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Trans-humanism: The Birth of a Neo-Nation (Coming to a Town Near You)

Have you ever read (or seen the movies) of A Brave New World, 1984, V for Vendetta, Star Wars, The Matrix, Atlas Shrugged, The Circle, Social Dilemma, Fahrenheit 451 , The Handmaid's Tale or any number of other futuristic sci-fi novels dealing with one government or self appointed group taking over and slowly squeezing the life out of society and creating their own version of it ? Once these ideas were just fiction stories coming from someones imagination. Or were they? Welcome to the latest science fiction novel that has become life as we know it.

How far do we have to go back to see where this began? When we weren't paying attention to what was happening behind the scenes. We have been victims to their games for decades without realizing it. We didn't notice because they came from the shadows, disguised, and hidden behind our most trusted leaders, health professionals, and news sources. Hitler's WW2 introduced the world to "scientific" torture experimentation on unwilling subjects. Which lead to government and private industry sponsored experimentations on citizens all over the world. Formula instead of breastmilk was pushed on mothers back in the 70's as a way to break free from her family duties right along side new electric appliances.

From early on, we haven't had a reason to trust government and big business, but their catchy ads and social compliance made most of us want to be part of the "in crowd" , so we went along with whatever they were selling: junk "food", TV dinners, vaccines, DDT, politics, smart phones, baby formula, sunscreen, war, disposable diapers, 5g etc.

Each of these things took us one step away from our true nature, humanity and our connection to our natural world. But we were so filled with progress that we forgot to look where we were going and where we had been. We have allowed the Big corporations sink their teeth into politics, and into our personal space. Our phones and computers have taken away the pen and paper which has always been our way of expressing our soul. When we dropped the writing and moved to a keyboard, something was lost. Just a small piece, but still a piece.

For thousands of years we innately know how to grow food. From farming, to foraging , to germinating and collecting seeds to gardening in any climate or terrain. The information passed down and apprenticed from generation to generation. No matter what we went through, we could always provide for our families and we could survive with our knowledge and skills.

We were always meant to grow our food. In this way we have a connection to our food, our medicine and to the earth that provided it. But Big Ag and factory farming has separated us from a very important part of eating: the signature of those foods meant to feed us. Now we just drive to the grocery store, grab what we want from the refrigerated isle and go home. Not knowing where it came from, who grew it, what it took to grow it or any information connected to that food. Now it's just food without any signature or meaning for our specific bodies. This idea serves the trans-human agenda because if we're not connected to our food, or to our body's need for specific foods we will learn to get by with any food-like substance.

Over time Big Agriculture owns more and more land , the seeds and is becoming the only industry with the right to grow as seed and water collecting and gardening are becoming more and more often illegal . They have the lobby power in the government and the money power to enforce compliance, food scarcity and starvation whenever and however it serves them .

So we find ourselves 100 years later fighting for our freedom from big corporations who have done their best to turn us into trans-humans. We began with believing the formula was better than mother's milk and that vaccines were better than our own innate immune systems and we are here today being told a soiled plastic diaper (face mask) is better than fresh air. And we've believed everything along the way.

Between the masks, loss of freedoms, lockdowns, loss of work/income, talk of vaccines mandates chipping people, baseless PCR testing, Chinese-style colored labelling of towns (people), curfews, the attack on our religious ceremonies, traditions and holidays etc etc, we are being pulled apart , slowly slipping into a communist Nazi state so that most people hardly seem to notice it happening. David Icke calls it "totalitarian tiptoeing".

Our youth have accepted it all without question and it seems to me that society has raised them, in a way ,so that they do what they're told and do it without critical thinking or questioning the narrative. They're too young to remember what childhood was like even though it was stolen from them just 8 or 9 months ago. They were socially guided to slowly rely more and more on their phones, which do most of their tasks and provide most of their information to them. So that when it came time for all this "corona NWO" to be rushed in, they barely had time to look up from their phones to notice anything had changed too drastically.

The youth were easy to bring along unknowingly and without any sort of backlash. However, we the parents, watched it unfold before our eyes and have experienced every emotion, reaction, argument, discussion and line of questioning under the sun. We are fighting an uphill battle for the very children who don't even realize we're in a war for humanity.

With these new technologies, we've been slowly pushed more and more to depend on them for practically everything. We used to be outside connecting with nature, and each other. Now the best we can do is connect over the internet. Each separate looking through a lens. We've been pushed away from each other (divide and conquer) and have accepted this without question. When we separate ourselves from each other through masks , plexiglass and social distancing, we've cut off our humanity, our communication and our connection to one another.

Once that happens, it's easy to play the "divide and conquer" move against each other. We've been living in fear for so long we no longer trust anyone. We don't make eye contact, we have no need to smile or make any facial expression because of our masks ( eventually our facial muscles will lose their flexibility and strength because of their lack of use).

Between our increasing dependency on technology and the governments pushing for everything to be connected to technology, we are becoming less and less needed to be individuals with faces making unique contributions to society, and more and more just faceless numbers lining up to do what we're told by the authorities that run things.

5g and vaccinations play a huge part in all of this. The vaccines will be the final peg to convert humans to neo-humans. (Hint: The patent on the vaccines is 060606, the crystal solution used inside the vaccine to detect light is called luciferase.) The nano technology used in the vaccines are tiny robot RNA. This is used to move into our body and attach itself to our DNA slowly over time taking over so that we become less and less human and more and more trans-human.

All of the information this picks up from our body and sends it the 5g cloud to be used to monitor us down to the tiniest details of our lives. Essentially we are being used as antennas for Big tech to keep a close watch (contact tracing) with increasing control. Our neighborhoods and homes are being turned into survaillance sites with everything from 5g antennas, flooring, sheets, vacuum cleaners, ovens, TV's and clothing having the same spy gear built into them to give information to the 5g cloud. All of this in the end will be used to track and control our every move.

The chip, along with the RNA vaccines, they are using will also be connected to 5g to control our finances, travel, vaccine records, jobs, licensing, education, births (if allowed) , water and food allowances and eventually mind control.

Mandated vaccines (the likes of which have never been known to man. ie: nanotechnology and luciferase crystal gel) linking us to the 5g cloud or any future clouds. These vaccines and all vaccines have been pushed into our conscience as a safer and better choice than just trusting our own innate immune system.

We've been masked for the last 9 months believing that the mask will somehow protect us from viruses. Although this was never the point of the muzzling as so many have now figured out. The breaking up of our physical social communication has hit us from many different directions. One is our new "zoom" towns, rather than physically meeting which has all but been eradicated. Covering our mouths so that our voices are muffled, children are growing up not knowing how to socialize, interact or relate to each other, babies cannot read their parent's face and learn the clues.

Pregnant mothers are wearing masks cutting off the already depleted air that gets to her fetus causing untold abnormalities including irreversible brain damage. What will these kids look like when they grow up?

Children are being sent to school (when there isn't a lockdown, a quarantine or a teacher's strike) with a mandatory mask covering their face for many hours a day, including during physical activity. Schools have begun to look more like prison than school with police standing at the entrance and parents not being allowed to give a last hug or some encouraging words at the gate.

Just another piece being stripped away from us and being handed over to authorities. We are being robbed of our duties as parents. The government now has full rights to decided which poisons are injected or beamed by radiation into our children. We are no longer allowed to call the shots for our children's health.

There is no longer any social interaction , support or anything resembling humanity in the new school system. Children are being conditioned to be afraid, feel that they and everyone are "unclean" and that they will be punished for not observing the new rules. This is causing trauma on many levels now, but eventually it will be forgotten and bred out of them for future generations.

We are slowly being conditioned to fear, reject and report those who don't accept the new norm. From shaming and physically assaulting people for not wearing a face mask to blatantly beating up the religious people for not accepting a secular government's idea of society. Slowly we are learning to separate, shame and blame those who refuse to accept the new communist ( trans-humanist) mentality.

Those who are cordoned off (as of now with "red" cities) and eventually disposed of. ("Disposed of " could mean taken to camps, killed or made into slaves for a specific purpose)

Those who bear witness to this will never want to be a part of their "bad" behavior or their excommunication and so will help to report similar neighbors , friends or family to authorities to be disposed of . This will become easy to do because we will no longer function as loving, compassionate, reasonable human beings. We will resemble something closer to robots than to anything else.

People will begin to just disappear and no one will be notified of their whereabouts as is happening in China and Australia and soon to be Canada. We can then be sectioned off into different categories for use in different areas. Some will be chosen to be breeders, others athletes for sport, others for sexual pleasure, builders, tech, etc etc. until they hardly need us anymore because AI will take over most jobs. Then they'll just dispose of those of us who are no longer needed. Our soldiers are an easy target because they are already being trained to be good soldiers, the elderly, and soon to follow, our children from school.

So far our children's future looks very bleak, but there is no where to go., no where to run away to. 5g will survail every inch of the planet all the governments are on board, if not now, they will be soon because of the volunteer or forced compliance of their citizens. Our history is being erased and our children won't remember it being anything other than what they can see and what they're told by their authorities. Trans-humanism has been kicked into high gear and there might not be anyone left to sound the alarm.

I always say this sounds like sci-fi, but it's already here and being implemented. The question is, do we wake from our trance to see it" Or do we go along like zombies and slowly allow ourselves to morph into trans-humans? I know this isn't easy to hear or even to imagine, but we're in it, every day a little more. We've been set up. But now it's time for us to wake up, come together and show our strength and our independence.

Those who are able to see where this is leading are fighting with every breath they have to hold back the tide until more wake up to the reality. Those who have been lead to believe this is all being done for our safety might have a rude awakening one day in the near future, but by then it will be too late.

Our children will inherit the world. Will they be trans-human slaves to the NWO or live in a world built by God full of love, freedom and creative individualism? We have a choice, but we need to act. It's up to us, but we need to power of the people who are willing to risk it all and push back.

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