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The BDS Empire Strikes Back: Star (of David) Wars V

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Welcome to the newest sci-fi movie: The BDS Empire Strikes Back: Star (of David) Wars V

The image of Darth Vader terrorising the galaxy in his dark suit and mask , comes to mind when watching BDS at work. Israel is like Luke, Leah, Solo and the rest of the Rebel Force defending the stars from the evilness that is the Empire.

It amazes me what BDS is able to get away with and how far of a reach they have. Have you ever wondered what makes the BDS movement so influential? The way they secretely contact people to put pressure on them to "talk them out of something". It's very similar to the old fashioned Mafia from Hollywood: "Give them an offer they can't refuse". Make them understand loud and clear what they plan to lose if they don't follow instructions .

BDS supporters use language that causes hate, lies, fear and mistrust. This specific targeted use of language by BDS, causes the very things they claim they are fighting for: oppression, separation and degradation. Anakin had the same idea: make the galaxy into his own, run by laws that only he saw were fit for his reign. Unfortunately, the Dark Side convinced him to join forces with them . They used his power and influence to achieve their goals of complete reign over all people and planets .

No one is allowed to debate or negate. If they do, BDS shouts harassment, abuse or slander and they are left alone to make another attack on their next victim, be it group or person. There's no justice when it comes to BDS. They run by their own laws . They have made it their mission to "free Palestine" not through negotiations, not through Palestinian leadership, not through any peaceful strategies that have been used since the beginning of time to make peace between peoples. They have come up with a special tactic that is used only towards Israel. They figure that through the design of economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel and Israelis, it will somehow hasten our demise and we will be forced to give Israel "back to the Palestinians".

Ironically, BDS has never turned it's gaze onto the Muslim countries that treat women as slaves and whose citizens have no freedoms. As a proposed "human rights group", they are being unfairly selective as to what they call human rights. Somehow , it's only Israel offending human freedoms.

Israeli Arabs live, work and study with the same rights as any other Israeli citizen. In fact, many of the supporters of BDS attend Israeli universities and hold degrees from them. They were taught by both Arab and Jewish professors. Arabs are doctors, lawyers, judges, soldiers, chefs, bus drivers, security guards, bank tellers, business owners, mayors and government members... They have their own political parties as well as being members of Jewish lobbies.

If the Palestinians ever actually choose to build a country of their own, they would never have the same freedoms that they have in Israel. Not from Palestinian or any other Muslim government . Instead of praising Israel for the level of education they have access to and freedom to do what they chose with it, they slam Israel while benefitting from all she has to offer. Just as Anakin used his skills and powers he gained as a Jedi , to ultimately destroy the very people who loved and believed in him.

So while BDS continues to attract supporters who know nothing of Israel, making a mess in their wake, Israel continues to contribute to the world in every industry under the sun, offering a helping hand, open arms and respect to all people. Just like Leah, risking her life to help the galaxy, Israel continues to send messages of peace, hope and light in a dark and dismal world of evil players.

We can and will prevail over the BDS influences. Israelis are strong, Israel even stronger. We have the track record to prove it. Acceptance, openness, equality and dedication to the truth: May it shine through all of us. May it continue to shine from Israel.

May the Force be with you, with us and with everyone.

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