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Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Why take  a break and step away from foods? Are they harming us in some way? Aren't we meant to eat? We have teeth and stomach acid to help break down our foods we eat, right?  So what's the point of fasting? Our bodies are simply overloaded. Toxins in our air, water and food, stress , pollution, fats... The list goes on and on. Our bodies are detoxing all the time, but the more bad that goes in, knowingly or unknowingly, causes the scales to tip and we are unable to keep up with the clean-out.  As waste is waiting to be filtered through the liver and moved down out of the colon, it ends up getting backed up and stored in our cells organs, tissues and colon.

Fasting gives your body a rest. Gives it a break to rejuvenate, replace, fix, detox, and rebuild. Stem cells are made, old sick cells (including cancer cells) are eaten up, autophagy occurs. We lose weight, we look younger , we feel younger, have more energy  and are able to appreciate life, light, and food so much more. We learn to trust in our bodies and in our creator to know that we really don't need much to survive and thrive. 

We are over eating, over stressing, and not moving our bodies enough.  We need to learn to balance. Without balance, we've tipped the scales to one side. Everything becomes out of wack and the symptoms of dis-ease begin.  Everything in nature works in harmony when there is balance, when there isn't balance and the scales have tipped to one side there is confusion and disturbance. The same goes for our body, mind and spirit.    We need to learn to eat as well as fast, work hard as well as rest, use technology, but also step away from it and connect with nature.

Fasting isn't scary, it isn't harmful if done correctly. It's just something to get used to. It's like a muscle that we need to flex and use in order to get stronger and better at it. The more we practice , the easier it becomes and the better you will see and feel the results. Our bodies are complex and deep. It takes time to get to the bottom of dis-ease or symptoms we may be dealing with. Give you body time, patience and kindness. The dis-ease didn't get there overnight and it won't disappear overnight., but fasting speeds up the healing process and kicks it into high gear.

There are many techniques to fasting that you can find out about. Water fasting, fruit fasting, juice fasting, intermittent fasting, mono eating, raw foods, block fasting, broth fasting etc .etc.  Some cleanses are done in short time frames, others are for longer. You have to try for yourself and see what works best for you at this moment. Our bodies change and so do their needs.  My favorite cleanses were introduced by Anthony William: 3:6:9, Liver Cleanse and more. His books are amazing and they have helped millions of people to heal. I find they are the safest, easiest and most enjoyable cleanses with incredible results. There are many related groups on Facebook etc that help people stay inspired , informed and on track. The important thing is accountability, purpose and fun.

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