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Come play in the mud!!

We are building cob structures all over the meshek. Benches, ovens, walls, a playroom, chairs, and more. Using cob as a medium is a great way to get moving! Being outside, fresh air, using and moving your body, building core strength and muscles. It relaxes your mood, your mind, relieves stress and brings joy. Being barefoot on the earth is an important part of releasing build up of unnecessary electricity and inflammation in the body as well as balancing heat and circulation. It's our connecting with mother earth that leads us back to our true nature and purpose. This is a way to do all of this while using our creativity and know how to build functional structures. This itself builds self confidence ,belief in yourself and independence knowing that you can build using a healthy ,inexpensive , strong, dependable tool: mud. It's sustainable, easy to use wherever you are and doesn't require expensive tools or equipment. I use bottles, old furniture, wood, ....anything that would normally make it to the trash . Instead we recycle the materials and use them to build.

Cob is made from earth, manure and straw, so you will be getting dirty and it's hard work but fun. So be prepared.

Studies by Dr. Christiane Northrup have shown that women who continue to work outdoors, chopping wood, bringing water, using hot saunas and cold river bathing , using their strength, eating simple good food, living with joy and purpose well into their 80s and 90s continue to have their monthly cycles . Their age doesn't slow them down and their bodies don't deteriorate like most women's bodies in the western world . It's all in our heads and in our lifestyles. we need to get outside and use our bodies, our strength, our minds. Be in the sunshine, on the earth and in fresh air.

Adding this to our life brings in relaxation, and a deeper wisdom through connecting and reviving our true selves.

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