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Survival Kit 2021 and Beyond

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

As much as we're doing to "halt the hoax", our government is moving forward at breakneck speed with new mandates, "variants", scare tactics, apartheid measures, sanctions, and germ theories.

We are running out of time for arguing, it's just postponing the inevitable. Now is the time for action. We need to be prepared for whatever is coming. I am creating a "Survival Kit for 2021 and Beyond" using practical tools and information based on years of experience, both mine and other experts in their fields.

My hope with this series is that you will have practical easy to use information that will help you navigate through this year and beyond. Tools that will help you prepare for the worst, while praying for the best.

We need to hang on to our independence, so that come what may, we'll get through tese coming times healthy, whole and healed.

Once we realize our potential and how success is just a matter of attending to what matters most, we will weather the storm and come through on top.

Listing priorities and keeping true to their role in our survival is sometimes easier said than done. But when we take a good hard look at what's at stake, with a little practice and dedication, we can make it a reality. We kinds of don't have any other choice at this point.

There are many people who have been teaching "prepping" for ears. Most of us thought "it's a great idea, I'll get to it someday". Well, , that "someday" is now.

We've seen irrational weather patterns, electricity (power) outages, water and food shortages and tent cities.

Our times have brought with them serious challenges. those who aren't prepared ,will end up on the wayside hungry, cold and beaten by the system. Let not let that happen to those of us who are ready to make sacrifices and take chances.

"Survival of the fittest" has a new meaning now. Those of us prepared and willing to do all that needs to be done to make it through the rapids and over the waterfall will have a fighting chance to reach calm waters.

We may not be in our best shape at this moment, but with each day we learn, gather, connect, and store. With each day we are one day closer to checking off all the boxes on our list of "things to do". With each day we are adding to our knowledge, our perseverance and our creativity.

This "Survival Kit 2021 and Beyond" will include tips and tools on preparing to get through these next difficult months and maybe years.

This will include videos, how-to's and blogs providing information . I will be providing content as well as others who have experience and know how in various fields. I want to encourage you to add your ideas, experience, information and hacks so that we can build community and empower ourselves. The whole idea of this is to share and support one another. We need to work together. They are trying to pull us apart and divide us up, to weaken and confuse us. We must use our numbers to stay one step ahead and stay strong.

This series will include water and food storage, power and communication alternatives, identifying wild foods , homeschooling, budgeting, alternative currencies, relearning lost traditional skills, creating simplicity, health and more.

To get involved, either as participant or as a community member, please subscribe to and join @nettlesandpinschat on telegram....... For donations:

See you there!!

La Chaim!!!!!

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