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Shalom Bayit

We are experiencing something never before endured, as far as we know, by the human race. We are being torn apart at the seams. This is of course all intentional, but that doesn't make any less heartbreaking.

It began with the masks and is evolving through the "jab". Families are being torn apart between those who have done their research and are doing their best to open the eyes of those who haven't , and those who fall to peer pressure or fall for the hoax of a 'pandemic'. Husbands who chose to get the jab living with their wives who don't, causing a rift between them. Grown children who take the jab because of peer pressure from school, army or work, while their parents won't. Grandparents who refuse to see family members because they chose not to take the experimental dangerous injection.

It is getting confusing trying to keep track of who took the shot and who didn't, who took a test and who didn't , who has certification and who doesn't, between the first shot and the second, between who is for and who is against and who is allowed and who isn't.... It's enough to make one's head spin.

There are so many potential possibilities for problems , that it would be difficult to list them all on one page. I cannot fathom that our government ,whose job it is to protect our rights and make sure life here runs smoothly, could not see the civil war they created before they allowed this division to happen. Which makes me consider the option that they planned it on purpose and ahead of time with everything already in place.

Whatever their evil intentions, we must make it our utmost priority to try to maintain peace , both at home, in our communities and in our country at large. We are part of the community that is doing their research, connecting the dots and preparing for our unknown future. This path can be a trigger for other people who are in some kind of trance and cannot handle truth or knowledge. Arguments can turn into full blown fights and no one in the vicinity even hears the debate because of the tone and the anger coming from both sides.

This is never conducive to convincing anyone. It only results in hurt feelings and resentment and causes the door of opportunity to close even further. There are other ways of following what we know to be true , shining our light and at the same time allowing others to be witness to our health, our knowledge and our confidence without dragging them into the debate.

By firmly standing our ground, walking the talk and sharing information when conducive to the conversation, we are sending a message that we will not back down. We believe in truth, in God and what we know, cannot be unknown. We must continue down our path to spread light and love.

If those we love are not ready to come to this level of understanding yet, we must give them their space to step into it when they are ready; at their own time in their own way. We will hold the space for them and when the time is right , they will see the truth and we can welcome them in with open arms.

There is no need to fight, try to convince them or create a distance between us. They are entitled to their opinion and we are entitled to our research-based decisions. No need to get in each other's faces or to try to prove each other wrong. The truth will reveal itself when the receiver is ready to see it.

To understand where most people are coming from makes it easier to accept their uneducated choices. They are scared, they have been made to believe with their entire being that there is a dangerous virus attacking planet earth and the only thing that will save them is masks, lockdowns and "a vaccine".

They they believe their government/health professionals/nightly news because they never had a reason not to before , so they see no reason to stop trusting them now. It takes a lot for some people to drop everything they knew and make a 180 degree turn. Sometimes it takes awhile to come around. Sometimes they can't see the writing on the wall and they will just get defensive and insulted.

We have the information and we want to share it far and wide. But not always we find an audience who is willing to listen. That's ok. We need to allow them to continue down their chosen path, just as we are continuing down ours. If we want respect, we need to respect them too. As hard and as painful as it might be to watch them fall prey to coersion, lies, agendas , and perhaps ultimately slavery, injury and death, this is the choice they will make on their own. We can do all we can to spread light, love and confidence, but they have to overcome their own fears. No one can do it for them.

I've heard of parents telling different stories to their kids. One is of open mindedness, love, faith and knowledge . The other parent might tell stories of fear and following orders. The kids are caught in the middle. They want to do right by their parents and they don't want to choose one over the other. However, children are like antennas. They can pick up energy and although they can't always explain it, they know truth when they see and hear it. As long as parents allow the kids to question, read, pray and remain open minded they will figure out the truth by themselves.

Our children have suffered enough this past year. Seeing their parents and family fight over such confusing topics is just adding fuel to the fire. Let them see love and hear peace at home so that they know they are safe, no matter what is happening outside.

Choosing shalom bayit is choosing sanity over insanity. I'm not saying to pretend that all is well and let's just continue as if this last year never happened. I'm saying our tone and the direction the conversation takes, can be eye opening or it can make people get up and leave the room.

Seeing my kids watching from the sidelines as our family was being ripped apart at the seams was heartbreaking. I saw that our conversations were me trying to prove everything to my family and them not understanding a word I was saying except thinking that I was just plain crazy. I realized home was not the place for the fight to take place. We must keep our families together to keep them safe.

So although we take this subject very seriously, we need to stay level headed and just keep our course, not to be faltered, dragged down to the level of the "sheep" , nor to drive our loved ones away. Our job is to keep them healthy, safe, at peace and informed , so that their bodies and minds will remain in one piece and when it's their turn, they will carry the torch.

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