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The Kharmic Wormhole

These times we're living are unlike any known before in history. There have been many events where the self-chosen elite have imposed their will on the masses, but we're experiencing something similar, yet completely different this time around.

What I've seen so far is despite the elite's best attempts to oppress us, the more they push, the more we uncover. They are digging their own graves this time around.

How is this possible? We were heading down an everyday path, then "corona" hit and we were shaken up, turned around and set off running with eyes wide open. Searching for truth. Thanks to the internet and social media, we've been able to connect to each other , even inside lockdowns and spread truth at lightening speed. Everything from pedophilia and corrupt politicians to uncovering the Rothchild family's hold on the world banks to evil plans to delete humanity.

This is not your everyday Dr. Evil. This is Deep state (or whatever you'd like to call it) using every means possible to control our every move and do away with our every day freedoms, that we used to take for granted. Many of us have seen right through this agenda from almost the beginning of the "plandemic" . But many still refuse to put two and two together to make sense out of the picture.

The funny thing about this lasting a year already, with no end in sight, is that even those with eyes wide shut, are beginning to see glimmers of the truth , almost against their will. It's as if the universe is forcing them to recognize what is happening right before their very eyes. It's painful, it's shocking and it's almost too horrible to imagine, which is why it's taking them so long to wake up, but it's happening none the less.

How is this possible? How could this treachery have been happening so secretively for decades and only now all is being revealed. I mean all.. Practically every day there is a new secret being uncovered with all of those involved named.

I believe there might be a few explanations for this. (Please note, this blog is just my observations and my opinions about them. I hope to present alternative view points for you to consider, research and come to your own conclusions. )

Many "discoveries" are credited to those who "find" them. Perhaps these things were sitting right in plain view for ever and ever, but we weren't ready to "see " them yet. God makes things visible only when he feels that we are ready to see them. Then we "discover" or "invent', progress is made and we reach new levels of collective understanding. What we are not ready for as a species, is not "shown" to us, it remains hidden until the time is right. Could it also then be possible that these secret societies, deep state, elite control, pedophilia, wars, germ theory, technology, etc etc. were kept secret until we were ready to acknowledge it?

Jews must fast on Yom Kippor and other fast days, go to the mikve and take part in other cleansing rituals, including the brit milah, prayer, blessings, niddah and others. It is said if we don't fast on Tisha b'av we will not be allowed to see the world to come.

After we complete the various ritual cleansings, we are considered "clean", this can also be interpreted as "spiritually ready to accept the holiness of what lies ahead". Perhaps 'corona" was meant to be a cleansing time for the world? We were sort of forced into a fasting , sacrificial state. Our comfortable lives as we knew them, were (and still are being ) stripped away from us.

Perhaps this will continue until the world has been cleansed and in a holiness will receive God's word.

It's a kind of "fast" on a bigger, deeper , all encompassing level. We must pass through this in order to be allowed to "see" what is on the other side. But first we must "fast" or sacrifice and cleanse ourselves of the evil in our midst. The only way to do this is to be shown what has always existed, even though we were blind to it, and finally face it head on. Now that the world has been stopped in mid turn, we're being squeezed through a kind of magnifying glass. Now all of a sudden we are allowed access to everything, it is being laid open at our feet to report on it and to pass it on for others to read, critique, absorb and pass on.

There are many people who still refuse to pass through this "cleansing" , and their eyes and heart remain shut and therefore are unable to "see' the truth. They continue to either deny or ignore what is happening around them. They wear their masks, live in fear and wait in line for a poisonous deadly bioweapon, thinking how lucky they are to receive it.

Could all of this have anything to do with Kharma?

Could the timing of everything and the speed of the revelations be because of some kind of kharmic wormhole? We seemed to have literally went into warp speed once we entered "corona" . Never before has so much and so fast been revealed, discussed and has brought about true action like this.

It's like we are being pushed by force into this speed cleansing period . This time around it includes everyone , it is global rather than focused on a group, race or country. Is it some kind of a test that we are being put through to see where our loyalties stand? Do we truly trust in God and put our faith in God alone? Are our leaders capable of leading during an emergency, and therefore true leaders? Or will we see the truth emerge?

Are we, as citizens of the world, are up to the task of helping and holding each other up when things get really bad ? Can we pass this litmus test and survive? Or will we be shoved out of the sacred wormhole? Are we experiencing a global cleansing period, before being shown the next level? We were given a window of opportunity here and it should not be wasted.

Just a few questions I have. Something to ponder considering we might just be held responsible for our past and current atrocities. This whole "corona' mess could be God's way of collecting on old debts? The Kharma we owe the universe for our wrong doings in the past? It is written that we will be punished for the sins of our fathers. I'm not big on kharma, but it is a possible connection.

World hunger, child abuse, food waste, abuse of animals, censorship, pollution, pedophilia, racism, gambling, drug abuse, war, poverty, the Holocaust, abuse of power, pharmaceuticals and vaccines which have destroyed the lives of countless healthy children and adults, destroying the environment, pesticides, GMO's, extinction , ethnic cleansing, experimentation, enslavement, criminal corporations allowed to continue, the sins of Hollywood and other elites, each country's sins and allowances of the rich and powerful to govern from the shadows according to their whims and most of us turning a blind eye to it all for decades.

Can you see that we've all become slaves instead of enslaving 'others'? We are now wilfully experimenting on ourselves instead of 'others'. ...

A wormhole is (hypothetically) a tunnel of sorts in outer space used as a short cut to reach other galaxies . With all that's going on, all that's happening, all that's being uncovered and how fast it's all moving, perhaps this "quickening", is exactly that, a twisting, spinning, dizzying, cleansing, short cut (time warp) to the next level. The kharma is the part we must pass through (and survive) in order to evolve and be ready to witness whatever is coming next.

We must prepare ourselves spiritually for what is to come. Only after they had experienced slavery and oppression in Egypt, wandered in the desert and experienced miracles along the way , then after arriving at Sinai. God said to prepare for 3 days then wash their clothes. Only after all of this, did God see that they were ready to receive his Torah laws. On the third day, at the base of the Mountain of Sinai, the people heard God: they saw the thunder, lightening, fire and smoke, heard the shofar, felt the mountain tremble and they were afraid. But spiritually, they were ready and history was made.

We must go deep to find the answers. Each person can find it for him or herself through meditation, prayer, time in silence, time in nature or however you connect to the universe, God your truth, your intuition, your soul.

Whatever way you find that speaks to you, we must come to terms with what is happening and know that it is all for our good. Whether we right the wrongs of our past, or expose the evil in our midst, God is with us. The faster things go, the harder we'll have to hang on until we've reached our destination.

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