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Nettles and Pins Folk School was created to use the art of abundance to create , connect and empower. Inspired learning and building community, to create a learning environment where we can all share and experience new practical skills together.


Our Folk School is located in a beautiful rural area In the south western Negev desert.  Although the area is open and quiet, we lack the convenience of stores, banks or community classes catering to crafting and inspired learning. Up until now , that is.......


Upcoming workshops on our farm in the Negev:   every first and last Sunday of the month starting December until June.!!!     I will announce the future schedule of all the workshops so that you can sign up and plan ahead.   Each day I will host a specific topic such as gardening, canning, herbal medicine, healing drinks, healthy recipes on a budget, sourdough bread making, preserving food, cheesemaking,  sprouting, soap/salve making,  animal husbandry, natural arts and crafts, sewing  and more.   We will dive deep and take a few hours to do hands on projects and answer questions so that you go home with actual survival skills and a new found love of practicing our traditions..... 

In order to look ahead, we must look behind.............

I believe that independence is vital and necessary to our future. Many people grow up lacking basic skills such as crafting, healthy cooking , building or herbalism. The purpose of the Folk School  is to bring that back to the forefront.  By offering a safe space, support and

opportunity to explore new skills and freedom

to try new things , our Folk School is a place  

where people (like you!) can pick up exciting, fun, practical and  hands-on crafting skills. 

We are living in an amazing time. Our technology, our quest for excellence and connection all come together to create a possibility to experience magic and unprecedented opportunities for each and everyone of us. When Corona hit, we were mostly unprepared, but now that we've had time to set priorities, many of us have realized how reliant were are on others for our needs.. People by the thousands are looking for information on how to grow their own garden, make their own hand sanitizer, and for easy fun crafting ideas to do with their kids at home.  Before Corona hit, our Folk School offered these courses as a way to connect to our heritage and learn many forgotten traditional skills. It was a way to create community , have fun in a safe setting and share knowledge. Now we offer these courses not only for for fun , but for necessity. We suddenly feel the need to become more independent , more self governing and more freedom of choice for how we want to raise our children, make our own decisions and contribute to the world with our own special gifts and acquired skills.   



I have been homeschooling my six children for the past 20 years and I have had to relearn basic skills along the way. I wrote a book many years ago called "Mother's Pearls: The Revival of Parenthood" to bring back basic parenting skills to parents hoping to help those who felt lost in the art of parenting, like I felt in the beginning. Since then I have been perfecting these skills and gaining more experience in other areas in order to be self sufficient.

Resilience has been ingrained in us from having to survive through terrorism and I have learned how to stretch a dollar by making most of what we need at home. From our own herbal medicines, to building furniture, to beekeeping we have provided for our family through hard work and challenging ourselves to constantly learn new things.

What I've noticed through years of crafting, is that people feel very connected to what they have created. What we feel when making something with our own hands is very special and unique. We have infused a little of ourselves into our craft. Whether it's making dolls, quilts, clothes, furniture ,  gardening, cooking or herbal medicine ,we have put soul, energy and attention into something. In doing that, we live on in that creation. A handmade gift , meal or service  becomes more than just a thing, it creates a deep connection. I feel with our throw-away culture, we've all but lost this ability to make something that lasts and has meaning. My mission is to help bring back these skills and appreciation which empower us to be both independent and have the ability to express our innate creativity and ability.


I have raised my children with these same ideals so that they can be responsible, resourceful and creative members of society. This is what I hope to offer to my community through hands on creative classes. By coordinating with other experts in their fields, by providing the support, location and energy needed to inspire learning, sharing and empowerment.

Our hands-on-learning  includes foraging (herbal identification, harvesting and use) , sewing, crafting with natural materials, pottery, building cob structures, outdoor cooking and baking, farm skills, Jewish crafts, animal husbandry, soap and candle making, basket weaving and more! This is a fun, hands-on experience, so be prepared to engage with nature, and open your world to new and exciting adventures!

When class is not in session, we are open to accepting small groups and individuals to sign up for classes or courses. These are listed in our scheduling page.     

Nettles and Pins is located in Moshav Dekel, near HaNagaria ( The Woodshop) Restaurant and not far from The Salad Trail (Shvil HaSalat  08-991-0320) in Moshav Talmey Yosef.  


If you are interested in visiting the Folk School, please contact us to make reservations at

If you are interested in getting involved, donating or materials or becoming a guest speaker,

contact us at


If you are interested in supporting us by donating to the Folk School or to A Return To...... Festival , please click on the link:


Come check us out on and     Leave your comments, stories, and questions here or on telegram...... 


We now have a Nettles and Pins telegram group for anyone who would like to learn , share, post or ask questions regarding natural animal care, gardening, natural home remedies, farm or homemade recipes such as cheese or sourdough bread, juices, smoothies, health etc etc.


While your here, please check out my blog and podcast pages for up-to-date interviews and events here in Israel and on our farm.  My clinic page gives some more information on me , if you 'd like to know more about who I am and why I do what I do.    I also have a natural pet page where I and others share stories of  caring for pets naturally.   


I hope to see you all at the Survival Kit 2021 and Beyond Series. More information on the Survival Kit 2021 page


Thank you so much for your support!! We hope to hear from you soon!!


Welcome to the Farm!

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