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We now have a Nettles and Pins telegram group for anyone who would like to learn , share, post or ask questions regarding natural animal care, gardening, natural home remedies, farm or homemade recipes such as cheese or sourdough bread, juices, smoothies, health etc etc.

Our five year old hand feeding an orphaned pigeon

Our sweet bunny drinking her celery juice.  Yumm   I have used celery juice to treat  rabbits, dogs, cats, goats and horses. It has turned around many ailments such as loss of energy, hair loss, colic, cysts and more


Cyst on cheek

2020-12-15 12.15.31.jpg

After applying cyst salve, a wound opened naturally to drain the material

2020-12-15 12.12.59.jpg

Goat with reduced cyst after applying  salve for cysts and growths (recipe in blog)  It took a few weeks, but it is completely drained and healed. 


Turtles love kitchen scraps

Treating a sheep's wound with iodine and salve


Sheared (sort of) sheep for collecting wool


Our kitchen scraps are popular with everyone


Rabbits love veggies, citrus peels, banana peels and fruit.   We give them our kitchen scraps and they find what they need in there to stay healthy.  


Our horse had a cyst on the inside of her leg. We are treating it with my salve for cysts and growths and it has reduced in size.   Another few weeks and it will be gone


Baby bunnies are especially vulnerable in their first few weeks.   It's a combination of care from their mom together with us that will increase their chances of survival

The kids are responsible for the animals. Feeding, cleaning and caring for them.   It's a lot of work, but worth the effort

Our horse Brownie, had a bad case of colic. Most of these cases end up killing the horse. Thankfully, with massage, herbs and prayer, Brownie made it through .  We stayed with her all night , about 10 hours of the above treatment,  and by morning, she was back to her healthy self.   

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