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Frankincense Lotion

I've made and used many different lotions over the years, but I finally found one I love. I have made it over and over again, given it as a gift and sold countless jars. It seems to be the one we keep coming back to because it's so versatile. It makes an awesome face cream, but it is also wonderful for the rest of the body: hands, elbows, knees, feet, arms ..... I've even had people tell me they use it on their hair in small amounts to soften dry ends.

It has cacao butter, jojoba and almond oils in it so it's great for scars and wrinkles as well. The oils are an amazing mixture which soften, condition, replenish and smooth the skin. Organic frankincense essential oil ( makes it rejuvenating for the skin. It's great after a shower or a day in the sun or at beach when our skin might feel dry or sun kissed.

Putting good quality oils on your skin is the best for your body. Chemicals, cheap fragrances and bad oils have a bad effect on our skin. And since our skin will absorb whatever we put on to it, it's best that you know and trust the ingredients.

1/2 cup cacao butter

1/4 cup coconut oil

2 T almond oil

2 T jojoba oil

1/8- 1/4 cup beeswax

40 drops frankincense essential oil

I use a glass bowl to melt the oils. I place the bowl in another pan with water on the stove. This prevents the oils from over heating, burning and cracking the bowl.

Begin with the hard oils/wax. Melt them down , add all the oils together and heat until liquid.

Turn off the heat. Add the essential oil

Pour into salve jars. Let cool without the top. When completely solid, close with lid and label.

Makes about 2-3 jars. I always triple the recipe to make more at a time.

The original recipe said to melt the oils, and cool in the fridge. Then whip with beaters, add the essential oil, scrape the sides and continue beating until fluffy. Fill your jars. I never bother with this extra step, but you could try it if you'd like.

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Sounds like a good idea but by the time I purchase all these items wouldn't it be equal to buying it from someone who uses the same recipe? Also the question is where to buy these items that have good prices and high quality. I have no idea. Your answer could help me to decide if I would do this. Thanks

Me gusta
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