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A Modern Day Chanukah Miracle Story

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Gather round children to hear a story of a Chanukah Miracle. Now we all know the first story of the miracles God made when the Macabbis fought against the Greek army and won. And how when they went to light the menorah in the destroyed Beit Hamikdash and had only enough oil for one lighting, God made it last for eight days until they could harvest the olives and make more oil.

Well, I have another story for you telling of other miracles happening today. Way back then, the Greeks tried to kill the Jews living in Israel, refuse us our connection to God and our traditions, like so many others throughout history. Today we've got similar, but different battles to fight. This time it's with our own Israeli government and other big bad people trying to destroy humanity, including our Jewish nation.

Along with trying to destroy God's connection to our world and everything natural within it, they are trying to destroy our very basic health. God gave us a body and an immune system and DNA and these tyrannical leaders are trying desperately to remove all of that with their made up pandemics and pharma technologies. But once again, God is always present and providing us with remedies that no company can own.

Now, depending on where you live, when you look out your window, you might see greenery. Trees, bushes, flowers, weeds and herbs of all sorts. Most of these contain magical healing properties to keep us healthy and protect us from the lab-created monstrosities. God blessed these herbs and vegetation and gave them to us to use as food and medicine.

However, among all of the viruses, "variants' , lockdowns, quarantines, sanctions, loss of income etc, things became very hard for people to live regular lives. Many lost their jobs and their freedom to travel or even go grocery shopping for their families.

Many of these families relied on an herbal extraction called celery juice . They used this to stay healthy and continue to do God's work. They were unable to buy celery from the shuk or anywhere else. What they needed to do in order to grow and have more celery, was to plant celery seeds, grow it, harvest it and eventually juice it. As it happens, celery is an herb. A very powerful herb used by millions around the world to improve their health. A man called Anthony William has been spreading the truth about celery juice. Many people laughed and scoffed Anthony and celery juice, but those who were open minded enough to try it were impressed by it's healing powers.

Pharmaceutical companies had antidotes to the pharma problems that they themselves created, and some of them worked. But pharmaceuticals still costed money, supported this "sick care" system and were controlled by the same overlords as the pharma technologies. Celery juice was sent to earth from Heaven at this specific time to heal the world God's way, just as all the other herbs and trees were.

Celery juice helps to clean our blood, clear out and strengthen our liver,, loosen heavy metals from our organs, kill off harmful viruses, and bacteria and remove toxins hiding in our tissues. It helps to protect us from the lab created toxins meant to destroy us. God is here and always provides the antidote through nature.

So because of all the restrictions placed on the people, we were unable to bring enough celery home to make our juice. Our seeds needed time to grow before we could harvest the celery. We had only enough celery to make juice for one day, but God created a miracle and our celery juice was enough to last until our celery plants were ready to harvest. God made the juice stay fresh all that time as well.

When the blessed rains began during the week of Chanukah, our celery grew quickly and we were able to pick and juice it just in time for the lighting of the eighth and last Chanukah candle. God's miracles saved us from destruction, once again, so that we could sing God's praises to the world for all eternity.

The End.

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