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The Fear Factor: From Feardom to Freedom

This last year has been one of subliminal messages. Those in charge have gotten under our skin by manipulating their way in. Fear of death, fear of self, fear of transmition, fear of family and friends, fear of work, fear of travel, fear of speaking out, fear of government, fear of police, fear of viruses and germs, fear of the natural world, etc etc......

Can you see a correlation here? The fear factor is working to tear us down on many psychological levels at once.

1. We are being forced (through mandates) to ingest synthetic flouride and synthetic estrogen (not to mention the other chemicals included that are not listed on the box) from mask wearing

2. Breathing through a mask also causes low oxygen levels and high Co2 levels. This causes massive stress to our bodies.

3. Speaking through a mask takes away our power, our voice. The message is that we don't matter, we don't exist.

4. Toxic levels of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) overloading our systems because of fear

5. Lockdowns and the fear of going outside forces people to stay indoors rather than into the sunshine where we could increase our Vitamin D levels. Instead we are becoming dangerously deficient effecting our moods, causing suicide, depression, and overwhelming loneliness from isolation.

5. Fear and guilt of being a "carrier" and possibly spreading it and feeling responsible for killing someone . People are afraid to cough, have a fever, sneeze, be without a mask, or even be tested "positive' . The underlying message is one of self-hate/blame/ guilt.

6. Confusion, self doubt and division because of lack of cohesion: governments are making up new rules and changing them daily as they go, no definite answers about origin of "covid-19", symptoms, death toll, and no investigations to find out. We are made to believe we are the crazy ones, the conspiracy theorists just for asking questions.

7. The "overlords" are using tyranny as an excuse to take away our most basic freedoms. We are being worn down to a breaking point.

8. Separation from self, truth, common sense, family, traditions, past, history , and from social and physical connection.

9. We are being coerced into playing a game of Russian Roulette with "vaccines'' meant to cull the population, cause sterility, infertility, debilitating injuries and death.

10. Loss of sleep and feeling fatigued and drained all day

11. Add all of this, based on fear, to people's already toxic state of living.

Men are also being targeted with the fear factor. Men have always been our protectors, our fighters, our "rocks". Almost overnight the majority of our men have been turned into wimpy, frightened, non-confrontational, non-aggressive, non-protecting people with many feminine attributes because of this fear of an unknown, unseen and unproven virus.

They are afraid to stand up, fight go against tyranny, or to take punishments. They are afraid of the law makers, the law enforcers and of their own shadow. They are afraid to step out of line and be punished, afraid to open their businesses in violation of lockdown, afraid to show in anyway their masulinity, to protect their women and children. They have in every sense been muzzled and gelded and they've allowed this to happen because of the fear factor. This overwhelming obsession with fear is reeking havoc on society by disrupting societal roles and balance.

The fear factor has been purposely embedded into our children's psyches as well. Children now wake up and deal with their mask first thing. They have been lied to , bullied, taken advantage of, and abused. They have developed mental and physical health issues, PTSD, hyperchondria, OCD and they are living in constant fear of air, physical contact, and not following society's new rules in order to please authority figures such as parents, teachers, police, etc.

It has been stated by psychologists, CIA operatives, and Nazi soldiers on trial and reiterated recently by Robert F Kennedy jr, when addressing an anti-lockdown rally in Germany, that you can get people to do anything when they are afraid, even commit atrocities. When afraid of an invisible force, it's even more effective.

This "virus" has been proven to be nothing more than an excuse for a planned take over of the world by the elite. Through fear and fear alone, people have willingly given up their God-given freedoms, abused their children, destroyed relationships, broken dreams, allowed their governments to disregard their own constitutions and break their own laws, destroyed businesses and economies, ended healthy lives, made women into protectors while the men cower, caused disease, ignored and/or covered up the truth, silenced professionals, censored free speech, run head first to receive a dangerous experimental "vaccine" that has no studies and no approval and so much more.

We have become willing accomplices in our own demise. We've got men, women and children so scared of an invisible enemy that they are wearing their masks for most of the day. The fear factor is so strong that people have become unwilling to listen to facts, common sense or even entertain the fact that this whole psy-op was meant from the beginning to work against us. The fear factor has become the only factor in following orders. There is no longer the option of making rational decisions based on science, intuition, God's teachings or common sense.

This is a projection of fear onto the public."Projected" can mean different things, but you have to recognize it for what it truly is. It can be viewed as being "projected", meaning delivered through media to the public all day, every day, which it is. Or it can be seen in another more sinister light. A "projection" is putting an event, emotion or feeling onto something or someone else.

This projected fear has set into motion untold consequences. Society has become obsessive/compulsive with "flattening the curve" and "saving grandma" without actually ever having achieved either one. They have scared people into believing something that doesn't exist. It's like hiding from shadows.

The big tech, big ag, big gov, big bank, system is falling apart. They are desperate and they are scared that their little plan has backfired. So they lay their fear that they are experiencing onto us. We are the receivers (sponges) of their self hate, blame, fear, secrecy and loss. Yet we are the ones still being blamed for being "spreaders" for not following the tyrannical rule. We get the blame, the torture, confusion, fear, paranoia, and abuse.

It's like being in a relationship with a narcissist who makes you feel you deserve his/her abuse because that is how they are truly feeling inside, but could never admit, even to themselves, that they are to blame for their actions/abuse/words. Instead, we are worn down and and left thread bare, feeling like we are at a breaking point with sanity on the verge of going insane .

We have been forced into an abusive relationship with our professionals, governments, law enforcement and those in power. Many women and men feel helpless in the shadow of these tyrants . However we are not powerless, we are powerful.

From Feardom to Freedom

How do we bring this insanity to a stop? How do we make the transition from fear to faith and eventually freedom? The most obvious and important step is to continue researching, prayer, gathering information, knowledge and reaching out to others to try to open their eyes.

Luckily many people are coming around thanks to all these efforts by people , plus so many doctors, nurses, scientists and researchers are also speaking up. Our power is in God, knowledge, truth and numbers .

Sadly many are too afraid to look beyond the TV version of the current events. They are unwilling to choose freedom to step out of their comfort zone and look the truth right in the eye. I've seen it over and over; people are overwhelmed by the possibility that everything they once knew is not as it seemed.

To fathom the plot against humanity, the evil and the corruption by their own governments and professionals. When we are willing to go face to face with truth, see it for what it is, only then can we fight it. Pretending it doesn't exist is pretending we don't have to do anything about it.

I get it. It's easier than opening the 'can of worms'. But the quicker we see it for what it is, the quicker we can end the madness. it takes courage, action, and responsibility. The complete opposite of fear. Everyday that goes by brings us closer to our own slavery. We've run out of time thinking that we've still got time.

This is our time. We're the only ones who can turn this mess around. We've been given the opportunity to prove ourselves. Are we up to the task? The choice is ours: let the fear factor rule our lives or "emancipate (y)ourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy 'Cause none of that can stop the times. How long have we killed our prophets while we stand aside and look? Some say it's just a part of it. We've got to fulfil the book." Redemption Song, Bob Marley.

Step out. Step up. Be fearless.

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