, or as much as we possibly can, so that our body can pull what it needs from these many different sources.

This is our list of things we did to completely turn around our tooth decay within a few months.

1. My son had three drinks that he could alternate with: salt water, Swedish Bitters and sage tea . With these he swished and spit. The longer he could hold it in his mouth, the better. The salt water helped with the pain, so he had two cups near his bed at night so that if it started hurting in the middle of the night he could sip, swish and spit without getting out of bed.

The Swedish Bitters are a healing tincture that I make at home from the dried herbs. These heal, kill unwanted bacteria and help to repair damage. Sage is great for healing all things in the mouth from tooth aches to sore throat to canker sores and sore gums. I would continually have these ready for him throughout the day, every day and night. I make bigger batches and store them in the fridge, so that he could always use them and I could spend less time working on it. Because the key here is to be consistent. even when there is no pain, to follow the protocols. Not to wait until there is pain again. You want to do these things at least 3 times a day in whatever combination. The same applies to all the following protocols.

2. Healing broth is something we had daily. You can use bone broth if you like, but any broth with celery, onions, garlic, carrots, leafy greens, sea vegetables (such as dulse), mushrooms, ginger, turmeric, squash. Even if you use bone broth, make sure to have some of these veggies in the broth. These provide the minerals needed in an easy to absorb form. You can eat the veggies , but straining it and drinking it like any hot drink is the easiest form. I made big batches and froze it so that I could have it available for snacks, meals etc. I also added it into other stews, sauces etc as a base. I still make the broth, but now it's just for prevention rather than reversing decay.

3. Celery juice is a mineral storehouse. We drink it every morning now to prevent sickness and strengthen our bodies , but I used it then to add to my reservoir of tools for healing teeth. Celery juice works first in the mouth before heading down the throat to continue it's journey of healing. It has helped strengthen every system including oral. Our teeth are stronger, and healthier. We no longer have canker sores, sore throats, sore gums, receding gum lines or decay . Swishing it around for a few seconds in the mouth before swallowing helps tremendously as well.

Teeth are connected through the nervous system to other organs and body parts. If there is trouble the teeth will show it. If our Ph is off in our mouth , oesophagus or stomach, our teeth are affected . If our stomach acid is low, bacteria can thrive and travel up the oesophagus to the mouth where it sits all night while we're sleeping corroding the teeth.

Constant stress or trauma can release toxic amounts of adrenaline. If our liver is compromised in anyway, it has trouble mopping up this excess adrenaline. It wreaks havoc on our organs and cause us to be in a state of acidity and toxicity. It also feeds the bugs that are causing trouble in our bodies. So all of this puts us in a constant state of dis-ease. Everyday it all starts all over again. Celery juice is like water putting out fires along the way. It helps the liver to cleanse and heal itself, helps squash bugs, like viruses and bad bacteria that has gotten ahold inside, it helps detoxify the extra adrenaline that is traveling around wreaking havoc , it helps balance the Ph of the body (and the mouth and the oesophagus and stomach), it balances out the acidic acid (HCL) in the stomach to help it function properly and rid itself of bad bacteria and viruses, it cleans and repairs the intestinal walls, strengthens the kidneys and adrenals from so many years of producing too much adrenaline, helps the thyroid , the arteries, the heart, the brain, the eyes the whole nervous system etc etc. So the more we drink celery juice (at the right times and the right amounts) the more we see improvement in our teeth, our skin, hair, nails, energy, mood, and dis-ease in general slowly subsides.

Celery juice is a master herb that helps other herbs go deeper and work better. We drank it (and still now for prevention) in the morning, but we also sipped it throughout the day in order to make healing teeth even faster and more consistent .

4. Fruit smoothies are another way to get in the much needed minerals. Fruit is full of good sugar and minerals and vitamins . They are easily absorbed by the body. When they are blended with leafy greens, such as cilantro, parsley, moringa, spinach etc and sea vegetables, such as dulse, coconut water, turmeric, ginger, herbal tea, etc. This works even better when taken after celery juice. As the celery juice is traveling around in the blood doing it's job, the minerals and vitamins from the smoothie are picked up and the celery juice is able to take them to where they are most needed and can be of the most value. I like smoothies as a way to get in herbs and supplements that normally wouldn't be liked or taken if taken alone. When they are blended with berries, bananas and other tasty fruits, no one complains about what they have to take in order to heal. The fruits and greens and herbs are filled with calcium, magnesium , zinc and vitamin C. Not to mention all the other antioxidants and phytonutrients to help our body repair, fight infection and heal.

I would add to drink vegetable juice as well, if you can. juice from these vegetables is easy to digest and filled with minerals and vitamins . It's easy to get in a lot of vegetables when you juice them rather than just eat them.

5. Coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal . Many people use it for oil pulling, which is great. We actually dipped our toothbrushes into the oil and brushed for a minute a few times a day or after meals and after we have brushed out teeth (below). We don't want food sitting on the teeth feeding the bacterial infection, so we keep them clean, allowing healing to take place . Pulling or brushing gets the oil into the crevasses between the teeth where bacteria is hiding and kills it. The oil is filled with minerals which also help to build the scare material and kill the infection causing the disease. After pulling or brushing always spit into the trash or in your yard . If you spit into the sink, it will plug up the drain.

6. Mineralizing toothpowder is our way of helping our teeth by giving them the cleansing and building power they need to stay healthy. This is what we use to brush our teeth. I use clay, dried ground cinnamon or clove, horsetail, and activated charcoal . I add drops of essential oils such as sage, cinnamon , mint or clove. All of these kill bacteria and make it taste great. I also add neem oil to give it some extra antibacterial power. The clay is minerals which the teeth need, the charcoal is super cleansing so each time we brush, our mouths are getting all the power they need to heal and fight infection.

7.. Avoid caffeinated drinks and food, such as coffee, tea and chocolate during this time of healing. Sugary , processed "foods" filled with junk, dairy ,gluten, eggs, and too much fat all help bacteria and viruses to thrive all throughout the body. Ingesting apple cider vinegar, or any vinegar depletes much needed minerals, helps to break down the enamel on teeth, dehydrates us and hinders our livers. It is absolutely necessary to have our livers running at their best in order to heal our teeth (or anything else for that matter).

8. Supplements and foods to help teeth are silica, iodine, Vitamin C, D, B12, magnesium, zinc, horsetail, moringa, leafy greens, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs , mushrooms and sprouts. These are needed to rebuild our skin, teeth, hair and nails . These can be taken either as supplements or get them from food, or both. These taken with the addition of celery juice work even stronger and faster because they are brought where they are needed the most. Salads, soups, dressings, steamed, frozen, baked, hot or cold. The more we consume (eating or drinking), the more minerals we are getting in there to help us heal our teeth and reverse decay. Of course there are other herbs and supplements out there that can help, but this is what our protocol was and what actually worked for us. (Calcium as a supplement is not needed because our body finds the calcium in the fruits and greens. It also converts other minerals into the calcium it needs. Taking calcium supplements can be dangerous in the long run because the body can't use this form and it starts to store it out of the way in places where it ends up clogging and crystalizing causing blockages and painful areas.)

If you make the effort , which may seem overwhelming at first, it will pay off. If you break it down to simple steps, make bigger batches of teas etc, and make it fit into your daily routine one thing at a time, then the effort becomes less overwhelming. Continue to add these into your day as preventative measures and you will be rewarded with healthy strong teeth.

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