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The Eternal State of Purim

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The False Belief in the Almighty Mask and the Holy Needle

Remember when it was called "the almighty pen" when words mattered and those who could wield a pen could use it as a sword? Well we've become separated from our ability to think, act and behave logically or even responsibly . Our pen has been taken from us, censorship is the new normal.

Those of us who are speaking out against the lies and illogic and instead are sharing information and true science, are called "conspiracy theorists", while the rest are sadly falling to tyranny. Why all this censorship? Why all these draconian laws without the science to back it up?

No longer can we pick up pen and paper (or virtually) and express our truth, our opinion or hold rational debates without being attacked or silenced. Now it's the holy mask and the holy needle that have become the sword and our proposed saviors .

Many researchers, virologists, doctors and scientists all over the world, including in Israel, have put in their two cents saying that the reaction was unnecessary and in conflict with what the body and society needs in order to get through this corona season . They were silenced by mainstream media. The "plandemic" wants the narrative to keep us disempowered and in fear. Other voices shall not be heard by the masses.

We've been made to believe that we are zombies, unable to think for ourselves, unable to make rational decisions and unable to see through all the mess that was created for us.. I call this the Eternal State of Purim, when we never get to take off our masks and we're fooled into believing it's a good thing.

(Purim is our Jewish holiday of turning the tables. The king of Persia, under the advise of Haman, his wicked vizier, gave the order to slay every Jew in his kingdom, but his beautiful wife, Queen Esther was also a Jew and she prayed, fasted and in the end revealed her identity to her king. He immediately reversed the edict and allowed all Jews to defend themselves however they saw fit. It then became a miracle that we overthrew our murderers and went on to celebrate by dressing up in costumes and sharing sweets and treats within our communities)

So we've come to accepting the law of the land or going against it and sacrificing everything .

When I was a kid, many stores had a sign outside the door saying "no shirt, No shoes, no service". They weren't required by the government to put this sign up, but as it was their store, they had that right to choose who entered their store.

Now the government is dictating store policies by making "no mask, no enter" the law of the land. Even when the store owner/employee doesn't want to wear the masks for 8 or 10 hour shift, he is forced to by police. This of course is just a lead-in to forced vaccinations. Keep us feeling scared of fresh air and other people until they can promise a "cure" through injection. Only then will we feel safe again..

If you feel safer with a mask and vaccine, that's wonderful. You've made a choice for your health and wellbeing. "Forced" means that the rest of us don't get that choice to make for ourselves and our children. This is not acceptable in a free democracy. Vaccines have not been tested and are therefore in violation of the Nuremberg Code, which states that there will be no testing on humans without their consent. Many of us do not consent, so where is our protection if it is mandated?

If it is possible, all of a sudden, after the lockdown, to travel by plane, go to school and work, visit public places, stores, parks etc with a mask, then why did they close down the entire world, bring the economy to it's knees, destroy people's livelihoods, take away our holidays, our places of worship, visiting with family and friends, hugs, handshakes etc? If it is being done now with their holy masks, couldn't it have been done with them before the mess was forced upon us? How is it that the masks become so trustworthy and all encompassing all of a sudden, now that it's "all over"?

On the beach, masks........? Aren't these places protected for the people? The beaches are filled with minerals, fresh air, sun and other life giving qualities that could help tremendously with any sickness. Including by bringing down fever and decreasing inflammation . During the entire lockdown, the beaches and parks were off limits to everyone, although this could have been the place to send people as part of preventative measures or to help them get well. Now that they are open again, we are allowed to use them only with a mask. Police patrol the beaches ticketing or removing those who disobey.

At school , masks for 6-8 hours at a time and a daily health card to be brought with each child as well as a bottle of hand sanitizer . The kids are separated so they won't be too close together. They do play together, only after school and without masks... So why the drastic measures at school? And if it's not over, why has school started again just weeks before summer vacation ?

If you turn on the TV, there isn't anyone presenting the news, shows or movies with masks on, there aren't politicians with masks on, yet we are told not to leave the house without one or we won't be allowed to enter a store, buy groceries , receive an education or go to any public places.

So our world just got very small. We are being forced to either wear the mask (then later vaccinations), or stay at home and order things with a credit card to be brought to our "shelters". What if I don't own a credit card?

Well, then we head into another problem, a cashless society, like China has become. Everything will be screened through phones and computer systems and deducted automatically from our bank accounts. Rewards for good behavior, deductions for "bad" behavior. Since they closed down our businesses I ,and many others, currently don't have an income , so I haven't made deposits into my bank account. All I use is the cash I have on hand. How can I order what I need by phone or online this way?

So they force me to live one way and then don't have the solution for all the problems it creates. We should be allowed in a free society to wear what we feel is best for our body, pay how we can pay without going into debt, travel where we need and want to go and raise our children the way we see fit.

Does this remind anyone of Nazi Germany? The yellow star has been replaced with a mask (leading to a certificate of vaccination, required to be on your person wherever you go) . A slow separation took place leaving the Jews less and less places to go, work and travel until they were forced into ghettos, then camps, where they were murdered.

My great grandparents were in Russia before the Holocaust (think Fiddler on the Roof). They saw the trends and warned their friends and family, but no one wanted to imagine where it was leading, so they all ignored the signs. I am here today because my great grandparents didn't ignore the warning signs, trusted their instincts and took action. They left and went to America before the Holocaust became what we know. They lost their entire family and everyone they knew. I grew up hearing the stories always with the intention of recognizing the signs and doing the right thing.

International flights were cancelled because somehow viruses travel , not on air and ocean currents attached to dust particles etc, only on airplanes... Dr. Zach Bush mentioned that viruses have been around since the beginning of time. They did not wait thousands of years for humans to invent the airplane and then decide to jump on the next available flight and spread themselves around the globe. There are viruses in the polar ice caps devoid of humans, how did they get there? We cannot stop their movement, they are part and parcel of this great earth. Viruses and bacteria can be passed also through the eyes, skin, fecal matter, urine, and farts (as well as through masks). Should we just walk around in bubbles? Or should we just accept this world as it is and do what we need to stay asymptomatic (healthy).

Masks, other than depriving us of much needed oxygen and forcing us to breathe in our own trash, can cause serious problems for asthmatic or claustrophobic people. There are many reasons why being forced to wear a mask could have serious consequences for someone who has extra health concerns to deal with. Why isn't that taken into account?

The experts have stated over and over in their literature, in interviews and their research that the holy mask is not helpful for a corona virus, this one or any of the others. In fact, it does more harm than any protection it supposedly provides. We, as human beings, are meant to interact, hug, touch, to come together to exchange biological information. It helps to create herd immunity so that we can all protect each other through strengthening each other's immune systems naturally. Viruses and bacteria can be passed also through the eyes, skin, fecal matter, urine, and farts (as well as through masks). Should we just walk around in bubbles? Or should we just accept this world as it is and do what we need to stay asymptomatic (healthy).

When healthy individuals are kept separate from each other , wear masks , unable to breathe in fresh air, try to avoid catching things by injecting material directly into the blood stream ,stay away from nature's beaches, forests and parks, we have stepped away from God's natural order of things. We were meant to interact, to pass on biological information and

Why weren't experts consulted before acting out laws and destroying people's lives without a shred of evidence to suggest that this is the only path to take?

We are made up of beneficial viruses and bacteria. It is in us and makes us who we are. This is nothing to fear, nothing to conquer nothing to run from. What is important is keeping our bodies and immune systems strong so that they can take care of us with the correct information, tools and energy to keep us healthy.

To cure or prevent the symptoms of coronavirus or any other virus, it was never once mentioned by the health ministries the world over, to use the sun, Vitamin C, D, zinc ,healthy diet and lifestyle, or the many antiviral herbs out there such as thyme, lemon balm , rosemary or others. Nor was it made verbal that smoking should be the first addiction to go, because supposedly corona is a respiratory problem, affecting the lungs.

Smoking is sadly still prevalent here in Israel. Many people lower their masks to smoke, then return the mask. Why was it never mentioned on the nightly news that breathing our own CO2, toxins, bacteria and viruses from the mask, then inhale toxic cigarette smoke, then back to the mask all day everyday for months on end should be cause for alarm. This is called slow suffocation. With or without the cigarette......

We were told that the virus would die with the hot weather, as do all flu viruses every year, but we have been experiencing 100+ degree weather all week. And yet, children cannot go to school without a mask (including an extra one in their bag, just in case), I cannot go into a store or public place without one covering my face. How many people fainted this week? How many children passed out with these forcefully covering their nose and mouth for 8 hours straight in the hottest weather to date this year?

One of the teachers called to ask why my children are not returning to school. I began explaining that they will not put a mask over their faces, so until the madness stops, they will stay home with me. She began a rant saying that she felt suffocated all day, she feels dizzy and she has a raging headache. Children are more sensitive, have faster breathing, are more active and some how are expected to concentrate on learning with masks on.

Shouldn't the Health Ministry maybe mention that this is what they've waited for? That the virus cannot live in heat? Maybe we should be encouraged to take advantage of the hot weather to help destroy any lingering virus? No. Instead just fining anyone not wearing their mask in public.

The body is incredibly complex and we can't even fathom how deep it goes. So coming to the conclusion that masks (leading to vaccinations) are the only measures that will save the world from imminent destruction from an unseen force, which ultimately is just the messenger, here to warn us of the erroneous path we're on. Shouldn't we maybe listen to nature, experts in their fields, as well as to our own bodies to come up with the correct response to anything we experience?

Dogs and other animals have corona viruses too, all the time and lots of them. Shouldn't they also be wearing masks? Imagine trying to put a mask on a dog. he'd tear it off in a matter of seconds, because he's smart. Why aren't masks required for pets who are carriers of corona viruses? Because they're not after your dog (yet). They're after you, me, our kids, every human being, everywhere.

This seems to have been a coordinated effort of many countries. There was a meeting in Jerusalem at the tail end of January of representatives from 40 + countries. The countries represented included Arab countries that have been calling for our destruction for the past 72 years. All of a sudden , they care deeply enough to drop everything and fly into Israel , which they normally refuse to even acknowledge, to have a ceremony for the Holocaust which they spend most of their time denying even happened?

A month later world wide lockdowns went into effect. This meeting was very low key, hardly reported on at all , (neither internationally nor nationally), was set up under the guise of a 75th Holocaust anniversary (fitting, no? ) , and yet never before have countries expressed such an interest in our anniversaries, much less our country . This many countries have never met in one place at one time except for maybe the UN meetings. Seems highly suspicious to me. The timing, the under reporting, the representatives, and the same exact worldwide efforts of countries to "beat" the virus.

Suicides , depression, lack of treatment, sexual abuse and drug and alcohol abuse have been reported worldwide, caused by the lockdown/separation of families, loss of jobs and fear of loss of incomes. The numbers for this have overshadowed the lower numbers of virus deaths. Under the bill HR 6666, they are issuing "quarantine camps" for children and young adults. This will be forced separation of kids from their homes and families . How can we let this continue?

The trauma this mask/fear experience is having on our children will probably be spoken of for generations. The mask has turned people's faces into a kind of Hannibal Lecter/ Darth Vader monster: Inhuman, expressionless. From bad dreams to deep seated trauma and fear of our world and the people in it. How will they grow up free to play, get dirty, engage in our natural world, laugh and experience joy when they live in fear that they might "catch" something deadly. We must make this stop .

The entire "plandemic" is confusing parents and children alike. It has wreaked havoc on our lives , caused mass hysteria, panic ,fear and in many cases ,a division between people . This seems to be the plan. However, there is one thing "they" never counted on. Thinking they could pull the wool over us while we're in house arrest, we began connecting, researching and using our time to get back in touch with our true natures. We caught up on delayed projects, spent time with our kids and got comfortable just being at home. Making it our lair.

Something sparked inside of many of us and we woke up from a daze we'd been stuck in for a very long time. This time they pushed us too far and we are pushing back like they never thought we could. We are awake, we are ready, we are coming together and we are fighting this crazy Nazi state-of-mind. This is where we turn the world into what it's been waiting to be. We take back our power , protect our kids and bring forth the (r)evolution . This is why we were born when we were. To play the role we were each born to play.

So I refuse to wear the mask, or play to any mandates that put my kids at risk and leave me with less and less control as a parent and as a citizen. I wish for all children a mask free, fear free world where they are full of love for God, the world, and each other. Where joy is all encompassing and that they can live according to their internal compass to do what's right.

God created this world. He is the almighty. His world is perfect. No mask or vaccination can out-do , out-perform , or or out-distance His creation. In the end, we will see this forced mask- wearing / vaccination certification "new normal" crumble along with those who planned it.

I am not afraid. Not of a virus, not of what's to come, and certainly not of standing up for what's right . We've got incredible people on our side continually sacrificing everything and doing what's right for humanity . I'm proud to be on their team and I'm proud of the awakening we're inspiring and experiencing together. God is with us and together we'll turn this all around for the betterment of humanity.

If i'm going to have to wear one, this is my mask. Roses have the highest electrical frequency of any flower on earth. Their vibrational frequency is about 320 megahertz as compared to a healthy human brain which vibrates anywhere between 71-90 megahertz. Think of the positive energy we'd all be giving off if we were surrounded by this incredible energy. Roses are also a symbol of God's holiness , purity, prayer and spirituality. Imagine if we all wore masks of roses. Breathing in that oxygen , carbon, terpene- filled scent. Filling our lungs and brain with disease fighting, uplifting components that bring us energy, joy and love .

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