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Body Language

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

How many times have we jumped on to Google and researched a car we are thinking about purchasing. A new refrigerator? An insurance plan? We spend a lot of time and energy finding things out about anything that might affect our lives, but when it comes to our bodies, we hardly notice them at all until they start giving us trouble...

Research is awesome. Making wise decisions based on what we've learned ,can change our lives for the better and set us on a path that we might not have otherwise gone. Shouldn't this also be true for our own beautiful amazing bodies who keep us going despite all that we've done to them? Imagine owning a car or a stereo unit and not having a clue as to how to make them work. No owner's manuel, no buttons with clues as to which does what. It would be almost impossible to make it work with ease and to its fullest potential.

Same goes with our bodies. How do we make them function at their best? How do we know when we're doing something wrong or right? There's no owner's manuel. No buttons or clues. But if we learn to listen to how our bodies are "talking" to us, we can learn to read the clues its giving us. Our bodies don't speak languages like English, Japanese, or German. They speak in a very subtle sign language, energy language, feelings or as "symptoms".

Our bodies work so hard, 24 hours a day, every day to heal us, keep us going and keep us balanced. They don't ask for much but the right kind of fuel. The rest ,they take on without complaint , correcting when we've gone to far, cleansing when we've ingested toxins and constantly and consistently running all of our systems in perfect harmony . We don't give it much thought, we hardly notice what or how we eat that might help or harm this perfectly balanced running machine.

When we don't hear any complaints, that's one of it's many ways to tell us that all is well, that our body is running smoothly and that we are in peak performance. We've got energy, our skin is clear, our eyes are clear , we sleep well. This is the body's way of expressing health.

But when it has been pushed too hard or has been overloaded with toxins, heavy metals, stress, bad foods, etc, then our body speaks in different signs: pains, aches, stiffness, allergies, depression, fatigue, tumours, rashes, heart attacks, stomach/digestive problems, thinning hair, dry skin, mouth problems, etc etc.

If we can listen and learn the body's subtle language we can correct things before they become louder and more troublesome. When we eat something harmful and we feel bad afterwards, we can learn not to eat that food again. If we haven't moved or stretched in a long time and we feel stiff, we can learn that we need to move our body more often. If we haven't had enough hydrating water or foods and we get a headache, poor vision, heart trouble, dry skin, chapped lips etc, then we can learn to make it a point to hydrate ourselves more often. If we are having hormonal issues, celery juice in the mornings can help balance things out. Brain fog, tingles and numbness, inability to focus and other disorders of the nervous system are signs that we may have heavy metal toxicity, we must take the time to clean that out daily.

If you're feeling grumpy or moody, maybe you need more "you" time, time in the sunshine with your bare feet on the earth or it might help to get outside and go for a walk or work in the garden.

If you're feeling feverish, low energy and no appetite, that's your body's way of letting you know it is fighting off an intruder. It raises the body's temperature to kill off viruses or bacteria or other unwanted visitors and it's using all of it's energy to focus on this task. Relax, take Vit c, zinc, sit in the sun, drink fresh juices or soups with ginger, garlic, onion and tumeric, rest and support your body to give it what it needs to do the job. It's all about listening , learning the signs and acting . If we ignore the subtle signs, they become louder so that we might listen more closely and do something about it.

Making time to sit quiet , asking your body what it needs and experimenting by trying things that are intuitive and conducive to healing, we can get better, one ''symptom'' (message) at a time. By looking for the cause of a symptom , which is really just sign language, we can help to find the solution by using your body's own language.

Once we learn to speak it's language, we can communicate on it's own subtle quiet level and hear what it has to say: the moment something is off , not right , against our better judgment or if something is exactly what we need. It will steer us to our true path of health, light and fulfilment.

This can be referred to our "gut reaction" , instinct or just a "sense". Our body gives us clues in every situation. A ''yes" can be a lightness, an openness or excitement. A "no" can be a heaviness, unease, or a constricted feeling. When we ignore these subtle signs, they can continue to develop into insomnia, digestive disorders, addictions, tumours, disease etc.

Our bodies and organs within are so in-tune with our world , they speak to each other through frequencies. Our body's energy and language can help someone else's out by sensing weakness and helping to give them energy by sending these frequencies out. Organs talk to each other and communicate between themselves taking care of each other and sharing a heavy load when needed. We are never alone even when we feel like we are. When we practice listening and tapping into that potential, we can learn to harness this and use it to help ourselves as well as others.

Meditation, EFT tapping, prayer, creativity, fasting, visualisation, breath-work, energy work, yoga and just sitting in silence are all ways to tap into that language that our bodies use and understand. (Sometimes it just takes a moment to close our eyes and take a couple of deep breaths ,to reconnect to ourselves.) The more we practice, the better we become at listening , understanding and trusting what we're supposed to do to bring about change.

Quieting the mind isn't always easy in the beginning. But in order to hear our body speaking to us, it has to become part of our daily practice. Our minds are programmed to protect us, so they are always busy with thoughts, what-ifs, and worst case scenarios. But our body's language is almost a whisper , so it is hard to hear through all the chatter going on in our heads (not to mention all of the chatter being shouted at us from the outside world). Once we quiet all of that down we can pay attention to our body's needs and to our own intuitive voice that always knows what to do.

These techniques (meditation, grounding, tapping, prayer etc) work with our body , mind and spirit, using our own energy and our innate powerful built-in healing tools that we possess exactly for this reason: to heal and live in our true potential. Our body is not our enemy. It is never against us. We need to turn that idea around and know that our body is here for us, speaking to us, and always has our back. It is our true friend and partner. Once the language barrier is understood and removed, true communication can finally take place.

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