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          The Interviews 

These are people doing meaningful and interesting work here in Israel. Movers and shakers shining their light and sharing their truth . In doing so, they are making a difference in the lives of their communities and beyond.  

3 Part interview with Lady Lee: Part 1

Lady Lee: Part 2

Lady Lee: Part 3

Ilana Rachel Daniel from the Rappe (רפא) Party

   :בעברית    ילנה רחל ממפלגת רפא

Ido Barav from Mayan Shel Dvash

Nicole Cohen from Shoresh Body and Soul

Uri Alon from Shvil HaSalat (The Salad Trail)

To see the video, please click the link:   or see our fb group page Nettles and Pins 


Keter Benchimol  from Breema Israel

Neta Revivo "Ha Yeled She'be" (The Child That I Am) Part 1

Neta Revivo Part 2

Andrea Lowenstein from Go Andrea

Nicole Brodie Nachum from 10 Day Kickstart Health Program

Zeev Zohar from Mayu Water

Samantha Seigel from Rafael's Sprouted Bread Bakery

J Rivka Asoulin from Ancient Roots Herbal Conference

Ilona Stein from A Year in the Garden Calendars

Rose Tzion from Shoreshei Tzion

Our interview hosted by Roots and Branch Podcast with Rabbi Chananya Weisman

A segment from my Interview with Akiva Hollinger about all things farming/gardening. Please see my blog for the rest of the interview....

Connecting the Dots with Shay Danon .  Please click the link to see the video

Yardena Slater from Yofified Face Yoga

This is my interview with the amazing Shlomit Grantz.   She shares some of her life and inspiration with us.   

Malkie Swidler from Ani V'Ami Jewish Homeschooling 

Curriculum   .     Click the link to see the video


I am conducting a series of interviews with homeschoolers in Israel.   If any homeschooling parents or children past, present or future would like to be interviewed, please contact me. This can be done through video, audio or written .   The questionnaire is posted on my blog page.  We want to hear from you ! The results will be posted soon! Stay tuned!       

Earnusch Family


Celery Juice Part 1

Celery Juice Part 2

Celery Juice Part 3: How to Get Kids to Drink It

Eucalyptus Trees: video for ARI (Ancient Roots Israel)

Olive Harvest

Herb Walk

Rejuvinating Teeth Naturally Protocol

Ode to our Lemon Trees


Tumeric Harvest

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