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When the Lights Go Off, Israel Shines

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Israel is a weird place, filled with wonders, miracles and wild way of moving forward even though the world is pushing back hard. We have major advancements in medicine, disaster safety , technology and agriculture that we gladly share with the world. The funny thing is, the world doesn't want to hear it. They don't like to report on anything we do. You won't see this on the 7 o'clock news or printed in any mainstream newspapers.

In any natural disaster, Israel is the first to arrive at the scene to lend a helping hand. Israeli advancements in medicine, high tech and agriculture have seeped through society with hardly a nod in our direction. Israel has never held a grudge, never asked for kudos, never said "we told you so" and never held back any of our knowledge of solving many of the worlds problems. With open arms, BDS or not, Israel is here contributing in whatever ways we can to find solutions. Water shortage, bee population decline, self defence strategy (both personal and national), first responders, soil erosion, alternative pesticide use, increasing crop yields, medical technology , recycling water, cell phone apps such as Waze and WhatsApp, the list continues. It seems the more they push back, the harder we push forward.

There have been many instances when a country has been in emergency mode for one reason or another and Israel offers to help. While the cameras are turned towards them, they say "no" loud and clear. But as soon as the news stations turn off their cameras and everyone goes home , they come to Israel and say that they are ready to accept our help because they are desperate and because we have the solution to their problem. Israel has never turned their back on anyone, even her so called enemies.

We live in a tough neighborhood. Arab countries surround our borders. Not only do we reach out to them for friendship, partnerships and lasting bonds, we help them with their struggles. We are constantly offering our hand of peace , but not always is it taken. Mostly the Arab leaders make public calls to hate, destroy and terrorize Israel and Jews all over the world. We keep moving forward, sharing knowledge and helping them find solutions.

We , as Israelis , are not allowed to visit any Arab country . But they are allowed to come and go freely. So quietly , when the cameras are off, they come to meet with and learn from leaders, professors, scientists, farmers, and doctors to take back knowledge to their own people without saying where they got this information.

This kind of thing happens all the time. Quietly, without fanfare, Israel is helping the world solve some of it's most difficult problems. I'm not trying to paint some perfect picture of Israel. Lord knows we've got many problems. But the problems Israel is usually blamed for such as apartheid, oppression, unfairness, war, etc. are not our real problems. These are blasted all over the media to keep the majority of the people clueless about all the good Israel is doing . No one wants Israel to be the beacon of light that she is. It's much easier for them to slander, blame and hate all the while accepting her help and using her innovations. Israel's purpose is to be "a light unto the nations" ,and in that respect she continues to succeed ....... as long as the lights are off and no one is watching .

This picture is of artwork from our neighbor Yaron Bob. With his business "Rockets to Roses", he makes light from darkness. He takes kassam rockets shot from Gaza and turns them into roses, menorahs, candle holders etc. This is a huge Hanukka menorah made from rockets set up in a roundabout in his moshav for the holiday.

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