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September Reboot

September Reboot! Who's with me?? I'd like to lay down a few things before we get started. First of all celery juice makes all the difference. You can do this without, but I highly recommend it. I drink celery juice daily (which I also recommend), but during the Reboot, it becomes even more potent. If you ever get the chance to read the book Celery Juice, by Anthony William, please do. On the Reboot we are eating only fresh fruits and vegetables for a month (or whatever you feel comfortable with) It takes a month for your body to adjust , detox and to really feel results. If you do it for a shorter time period you will also benefit, but you might not notice as much. Nuts, oils/fats, vinegar, sugar, salt , eggs ,flour, dairy, meat and cooked foods are best kept out of your shopping list or at least the very minimum that you can . I know it sounds like, "what is left to eat?!" but once you get into it,, you can get creative with fruits and vegetables. Eat them Frozen, in smoothies, juices, salads, soups, nori roll or as is. Avocado is great if it's kept to a minimum. A baked sweet potato can slow down the detox if you feel it's going too fast. Start simply at first so that you don't get overwhelmed or succumb to cravings. If you put too much pressure on your self to make fancy complicated meals , you might drop the whole thing. Dried figs are my #1 snack. They are like little muffins. They satisfy the sweet chewy craving when it comes up. Find your favourite and stick with it. So that it is always available when you feel like putting something in your mouth that isn't helpful . Grapes are also easy and a great snack. If there is a dressing you love, try to replace the ingredients with others so that you don't feel like your missing out. This isn't about restriction or dieting. It's about making room for the good stuff so that we can clean out and support our liver and our cells, feel great , reverse dis-ease, reverse cravings and re-teach our body how to eat correctly and thrive. Sound good? Let's go!

You could eat this way all the time, but we love food so it's hard to change everything for always. The Reboot is a chance to get yourself back on track, lose those unwanted pounds, reverse the ageing process, and eat really well for a month a time. This way, you are helping your liver and getting all the benefits of eating good, simple, healthy food while relearning how to eat correctly. Then when you are ready to transition back to eating "regular" again, you've gotten a foothold from which to start new habits and ways of thinking, feeling and eating. You can do this Reboot anytime you feel like you've gotten off track to help you find your center again. That way you can come back to it again and again. Each time it will feel different, each time it will get easier, and each time you will get a deeper cleanse which helps you to feel and look better. I like to choose the changing of seasons as a time to do a Reboot. It helps my body prepare for the coming weather, physical activity, immunity, challenges, habits and opportunities I will have to endure . It helps to balance moods, cravings, hormones, and digestive issues that may arise as a result of changing my routines to fit the new season. This is not the only Reboot out there, it's just the one I feel suits many needs at once. Take a look around at what other people are doing and try some yourself. Just be careful of fad diets and dangerous advice from unknowledgeable people.

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