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Healthy Baby, Future Planet

How can we raise our children to inherit this crazy beautiful world and be able to survive, no, thrive in it.? It all begins with us, with our health, then the pregnancy, then the choices we make when it comes to the newborn baby.

When we consider the world, nature and everything that's good you can see the more we intrude and try to change things, the more we mess it up. There is order and certainty and beauty in God's world. He created everything perfectly in his wisdom. The animal kingdom has forever gotten by and progressed living according to these laws. The farther away we get from truth the more damage we do to ourselves and the future generations. We have become weaker .  We have let our strength rely on technology, vaccines, GMO foods and big buisness. Where are these things taking us?

Our smart technology is becoming smarter than us. We rely on it more and more. Our brains and our bodies are suffering.

We were designed to grow up in this world. God created us , health and disease. All of this plays  a part in how we progress and move on to the next generation. I just read an article called "Microbirth". It is the latest study on how birth affects health for the rest of the child\s life. As the baby passes through the birth canal his intestinal flora picks up from the mother what is needed to enter the world. C-section babies end up with deficiencies and therefore intestial problems from the get go. Also only breastmilk provides the child's gut with more enyzmes and bacteria needed to protect him/her from disease and give them a thriving internal microbial system. So as more and more opt for c-section birth and subsequent bottle feeding, we 're seeing more and more ADHD , autism, dis-ease, and intestinal imbalances. The best gift you can give your child is natural vaginal birth and breastfeeding.

The baby's first foods should be raw such as avocados and saurkraut . It strengthens the development of his/her digestive system. This in turn protects the child and strengthens his/her immune system.

Having natural cleaners in the house, natural soaps and shampoos and avoiding artificial perfumes  

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