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War Times

Our normal day would consist of being mostly outside. We've got 6 active boys a farm and a garden. No time for resting here. But since the rockets started flying we have been mostly inside trying not to step on each others toes . We feed the animals by running out there (making sure the kids don't follow like they normally would) doing the minimum for them and running back in. The garden also gets water and that's it. I can't weed or even check to see what's ready to pick. We have orchards that we can't tend. This is our livelihood, but there's no way we can tend to them or pick or sell the produce.

Our animals consist of 20 goats, a dog , a horse and 30 or so chickens . They have to endure the booms and being practically ignored while we're busy staying indoors. I would love to bring the dog in, but her job is to protect us. There are terrorists coming into our area with intent to get into people's houses and kill whole families. Just 2 or 3 weeks ago one was caught just outside our moshav with a hand grenade. The animals don't get what all the booming is about. They are just as shell shocked as anyone. But they have no where to run.

A ceasefire was announced and there was a feeling of freedom to go outside for the first time in a long time without fear. But the missiles never stopped crashing into our country. Hamas never even considered a ceasefire. We've read every, book seen every movie, played every game. We've rearranged our lives (except my husband. He has to continue working despite rockets) and try to find some kind of normalcy while running for the "safe room" every time the siren sounds.

We moved the desk and shelves out of my son's room so that we can all put down mattresses and sleep in one room at night. There are 8 of us. Food shopping hasn't been easy. I don't go out unless it's an emergency. So we have to be careful and budget our supplies.

Hamas keeps threatening and launching missiles. No one can explain what it is they want or how they plan on achieving it. They are just bent on terrorism. They have no other agenda. So there is no talking, no negotiations. You can't talk to monsters who believe their own lies. They've fired rockets that landed on the electricity lines that supply to Gaza from Israel .Twice. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you...Israeli Arabs all over the country have taken to the streets throwing rocks, robbing and stabbing etc. They kidnapped and killed 3 beautiful teenagers. This is Israel, but has become a war zone with Arabs, who claim loyalty to Palestine, running amok.

This war like so many others has been full of miracles. Thousands of rockets have slamed into Israel , but most land in fields or are intercepted.

The government is too afraid of world opinion to do anything real to get rid of the terrorists for good. So we'll just have to be patient and leave it to god.

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