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The Pressure Cooker

I know I'm not the only one who has noticed that while our old world system is crumbling and a new one arises to take it's place, roles are merging. Student/teacher, master/apprentice, doctor/patient, scientist/researcher, banking/medicine/tech/health/military etc etc.

It's as if there are no longer boundaries between us. It no longer matters where you come from, what your socio-economical situation is, color, race, religion etc. The professors are now learning from their students because the students have found answers that the professors either didn't acknowledge or didn't take the time to find. The curtain has been pulled back on the evil corrupt players by people from every sector of society. We are all sharing openly, crossing cultures or societal borders in order to get a better understanding or a new perspective.

This of course, goes both ways and is being used by both evil and good people with good and bad outcomes. As truth seekers we are sharing, supporting and inspiring each other to keep up the fight, share our expertise to educate and continue to bring light to the darkness. As corrupt greedy engineers of this mess they've put us in, they are crossing over their paid or elected roles, over reaching and making unlawful mandates, abusing their power and making uneducated decisions based on guesses or orders from their overlords.

Medicine is no longer a mystery. Tech is no longer out of reach. Science has revealed it's secrets. Religion has become more than just passages in a book. Money, although still relevant, has taken a back seat to "doing the right thing" . Research is no longer contained within the walls of a library with outdated books (although these are also invaluable sources) . We've all become experts, with open eyes and ears and hearts, so that we can pass and receive this information at a greater speed and farther reach.

We've dropped our egos, forgone our inhibitions and lost sleep and friends over making a difference for humanity. We feel like we are under a pressure cooker and there isn't a moment to lose in idle chat. This is our eleventh hour. This final push through the birth canal as we head into the unknown.

Passions have bubbled up to the top overflowing the pan and spilling all over with the energy that is being released from our push forward. Our steadfastness is infectious and spreads to those around us, either to repel them or cause them to join the fight.

We are each being called to fulfil our purpose, to be brave and to spread light. As our governments continue to follow the path of darkness and obliterate all that constitutes law and order, we are rebuilding a truly enlightened community, bringing truth and groundedness to the chaos around us .

We have joined forces to protect our children, our world, and our freedoms. Everyday there is more information being uncovered, new warriors stepping up and risking everything to bring the truth to the world. We are listening, we are taking our own risks and we are spreading information to bring together entire populations for strength in numbers.

It seems to be happening faster and faster and if you're not keeping up, you'll fall behind. Those who are coming up with new mandates and ignoring science and common sense are changing laws, definitions and the rules of their game at lightening speed.

We've got a lot of work to do. We have to fight harder from a grassroots level. They have the money, power and control of the media, politicians, big pharm and big tech. But we have the numbers and the heart and spirit of warriors.

Another noticeable phenomenon is that this Awakening time is bringing out each person's true nature, health and truth. The pressure cooker has pushed us to the brink of what we thought was possible, what we thought was true and what we believed we were capable of. The pressing challenge has presented us with the requirement to step up in our truth and take action .

Those with underlying or latent symptoms and conditions were exasperated by the new technology in those who chose to get the "vaccine" . They are now having to deal with sickness that they have had "under control" for years or decades as well as the addition of the new technologies and the pathological problems associated with them. This often comes in the form of having to take a good hard look in the mirror and see who we really are: our weaknesses, our fears, our strengths and asking ourselves how do we plan on recognizing and addressing these sometimes inconvenient truths.

The pressure cooker is bringing it all to the surface, forcing us to look at things from a new perspective. Challenging us to adapt , evolve and prepare for what's coming. This last year has brought to our attention the immediate need to spend time, energy and money on preparing for what might be. Shortages, lockdowns, price increases, unemployment and a cashless society are some of the concerns we have addressed. We have been busy researching, storing and purchasing essentials to get through a long term emergency situation. Please see my blogs on Preparing the Terrain Parts 1 and 2 on for more ideas on where to begin.

As the pressure cooker boils over with energy, passion and sheer unstoppable power , we might be left feeling exhausted, fed up, or overwhelmed. This is where we must address our energy levels, sleep, stress, nutrition and recharging our batteries. Things might just get worse before they get better. We've got to hold the line, stay healthy and survive until the dust settles.

Keep in mind what we're doing this for: our children, our world and our freedom. The pot may boil, the pressure may seem unbearable, scary or too big, but God is bigger than it all. He's with us, we just have to have complete faith and continue in spite of the seemingly overwhelming odds. A change of perspective may be in order. Instead of a pressure cooker, think of it as a jacuzzi. Enjoy the bubbles, relax in the heat and let the pressure fill your sails from the bottom up.

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