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The Braless Wonder

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

I stopped wearing a bra over a year ago and I have not looked back. The bra had always bothered me during my pregnancy years. From the swelling of my middle to my full breastfeeding boobs, I could never get comfortable with strapping myself into the bra harness. In the winter with all of my extra clothes, I could never see the point of wearing an extra tight fitting layer.

So when I heard recently of other women "ditching the bra", and the studies they had been doing showing the positive effects of not wearing a bra, I thought I would try it. I have never been so free. I can actually feel the material next to my skin while wearing clothes, I can feel my body move under my clothes without restriction and I can feel my muscles react to the new challenge. Not only my chest muscles, but my breasts are no longer compressed. They are more flexible, lighter and less condensed.

We have gotten so used to seeing a certain shape and lift for breasts, which changes with the trends, but natural muscles can be built, that for the most part, can give a beautiful, natural look. Just by releasing the breasts from their capture, our breasts have their own muscles that are now allowed to resume their natural size, shape and health.

When we squish them into this sling, we no longer are able to use our chest muscles that would normally hold up the breast. We are also constricting blood and lymph flow ,therefore causing back-ups which result in tumors, cysts and skin conditions .

The straps and tight waistband cross over key points in the energy map of acupressure points which seizes the natural flow of chi as well as putting pressure on lymph nodes and pathways. Many cancers are found along this pathway where the bra sits day after day, year after year. There is no reason for us to think that this is a natural or necessary piece of every day clothing. Men wear jock straps for exercise and sports. The bra should have the same purpose.

Now that I have been over a year without a bra, I can safely say that I don't need one and I have no idea why I ever allowed myself to be talked into wearing one in the first place.

Our young women should be influenced to listen to their bodies, appreciate their majesty and and allow their bodies to be free and natural in their own way. To move unhindered, to feel our femininity and be proud of our shape is the most womanly form of expression.

We end up moving and walking differently, with more grace, poise and self confidence. Those around us can see the shift and feel the magnetism of a woman free and strong in her body.

We can be free under our clothes while still retaining our modesty.

Many things can be done to help reflect modesty with our secret freedom. Shapes, patterns, colors or tactful layering can have a camouflaging effect, if you're concerned with modesty. I have designed the ModVest which is a kind of vest that goes over shirts. It helps to keep modesty and look stylish at the same time. This way I can go anywhere with confidence while still having the look and feel I want .

I have also embraced the camisole. Instead of feeling squished and uncomfortable under my clothes, now I feel free and feminine. The camisole provides a thin sexy layer that is both form fitting and luxuriant. I have different camisoles for different occasions: sport, fancy, sleeping or everyday underwear. Each one is made with different material and they make me feel confident, yet free, as I'm wearing them.

It takes a while to build the muscles, but each day it gets better. When I first made the decision to "ditch the bra" it was winter, when I had many layers on. By the time summer came, I had built up a lot of the muscles , the confidence needed and had gotten used to the idea of going without in a society where it is a given that a woman is wearing a bra.

We are raising a new generation of women. They are capable of anything they want to do, so why not raise them to be women true to themselves , strong, confident and fearless rather than women raised with outdated, male-oriented, sexist expectations of body image . The bra may have it's purpose in sports, but times have changed and in my opinion, the bra deserves to be placed in the museums right next to the corset.

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