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The Kharmic Wormhole

These times we're living are unlike any known before in history. There have been many events where the self-chosen elite have imposed their will on the masses, but we're experiencing something similar, yet completely different this time around.

What I've seen so far is despite the elite's best attempts to oppress us, the more they push, the more we uncover. They are digging their own graves this time around.

How is this possible? We were heading down an everyday path, then "corona" hit and we were shaken up, turned around and set off running with eyes wide open. Searching for truth. Thanks to the internet and social media, we've been able to connect to each other , even inside lockdowns and spread truth at lightening speed. Everything from pedophilia and corrupt politicians to uncovering the Rothchild family's hold on the world banks to evil plans to delete humanity.

This is not your everyday Dr. Evil. This is Deep state (or whatever you'd like to call it) using every means possible to control our every move and do away with our every day freedoms, that we used to take for granted. Many of us have seen right through this agenda from almost the beginning of the "plandemic" . But many still refuse to put two and two together to make sense out of the picture.

The funny thing about this lasting a year already, with no end in sight, is that even those with eyes wide shut, are beginning to see glimmers of the truth , almost against their will. It's as if the universe is forcing them to recognize what is happening right before their very eyes. It's painful, it's shocking and it's almost too horrible to imagine, which is why it's taking them so long to wake up, but it's happening none the less.

How is this possible? How could this treachery have been happening so secretively for decades and only now all is being revealed. I mean all.. Practically every day there is a new secret being uncovered with all of those involved named.

I believe there might be a few explanations for this. (Please note, this blog is just my observations and my opinions about them. I hope to present alternative view points for you to consider, research and come to your own conclusions. )

Many "discoveries" are credited to those who "find" them. Perhaps these things were sitting right in plain view for ever and ever, but we weren't ready to "see " them yet. God makes things visible only when he feels that we are ready to see them. Then we "discover" or "invent', progress is made and we reach new levels of collective understanding. What we are not ready for as a species, is not "shown" to us, it remains hidden until the time is right. Could it also then be possible that these secret societies, deep state, elite control, pedophilia, wars, germ theory, technology, etc etc. were kept secret until we were ready to acknowledge it?

Jews must fast on Yom Kippor and other fast days, go to the mikve and take part in other cleansing rituals, including the brit milah, prayer, blessings, niddah and others. It is said if we don't fast on Tisha b'av we will not be allowed to see the world to come.

After we complete the various ritual cleansings, we are considered "clean", this can also be interpreted as "spiritually ready to accept the holiness of what lies ahead". Perhaps 'corona" was meant to be a cleansing time for the world? We were sort of forced into a fasting , sacrificial state. Our comfortable lives as we knew them, were (and still are being ) stripped away from us.