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Now Hiring: Lightworkers Needed

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

We've come to a point in time when we're being asked to fight for goodness, decency , truth and humanity as a sustainable entity. These corporations are powerful and rich and they are using their power against us. The writing is on the wall. We have been called conspiracy theorists and crazy and so much more, but we've got science, facts and insiders coming out everyday to tell the truth. This fight is getting brutal and it's calling for all hands on deck.

We've got to be brave, put ourselves out there, take the heat and tread on anyway. Were at a turning point . Either we stand up now or forever lose our right to do so. It's time to step up and step out. There are so many people right now being brave beyond belief and risking their lives and their livlihoods to do just that. They need support and we need strength in numbers. People like Del Bigtree, Andrew Wakefield, Millie Weaver, Mikki Willis, Judy Mikovitz, Robert F Kennedy Jr., Dr Tenpenny, Dr Buttar, , whistleblowers, frontline doctors, nurses and many others. These people have literally had to face trumped up charges, jail time, loss of their licenses, smear campaigns, arrest, de-platforming, threats to them and their families, bankruptcy etc etc . All for the effort of bringing truth to the light.

We are incredible beings. But we've been lead to believe that we are followers. That we are not intelligent enough to think for ourselves. They want us to believe that we need the big tech, ads, pharma and their "medicines" in order to survive. But we are so beyond that. We are independent , beautiful beings capable of anything we put our minds to.

Many of us have been leading lives that are not true to our potential. Due to belief patterns that have been ingrained in us, media telling us we don't deserve or that we aren't good enough, etc.

This is a time of enlightenment. An awakening. We've been asleep, we've let ourselves become disconnected to our own bodies, minds and spirits. Disconnected to nature and to God. But this has all happened for our own good to become awakened to our power, to our concsiousness to our contribution to the world.

So now it's time to be brave. We might get dislikes , we might get defriended, we might have virtual rotten tomatoes thrown at us. But what is truely at stake here? Is it worth all that? My answer is the future. Our children's world, our children's health and our children's children. Will there be any? If there are, what will their world look like? Will they know freedom, fun, passion, creativity and purpose? Or will they live in a world of dictatorship, fear and suppression? It's up to us. They will ask us what did we do during the Hoax of 2020? Did we hide or were we bold and had the courage to stand up to tyranny?

Many of our countries were built by men and women who had the future in mind when they stepped forward out of the ashes of the Holocaust or out from under the yoke of the crown and wanted a clear future for their kids and all who would come after. Why have we let that vision go? Why have we let our patriotism be chipped away until there's nothing left and no one to defend it?

One of the all time most poignet movies for our time is Frozen 2. I know that sounds silly. A Disney movie during a pandemic. But what I love so much and something I think we can all relate to is this idea of a hidden personal power. We've been taught to be ashamed of who we are. To hide our greatness and shy away from how it makes us feel when we express it. But now is the time. The world needs our light. We are the ones we've been waiting for all of our lives.

"Show yourself. Step into your power . Grow yourself. Into something new. ......................I'm here for a reason. Could it be the reason I was born? ......................... Show yourself. I'm no longer trembling. ................. There's a river full of memory. Come my darling homeward bound. .............. I am found............... You are the one you've been waiting for, all of my life..................."

It's no longer time to wait for our governments or some super hero to save us. It's us. Each person brings a light. The more of us who shine, the more we block out the blackness that has taken over and reverse it. As Robert F Kennedy Jr said, "It's time to put your boots on."

It may sound too hard or overwhelming and sometimes it does feel that way. These mentors I listed above have occasionally expressed the times they didn't want to get out of bed in the morning because they knew what awaited them. But if we make it not about us, then it is about everything and everyone else then the heaviness feels a little bit lighter and makes it easier to do the "next right thing".

We are not alone. We are in this together so the load is being shared by many lightworkers. Each person is bringing with them their gift. Whatever that may be, however they can use it. It doesn't have to be big, it doesn't have to be public, it doesn't have to have a million views. It can be as simple as having those conversations with your kids, friends or loved ones. It can be simply recognizing your gifts and expressing them. It can be as easy as taking off the mask, looking someone in the eye and smiling.

This is about stepping into our truth. About recognizing and claiming our worth. We are human, independent thinkers, creative beings. Our bodies are a work of heavenly perfection. We are relearning to trust in them, to trust in God, to trust in nature's perfect balance and to see ourselves as an integral part of all of creation. A lightworker is someone who uses their light for good and to help bring the world into it's own light. They use love as their power. Each of these people listed above and many others, have an intense love for freedom, humanity and for upholding our God given rights .

Are you ready? No applications needed. You are pre-approved. This is a collective . We need to wake up so that we can wake up others. Some are asleep, some are scared, some are depressed, some have lost hope. We need people who are courageous who can bring light and love to this situation. People need hope. They need to be inspired and given support so that they can shine their light and pass the torch to others... As Del Bigtree said " We're creating the Justice League again." We've been preparing for this time. Who will step forward into "the unknown" with me?

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