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A Letter to the Newest "Prime Minister" and all the 120 Knesset Members

Because I am a concerned citizen for the present and future of Israel, I have a few serious questions for our "Prime Minister" and the rest of the knesset members .....

1. Did you think that by by-passing our votes, you were free to force yourselves and your negligent health practices into our private lives and begin making decisions for each and everyone of us?

2. Why are you following in Netanyahu's footsteps, even though you were obsessed getting him out of office? What's the difference between the two of you, in terms of policy?

3. Throughout your political career have you have never stood for anything but your own self interests?

4. Why is Israel building a vaccine factory here for Pfizer?

5. What did you promise Pfizer in exchange for vaccines?

6. Why is Israel selling land, companies and ports to China?

7. Are you being blackmailed? Are you being paid by globalists to act as tyrants?

8. Are you aware of the implications of your actions against the Jewish people of Israel?

9.. Do you simply have a God-complex?

10. Where did you think you were going with this?

11. Why is your "corona committee" shrouded in secrecy now and for the next 30 years?

12. Because you are so enthusiastic about tracking, tracing , scoring and sharing our details with the world, perhaps we could recommend the same for each and every one of the knesset members?

13. How far did you actually think you were going to be able to get away with your lies?

14. Are you familiar with Israel's Basic Human Rights Law? Please have a look.

It might be time for a little self evaluation.

We, the people of Israel were born under the laws of God handed down through our holy Torah. However, your blind obedience to evil overlords has separated you from the country you are supposed to govern. Yes, I said, "country' . You as government officials have one job to do and that is to regulate national interests, never to rule over people or impose on their God-given rights. We are adults and are very capable of taking responsibility for our own choices, lives, health, income and taking care of and providing for our families.

Since you were not elected democratically, you technically hold no power over u