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Uncomfortably Numb : The Lies and Censorship by Israel's Media and Politicians

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

In the age of internet, freedom of speech and information are at a point in time when we can both say anything we want and censor anything out there. If I want to look up "conspiracy theories" , doctors on both sides of the mask issue, vaccine information , origin of covid, corrupt politicians , health, or how-to anything............. it's all available. There are studies, research databases, investigative journalists, gossip magazines, doctors, independent researchers, paid for "fact checkers" and a host of other sources. All you have to do is dig a little and you can find anything under the sun. It's called research , although not too many people have been all that interested in knowing more than they're told by the 6 o'clock news, so they don't bother to put in some extra time to find out the truth about anything.

Luckily for Israeli media this is the case of the majority of our citizens. For the last 9 months, many of us have been warning of the scam that has been perpetrated against us by our politicians and driven home by our media. In March when we were told by our politicians on prime time, that a "pandemic" was going to kill many many people, we were put into a state of fear and panic.

Many months have gone by and although the statistics are not even close to what they were reporting, the narrative hasn't changed. We are told to continue to live in fear, lockdown, close our businesses and lose our source of income, wear masks, take PCR tests and experimental mRNA shots and never return to any sort of normalcy.

Why hasn't anyone from the Health Ministry come out and say "to stay ahead of this virus you must stop smoking and eating junk food and soda drinks, take Vitamin C and D, get sunshine, take zinc, eat more fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated. " Not one statement. Instead, "you can take your mask off in order to smoke your cigarettes, then continue to breathe your waste inside your face diaper." Why isn't common sense part of the narrative anymore? Where are the real journalists?

The nightly news has changed their language from "deaths" to "cases" equating them as the same thing. The hospitals are reported to be overburdened with not enough beds for the "'victims" of corona, when in reality they are empty leaving the staff with nothing to do.

There have been doctors and scientists who spoke out about the scam, but they were quickly quieted and ignored by both the politicians (who should have used their experience and their knowledge) and by the media who never asked their expert opinions, their views or gave them any air time. Those doctors who do come on the news or in the papers, are supporting the lies because they are being funded by the system that pays them to fake corona death certificates. Not all doctors are willing to sit back and be a part of the scam. Many are fired or they quit, many publish blogs or videos independently stating what the truth is knowing they will be vilified by their colleagues and their superiors for it.

Meanwhile most of the country is glued to their television sets thinking that they are being given the truth. "People are dying everywhere, be scared of fresh air, report anyone not following instructions to the police, don't trust anyone, don't come within two meters of anyone and get tested whenever possible, don't go to any ceremonies, religious or holiday gatherings and cancel your life as you knew it. "

Activists are being arrested, protests aren't being allowed, certain populations , called "red cities" are being cordoned off with police and army guards, and face masks are being mandated in every public space. Practically every member on the "corona committee" (as well as most politicians) have violated their own laws on lockdown, travel restrictions, and mask violations .

Yet none of this is being reported on by practically any journalist in the entire country. TV and newspapers boast of gossip, shopping, personal interest stories, politics, sports teams and criminal stories from many years ago that they have dragged back up to have something to distract viewers from what's really going on.

Just a few weeks ago there was an interview with the Communications Knesset member who is in charge of cell towers and technology. He stated in his interview that Israel doesn't have 5g towers anywhere, despite people using their phones to film new towers going up all over the country. Then a few weeks later we all got advertisements sent to our phones for the new 5g phones available. How can they have phones if they don't even have the towers yet? Hmmm...

The PCR tests are being used everywhere to test people for corona, but the tests were developed in the 1980's and the man who developed them, Kary Mullis, said over and over that they could be used to find anything because it is not designed for detecting disease, it is designed to detect DNA.

Why hasn't this been told to the citizens? Kind of important news , no? This is the one and only way of testing (no one waits for covid to show symptoms, we must be deathly sick and not know it...??) So there is no way to evaluate the results for truth outcomes. We've built a fear generated, locked down economy, mask and vaccine mandated country based on a faulty test. Where are the journalists?

Police are now given free rein to use brutality against anyone they think violates mask, curfew, lockdown, or religious expression. They have stormed weddings, synagogue, holiday meals, traditional ceremonies etc to enforce their laws using violence and unbound brutality against women, children , old and innocent citizens. Where are the reporters?

Vaccines have damaged and killed 1000's of children in Israel, yet it is never reported on. No one is interviewing the families, looking at the records or debating their use. The newest "vaccine" will be out soon. The plan is to mandate this despite the dangers. Where is the debate? Where is the scientific information available to people for informed consent?

Another pressing question that has never been addressed is what is covid? Where did it come from? Why is no one investigating the true origin of this virus that has flipped the world over? The "corona virus committee" discusses the masks, the lockdowns, the testing, quarantines, the non-essentials vs essentials, who can go to work and school and how far apart to stand. But not one minute has been devoted to investigating how, what and who was involved in the origins of the "coronavirus".

Is there even a killer virus? What has been the role of Bill Gates and the Rockefellers in all of this? How does this tie in to Israel, our government and the corruption of our government officials? And no journalist has taken it upon themselves to dive deep, ask questions and report findings to the public.

And if we don't know the answer to those questions, how can we mandate masks, testing , lockdowns, etc. Children are being abused with masks, vaccinations, PCR testing and lockdowns and jobless parents. Women are being forced to give birth with a mask on and to wear one while pregnant. This is abuse with no end in sight and no one is investigating.

Where are the interviews of people in lockdown? What do the people have to say? Shouldn't it matter to anyone what we think of all of this? Maybe they have some questions to ask? But , no, the reporters are too busy with gossip and weather patterns to take the time to speak with real citizens who are facing unemployment, depression, loss of family members, abuse , substance abuse , isolation, poverty, fear and health issues.

Instead, honest reporting is being left up to the people. From scientific research to phone videos people are being called to present the truth. We are sharing studies, lawsuits, protests, arrests, police brutality, information and censored truth. We cannot trust the media or politicians to investigate and report. They are lying and covering up their lies with more mandates (bullying). So that we are losing our freedoms, are being told to live in fear and are distracted with fake news and advertisements so that we don't even realize how far we've fallen.

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