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The Cancer Connection

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I have been running a free clinic on my property for a few years now, and I don't know what others are seeing lately, but i've been seeing an increase in breast cancers more than anything else these last few months.

Does this have a direct correlation with our feared virus? My guess is yes, but not as a cause.

Let me explain.

Fear has been relentlessly and systematically dumped on to people by government, media, doctors, police and other professionals 24/7 for a year now. When we are in "fight or flight" mode from stress, fear, uncertainty , sleepless nights and other related stressors constantly. Our organs responsible for hormone production release a toxic load of adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones when overloading the body, are caustic to cells and organs as well as provide the perfect food to viruses, cancer cells and unproductive bacteria.

When we are in this state of trauma and stress it provides the perfect living environment for cancer cells and other diseases to proliferate. This "virus" did not necessarily cause the disease, but the fear built around it triggers a sequence of circumstances to make any semblance of balance to be thrown off. * It also heightens pre-existing conditions that were more or less kept in check or ignored up until this time, but now have the exact environment needed to have a renewed attack.

Add to this fear factor, the wearing of masks which lowers oxygen levels in the body automatically creating an anaerobic acidic state that cancer prefers.

Cancer and other bad virus and bacteria related diseases are anaerobic, meaning they revel in low oxygen situations. When you add to the fear of an unknown enemy floating around , low oxygen and the high levels of Co2, both caused by mask wearing. We add in another couple of toxins which are in the mask, one of which is a synthetic flouride that the mask is sprayed with in production. Graphene oxide, a toxic nano-tech magnetic material can be found in masks, PCR tests, as well as the covid injections. These chemicals are known to cause cancer.

It has been studied and published by Christiane Northrup, MD and others that there is a strong relationship between breast cancer carriers being in abusive unhealthy relationships, with anyone from parent, spouse, sibling, or co-worker. Many of these women have long-term ,unresolved, deep seated issues with loved ones or people they give respect to, but who do not give it in return.

For the past year, we have been at odds with our government and our professionals. People we thought cared for our well-being have only come forward with lies, inconsistencies , misinformation and pay-offs under the table to stay quiet. They have betrayed our trust and quieted our voice.

This is the same narcissistic relationship that many women suffer from on a more personal level, but the result is the same: shame, hurt, deep emotional wounds, broken trust. We are meant to take their professional expertise and use it to make decisions about our family's health. In the end, we had to find out the hard way that they no longer serve our best interests.

Schools, doctors, health officials, government officials that we voted for all seem to be acting in the same play. It took awhile for many of us to realize we had been hoodwinked, but now we are in a relationship we can't get out of, while they continue to step on our rights and freedoms. This is emotionally draining and it takes a told on our physical and mental health.

I see this increase in breast cancers in direct correlation to our current situation. They have created a perfect environment for dis-ease, breast cancer in particular. This dis-ease is attacking our most feminine attribute. The breast is our way of caring for our young , providing nourishment, comfort and love in so many ways. It's God's gift to mothers and to the world and a physically notable and beautiful way to distinguish us from our masculine counterparts.

When we are diagnosed with this particular disease, the conventional route is chemo, surgery and radiation. Each of these things takes away our feminine look and power. Loss of hair, loss of luster in skin and nails , loss of sexual energy, and in many cases, loss of breasts. They know none of this will cure cancer, but they do know it will cause us to be less woman.

This planned take over of the world has done everything it can to de-humanize us, men and women alike. From social distancing to forced vaccinations, living in a fear based society the world over. The only answer is to take back our power. Take back our femininity. Take back our bodies and the exquisite power they hold.

Eating clean, healing, nutritious food, get a good night's sleep, sunshine, exercise, listen to your instincts, prayer/meditation, taking vitamin supplements when needed, and steering clear of any MRNA "vaccines" or vaccines in general. Take off the mask and breathe huge lung fulls of oxygen. Spend time in nature and close to the elements. My other blogs are full of many ideas on how to do these things and what else we can do.

This is the sign ladies. What other proofs do we need to stand up and act? Our world, our health and that of our children and beyond is at stake. Let's stand together and use our unique femininity to bring this forward and heal the world


*(speaking of balance, on a somewhat unrelated topic: Trees breathe our Co2 and we breathe their O2. If we are reversing this by having practically the entire planet now breathing our own C02 and leaving excess O2 in the air, how will this affect the plant life? The intricate balance of nature? Will this cause environmental catastrophes? Climate change? Death of innumerable species, not to mention our own? How deep and far reaching will it go? Can we even imagine the catastrophic events this will lead to? Affecting generations of human , plant and animal life far into the future.? )

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