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The Power of the Unseen

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

There is a famous saying , "love is blind" , but those of us with experience, know that love is anything, but blind. True love is all seeing, open and accepting anyway. Personalities, pet peeves, noises, traumas, stressors, family pressures, etc, all surface in a relationship. Most things cannot be ignored, but love moves through all of this and perseveres anyway.

More correctly, I would rephrase the idiom as "abuse is blind". People in an abusive relationship remain blind to either the abuser or he/she who receives the abuse. Both sides continue to come up with all kinds of excuses as to why the abuse must ensue.

Blindness, as a figurative, term can be another word for "unseen". Sometimes blindness is a choice, such as burying your head in the sand when things get difficult. Or it can be purposefully perpetrated to hold back information , therefore the life we think we are living isn't that life at all.

With this kind of blindness, it is harder to recognize, harder to pinpoint and harder to prove. This is when those of us willing to pull back the veil that is causing the unseen to continue unnoticed and unaccountable for their actions, are going to have to wrestle with the truth to bring it to light.

If you'll notice this last year was filled with this power of the unseen. The fear that was driven into people the world over, over an invisible virus with an invisible origin by invisible people with invisible victims, backed by invisible science, became the driving force for societies to willingly give up their rights, freedoms and compassion for humanity.

Other invisible forces invading our consciousness: FiveG radiation, peer pressure to put on a mask, take a vaccine or self quarantine, agendas 21/230 hidden by the mainstream media to the public, the One% hiding in the shadows making the rules and deciding our fate , mask science, PCR test science, Vaccine ingredients, statistics and results hidden by the mainstream media to the public, gaming and AI and what they're really being used for, spying by tech giants, governments and third parties interested in our private information, "covid", our own self doubt, pedophilia and corruption at the highest levels of public service, evil and good forces from other realms.

All of the above are real, albeit hidden from plain view. Our job during this time is to expose the "unseen" , bring it to light, call it out, and destroy it's "power" over us. We have allowed these invisible forces to remain anonymous and continue quietly in their destructive path for decades. Now that we can see the truth, we must use our creativity and our light to take back our power and our true human potential.

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