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A Letter to our Prime Minister and all 120 Knesset Members

Dear Mr. Prime Minister and all other knesset members who were elected to serve and protect Israeli citizens.

I am writing on behalf of myself and a large portion of Israeli citizens who have had enough. I would have contacted you directly, but there is no one left to talk to. I have also tried to use my voice to object to your tyrannical "covid measures" via the government website, but it seems no one listens to the voices of Israeli citizens anymore, because you pass legislation despite thousands of people stating our objections.

So all that's left is for me to write a letter and send it out to the world. Hopefully it will make it past your eyes. If nothing else, it will bring attention to those who feel that we are a minority, when in fact we're not. Our opinions, our concerns and our side of the story is being heavily censored so that many of us feel separate and alone. This of course is not the case. You are all working tirelessly to suppress us, keep us uninformed and lied to, so that we go along complacently with your agenda.

Sadly, you misunderstand the Israeli heart , mind and spirit. We are tied to our land, given to us by God himself, and to our Jewish biographies that span thousands of years.

Personally, I voted for Netanyahu for all of the years you have been in power. I, like many others, believed in you. You stood for truth and a strong Jewish nation. But it turns out we were mislead and you misrepresented yourself. When I heard last year that you had joined hands with Gantz, my ears pricked up and I took a step back. It just didn't seem like something you would do. But when I talked to others, they made excuses as to why you might have made that political move.

The next thing that made my jaw drop, was when I saw you say on television in May 2020, was that you were planning to micro-chip our children . That was when I realized you and I were headed in two different directions. You no longer represented parents or children of Israel.

When "corona" took over the world, you had your first big chance to show us your true colors on a global scale. You secretly and intentionally, made an agreement the CEO of Pfizer to sell the Israeli citizen's information in exchange for vials of poisonous experimental serum. We were never informed of this contract, nor were we told that it is experimental and has no FDA approval, even though you and the MInistry of Health, which is not an independent scientific body, have repeatedly said that the jab has the FDA stamp of approval. All of you have also illegally referred to the mRNA serum as a "vaccine" , even though it does not resemble one.

We were told the entire year that this hastily-made poison would be our only way out of the "pandemic", all the while you suppressing information of other inexpensive treatments already and widely available. You never once told people to take their vitamins, eat well, exercise , stop smoking and get sun, and take precautions using proven treatments such as hydroxycholoquine, ivermectin, zinc and other protocols , even with all the thousands of scientific papers proving these protocols protect from disease and strengthen the immune system.

The lies, the coersion, the mass effort and billions of shekels on your part to push your "vaccine" agenda, which includes the media, bonuses, payoffs , silencing of professionals who question your plan and all around brainwashing of Israeli citizens who trusted you with their health and the health of their kids.

Why haven't you been transparent about your "corona" policies? Why is there a 30 year gag order on your "corona" committee meetings? Why was a large part of the contract with Pfizer blacked out , including the date it was signed, so that we couldn't see the aggreement? Silence.

Dr. Zelenko from New York, a well respected Jewish doctor who has been nominated for the Nobel prize for his work with "corona" patients, and who cares deeply for Israel, wrote a letter to the Israeli government , stating how Israel could end the pandemic safely, using common sense and his accumulated knowledge of curing this disease. You ignored it. My guess is, not one of you ever thanked him for his contribution. Just flat out ignored his professional advice and continued with your "green pass" agenda.

I would also like to know why Mr Netanyahu has failed to disclose his connections with the Davos group to Israelis. He openly discussed with the globalist group how he offered Israel as a test lab for the rest of the world in regards to the experimental "vaccine" without our consent. When was he planning on revealing all of this to Israeli citizens? In 30 years as well?

We survived a year of forced lockdowns, useless mask mandates, traumatizing social distancing, faulty , dangerous, inappropriate and inaccurate PCR testing, loss of freedoms, loss of income, loss of childhood, loss of connection with friends and family, etc. And now you have forced a medical apartheid upon this country with the "green pass" .

This entire government/media incestuous partnership will be held accountable for their actions as well as for their failure to stand up to tyranny. They have done nothing to protect our citizens from greedy mega-corporations. In fact, they are playing right into their hands.

Israel was a refuge for Jews. It is home to millions whom are proud to say they live here. But the tyranny has changed all that. Our new nickname from the diaspora is "Isra-hell". Does that make you proud? It is becoming too dangerous to continue to live here and raise a family. Between a never-ending war with Gaza, forced "vaccinations", loss of freedoms, system wide corruption, medical apartheid , and increasing Arab violence nation-wide, we feel that our government has let us down over and over again.

Only 67% of our citizens turned up to vote in our last elections. People are fed up, we don't trust our government and we no longer have faith that it has good intentions. When a government has gone rogue, it's up to the citizens to make things right. Based on God, science, common sense, transparency, bodily autonomy, freedom to choose, and the pursuit of happiness for each individual.

Israel once stood for all that. We as a people, still do. Our government has sadly veered away from the path of truth and is standing with big pharma, big tech, and the globalist agenda against it's own citizens. So we must part here.

I believe in God's promise of his covenent with the Jewish people in our holy land. I believe in my God-given immune system to take care of me, as it always has for me and generations before me , all the way back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden .

I would love to hear ,once again, from our government about God and country and our true purpose as Jews in the land of Israel, but I cannot be naive . I see that you have chosen the dark path away from God and from his Jewish people.

You, as a government, have violated the Ten Commandments, the Nuremberg Codes and your own human rights and discriminatory laws . You have allowed tyranny, fascism, government overreach, child abuse, corruption, coercion, terrorism, bio-terrorism, suppression of information and ideas, backroom deals, scientism, illegal mandates, censorship, crimes against humanity and medical apartheid to take over our society. The Nazis would have been proud.

I, however , am not. I am first and foremost a Jewish Israeli. I am American, a farmer, a small business owner , a parent and I live 5 miles from the border with Gaza. I represent many sections of society here in Israel, none of whom are represented by anyone in our current government.

We will continue the legal battles and non-conformity and eventually bring you all to justice. I hope sooner rather than later , but I won't hold my breath. Our entire judicial system is corrupt, which is why this fight has become an international one.

I want to thank God for his miracles, showing us the truth, for 'corona', which brought the opportunity to see the evil of this world and the courage to stand up to it. I also would like to give a shout out to all the warriors out there, who may feel alone and overwhelmed, but we give each other strength and we have each other's backs. With each bold action, with every question leading down the rabbit hole, and with the faith we hold in God ....... together , we will prevail.

Our government officials, had better be ready for opposition... Because it's coming....

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Ruth Simchi
Ruth Simchi
May 23, 2021

This is beautiful and Truth. Thank you. Each time I have my feelings expressed by others I feel empowered and hopeful. Do you have this in Hebrew?


Beautiful letter Chava - so true. In my household also rages the battle- and am writing to the government here too... Thanks for sharing your survival kit and may God hold you all in the palm of His hand. Shalom, Alice


Your letter is beautifully and intelligently written and you have covered all the bases. Kol ha Kavod to you!! Please gd that the people unite against the state. It is the only chance we have.

One thing I will urge you to keep in mind is that this government does not care about anything you have said. Their agenda is bigger, broader and more evil than anything you have stated and , frankly, they don’t give a damn.

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