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A Letter to the Newest "Prime Minister" and all the 120 Knesset Members

Because I am a concerned citizen for the present and future of Israel, I have a few serious questions for our "Prime Minister" and the rest of the knesset members .....

1. Did you think that by by-passing our votes, you were free to force yourselves and your negligent health practices into our private lives and begin making decisions for each and everyone of us?

2. Why are you following in Netanyahu's footsteps, even though you were obsessed getting him out of office? What's the difference between the two of you, in terms of policy?

3. Throughout your political career have you have never stood for anything but your own self interests?

4. Why is Israel building a vaccine factory here for Pfizer?

5. What did you promise Pfizer in exchange for vaccines?

6. Why is Israel selling land, companies and ports to China?

7. Are you being blackmailed? Are you being paid by globalists to act as tyrants?

8. Are you aware of the implications of your actions against the Jewish people of Israel?

9.. Do you simply have a God-complex?

10. Where did you think you were going with this?

11. Why is your "corona committee" shrouded in secrecy now and for the next 30 years?

12. Because you are so enthusiastic about tracking, tracing , scoring and sharing our details with the world, perhaps we could recommend the same for each and every one of the knesset members?

13. How far did you actually think you were going to be able to get away with your lies?

14. Are you familiar with Israel's Basic Human Rights Law? Please have a look.

It might be time for a little self evaluation.

We, the people of Israel were born under the laws of God handed down through our holy Torah. However, your blind obedience to evil overlords has separated you from the country you are supposed to govern. Yes, I said, "country' . You as government officials have one job to do and that is to regulate national interests, never to rule over people or impose on their God-given rights. We are adults and are very capable of taking responsibility for our own choices, lives, health, income and taking care of and providing for our families.

Since you were not elected democratically, you technically hold no power over us, Israeli citizens. Since you no longer allow people who chose to research , to fear only God and who practice bodily autonomy, to function fully in Israeli society, we are exempt from paying taxes , following rules and abusive mandates set forth by you. A rogue government , leads to a rebellious citizenry.

Our government, legal system, religious authority, "health" system, media, educational system, and everything in between have been captured agencies for years. They are all corrupt to the core. Instead of focusing on change, you came into office solely focused on continuing the "corona obsession" , just like the last PM.

If we are a democratic country, then we have rules, definitions and truths that we must uphold. The definition of democratic is "by the people". A government representative of the people it serves, elected by the majority. The definition of equality is "like for each member of a group, class, or society". These are definitions as stated by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

And these do not describe our current government practices, nor do they describe our current society.

It all began with the Ten Commandments, then the Nuremberg Code came into being, followed Israel's Basic Human Rights Law. You are currently in violation of them all.

More and more information and science concerning this "plandemic" is being unveiled through research from brave journalists, scientists, lawyers, doctors and concerned citizens . There is so much evidence that these preplanned death shot inoculations cause only harm. The masks, PCR tests, lockdowns, social distancing, closing the economy and unlawful mandates have no science or truth behind them. They do not detect, prevent or stop transmission of a virus that you have never bothered to prove even exists.

By continuing the "virus hoax", you have turned an acute disease into a chronic one. One that never goes away , but continues to cause pain and suffering. Through your various "covid mandates", you have implemented child abuse through mask wearing , social distancing , PCR testing, school closures, destroying the family unit , quarantines, fear mongering, trauma, miseducation, threats/punishments, writing off parental consent and coerced inoculations.

By introducing, and then rebranding apartheid in the form of "vaxed vs unvaxed" communities, you are purposely dividing our country into different classes, based solely on private medical information: the super-class and the second-class citizens. You can call it a Green Pass, a vaccine passport, a Happy Badge or any other idiotic name you can come up with. The yellow star of Nazi Germany remains the same, just cut from a different cloth. This is a violation of our privacy as well as equal rights for all.

A free country is a free country for every citizen. A nation ruled by tyrannical heads of state is not free, nor equal. You have also taken it upon yourselves to destroy our basic human rights, our culture, religion, traditions, freedoms, equality, democracy, free speech, family bonds, medical privacy, economy and public health.

These are crimes against humanity and you will be held accountable. Every. Single. One. Of. You.

You do not represent us. You are not listening to Israeli citizens. You have made yourselves our self-appointed lawyers, doctors, health inspectors, judges, child guardians, police, elite and some delusional form of super humans who don't abide by their own rules.

You and your cronies (the media, health care and court systems) have brought Israeli citizens to their knees, tied our hands, clipped our wings so that we cannot fly (in every sense of the word) and have attempted to take all the joy and meaning out of our lives.

Is this how you want to be remembered in history? As the worst , most tyrannical self- absorbed, self-appointed government in the history of Israel? Your names will be listed next to Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pharoh and Amelek as those who attempted to destroy Israel and humanity.. Perhaps one day, we won't even speak your names. They will be blotted out, just as you have done with your secret contract with the criminally negligent drug company Pfizer . It has so many blackened out paragraphs, one might assume it was the devil's pen who did it.

As history has shown us over and over again, things get very bad before God brings his miracles and wonders, destroys the bad guys and redeems Israel. So we already know how this all turns out. We don't fear you. We know you were brought here to show us that evil is in our midst and for all Jews to turn once again to God.

You do not have authority over us. Your lies, coercion, and unlawful practices have no bearing on us. You are like Haman demanding subjugation and we are like Mordechai who refuses to bow down to you. We all know the story and what happened to Haman and his sons. ..

We are not afraid. The only one we fear is God. This is Israel and we are Israelites. You are an enemy of the Jews. History is repeating itself and we all know what happens when greedy, self-serving, godless tyrants go against the Jewish people.

We're ready. We'll wait out the storm. When the dust settles, I have a feeling the future will not include those who have aligned themselves with evil. Enjoy your short lived self-appointed reign.

Thanks to Rabbi Michoel Green for this image.

I am addressing a tyrannical government, so I don't expect any response from them, other than censoring me, ignoring me and/or putting me on some kind of black list.

( Israel's new, and hopefully temporary, PM , was not democratically elected by the people of Israel. Instead, he obtained the seat through wheeling, dealing and possibly other shady deals behind closed doors. This is not democracy. We are no longer living in a democratic Jewish state. Please don't be fooled by what the media is falsely reporting. )

I also wrote a letter to the last government. If you'd like to read that, click this link :

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1 Comment

Ruth Simchi
Ruth Simchi
Jul 26, 2021

Thank you. I just want to hug you. Your words express all my feelings. I could never have written this as i don't know even all these things but i support every word with the depth of my being. You write so beautifully.

Our world is being shattered every day by these people. And it hurts. And it hurts to feel powerless. Although i also think the more is taken away, the more we have to align ourself with the truth and that is only good.

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