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Have We Forgotten?

I wrote the Eternal Purim a few months ago because of the never ending mask ordeal. Here we all are hiding behind our fears. Mandates and shaming and dividing us so that we are all social distancing each other and learning to disconnect and hate.

But months have gone by and although the mask thing is still going on, we have the added bonus of global lockdowns based on nothing. The numbers of deaths fell to almost nothing, yet countries continue to become financially unstable, we are all heading to a big fall and there's no way to recover. But then again, that's the whole point. This was the plan all along, we've just been taken for the ride. We blindly trusted the untrustworthy and had faith in the unfathomable breach from true science which has become the new religion.

So we find ourselves grasping to a mirage. Many people are finally waking up to a new reality that is based in truth. But that is being taken down as fast as we can put it up so that most of us never find out about it . I call it the Great Mask-erade.

We promised "never again", yet here we are repeating history. They waited until most Holocaust survivors were gone or too old to do anything . But we have found ourselves being lead down the same path. Our rights being stripped away, our pride, religion, self respect, heritage, freedoms all removed one by one , slowly from our consciousness so that we barely remember even having them. Our children are being primed to be slaves before they ever had a chance to know any difference. All this and hardly anyone is noticing or caring or even raising an eyebrow.

They are abusing and kidnapping our children right before our eyes and we go along with it willingly as if it's our duty. We have given our lives , our health, and our liberties over to leaders who don't care and who are no longer connected to humanity. And yet we are being fooled into believing everything is normal . There is no work, but people are still shopping, There is no childhood, yet kids are being forced to continue "school". The world is falling apart , but everyone is glued to their TV watching sports with no spectators. Newscasters are bickering about non-consequential things.

The Nuremborg Code was created and signed to put an end to the Holocaust's nonconsented experiments on humans. But since then the governments have used humans to experiement on including the MKUltra experiments and now with vaccines , pesticided food, air, water and GMO's. This is all based on the introduction of vaccines with the misinformation on what they do or don't do, harmful effects and ingredients. Hardly anyone has asked the question what's in them? Or do they work? Where are the independent studies? What are the long term effects? These injections go directly into the blood stream, by passing our normal immune system, bringing with them toxic heavy metals, animal retroviruses (viruses that belong only in animals, not humans) , such viruses as pig, monkey, horse, mice, dog, rabbit etc. They also contain contaminated blood, DNA and other particles from these animals as well as aborted fetuses!!!

Why would anyone ever consent to this maddness? This absolutely violates the Nuremberg Code as well as most religious beliefs.

These violations have led us to the beginnings of trans-humanism . Since we let this continue for a century , vaccine makers and other opportunists have become emboldened and now they have added elements to the vaccines: transplanted micro chips and nanobot technology. The tattoos were embedded in the skin of Holocaust victims for this same purpose, we have become a bar code to those in power. It makes us less human by letting this nano tech invade our DNA and begin , over time , to replicate, alter and eventually take over our human make up creating trans-humans . The micro chip also allows us to connect digitally to 5G technology and all of our genetic, emotional, physical and physiological make up to be observed, monitered, catalogued, and ultimately sold to corporations and governments to turn us into a marketed slave trade . Does this sound sci-fi? Well, it's here and promising to be the next mandate after they begin with "masks don't work anymore, we're going to need something stronger".

One year ago, if I began forcing my kids to wear a muzzle everywhere, they go, I would be hounded by social services and accused of child abuse. The kids would probably be taken away from me and I might face jail time. But because society warrants it, it is the new accepted (demanded) norm. Now if I don't abuse my child I am considered dangerous and selfish.

Imagine wearing a diaper or underwear and never changing it? This is what a mask wearing is. All of our waste coming out onto this diaper and we continue to wear it all day over and over. Even when we take it off, we put the same one back on again or drop it somewhere. Our hands are dirty and we keep touching it, our breath is dirty, containing bacteria, viruses and phlegm etc, yet somehow it's ok to reuse the diaper and wear it for hours at a time. The trauma resulting from being 'half faced" is going to reveal itself many years down the line , if it's not already manifesting in children's psyche . This is leading to disease that they will call "corona" to further their manipulation and yet, we are doing this to our own children.