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Reboot Journal

Day 3: Not feeling any hunger. Lots of energy up until today. Today is the dip day. For some people it is the 3rd day, for others , the 4th. Just know that it's coming if it hasn't already. It's ok. It's just part of the detox. your body finally comes around to the idea that you're serious about this change in diet. It will kick into high gear with going deep and releasing toxins etc from the liver. It needs lots of energy to do this so it takes all the reserves, leaving you feeling low energy. But once it gets going and you stick with it, the energy comes back and the detox continues . So I just use this day to slow down a little. Take things in lower gear. Get through it with a positive outlook and use motivational tools like books, podcasts, sun soaking , or whatever makes you happy and relaxed, but keeps you on track. Just take it one day at a time. Journaling it all out helps to release questions, frustrations and helps to keep perspective.

It seems whenever I start this thing, i find myself traveling. I have been able to stay on course by bringing with me my smoothie and dried fruit as snacking food. When we're out of the house or with friends, it's hard not to pick up junk food, but I just keep talking to myself about the end result. It helps me to stay focused and feel really good about my food choices and my determination.

Sprouts!! These little guys go into or onto everything. Easy to make your own or buy. I use both so that I can get all kinds into my day. Sandwich: Nori, sprouts, cucumber slices, date/tamarind paste, and a little pol sambu (coconut spicy salad from Sri Lanka). A little goes a long way. I make enough to last a while. That way it's sitting in my fridge ready to grab and whip up a little snack.

Day 5: Lots of energy. Feeling limber and loose. My mood is positive and happy. I wrote an entire post at 5:30 am and somehow at 8:30am it got deleted. I was pissed for about 10 minutes, but then I got to work on my cob building (mud). There's just something about playing in the mud that gets out all the frustrations and stresses out. If you know about earthing or grounding you'll know what I'm talking about. If not, look it up. Plant your bare feet on the dirt, grass, forest floor, beach anything from the earth. Just sit and breathe or read or whatever you like to do,(or walk barefoot) but keep those feet in contact with the earth. It releases bad electricity (which we have stored and causing all kinds of trouble inside of us) and brings in good electricity from the earth. This balances mood, stress, inflammation and so much more. When we plug our phone into the wall to charge , it gets what it needs. When we come into contact with the earth, we get what we need. I learned to build with mud in Sri Lanka and I've been hooked ever since. Anyway, I love to build with cob and I have all kinds of projects going on, so I get out there and use my body to haul manure, dirt and straw into a mud hole I have dug out. There I add water and use my legs to stamp and walk all over to mix all of those together. Then I use my hands or a shovel and fill a wagon so that I can push it to wherever the project is taking place. I finish the bucket an go an get more then again ,until I feel like stopping for the day. I have to let the cob dry before adding new cob. It's hard work, but it's done barefoot, it's playing with mud, it's done outside in the sunshine, and it's done with the kids. Using my body, I get lots of exercise and playing in the mud, I get lots of earthing time in. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I end up feeling grounded and satisfied with my creations.

I have also noticed that with juice cleanses I seem to always have to start all over each time I do on in terms of detox. But with this Reboot, I feel like each time I do one, I made major headway from the last time. The detox actually sticks with you because we are working on the liver. Cleaning it out, getting it back to it's original factory settings.

All systems are "go" Meaning that with a juice fast, there isn't any fiber to move things along, so we have to drink psyllium husk and do enemas or colonics. It's just another task that has to be done daily in order to wash out all the detox our body is doing. Otherwise it will sit and fester and re-poison us by being reabsorbed into our system. But by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking celery juice , we are using the power of fibre and whole foods to carry the unwanted materials out while repairing the damage that was done in our past. (Don't get me wrong, if you need to do an enema or colonic in the beginning, you should to unstuck some of the stuff that is blocking the way , but it doesn't have to be done daily and you'll see that the longer you continue, the easier things will begin moving and you will no longer need the enema or colonic).

The celery juice is the tonic that provides an extra medicinal boost that helps the liver and the other organs to clean out and straighten up. Every time we do this cleanse or other similar ones, we are bringing our livers closer and closer to their original working selves. They are overloaded, scarred and sludge down. We are helping to clear and repair them . So that when we eat other foods down the line, our livers are better prepared to filter, store, categorize and and all the over 2000 functions it is meant to do on a daily basis. It also cleans out our colon of rotting old materials etc that have been sitting in pockets making us constipated , bloated and harbouring viruses and bacteria etc. So we have a natural way of continuing the digestive process while strengthening everything along the way.

Headaches, body aches, fatigue, diarrhea ,blurry vision and more are all signs that we are detoxing. It is uncomfortable , but necessary. It's ok to step outside our comfort zone and feel out of control. It's called "surrender" but it's a good kind. We are most of the time running away from conversations or feelings we don't want to deal with. This gives us the time and attention we need to just be with all the "broken, ugly, not perfect" parts. I use quotes because that's not really what it is, it's just what we've talked ourselves into thinking it is. But once we get to know those parts of us and just be comfortable with all the different parts of us ,we get to feel more confident, stronger and much better about facing the uncomfortable feelings, conversations, addictions, or whatever we're always running from . But when we follow through and don't let all this scare us or side track us, we make it through to the other side glowing and filled with new purpose. The blurry vision clears up, the fatigue goes away, diarrhea turns into a nice healthy poo, the body aches and the headaches disappear and turn into wanting to move our body more because we're feeling so light and good. Healthy hair, skin, nails, teeth , glowing eyes and inches lost. Not too shabby.........

Day 6: We're at the end of the first week!! What a week..... I find it makes my life easier to have a routine in the morning. In the morning I drink 32 oz of lemon water, wait at least 20 minutes then I drink 16 oz of celery juice. I wait at least 20 minutes then i drink my fruit smoothie. By the time I get done with all of that it's late morning. I did all my morning chores in-between all the drinking, took care of the farm work outside and anything else I needed to do in the morning. After that we're free to homeschool or work on projects outside or whatever we feel like doing that day. But the morning routine really gets me started to stick to the program. After that I might snack on fruit or dried fruit ,then make a giant salad for lunch and I just don't feel hungry, but I have lots of energy . Another thing I noticed is that I don't really like fats anymore. I cut down on them a year ago or so and I just don't really like them like i used to.

I made avocado pesto to make a sauce for my raw spaghetti squash. So now I have a wonderful meal along with my salad for Shabbat. I am creating my dessert : "ice cream" with frozen bananas and berries. Shabbat for me is a great time to make a change from the regular routine. I don't make celery juice or smoothie on Shabbat. I get up at 5:30 every morning to do that for everyone in the family . So Shabbat is a chance to just get up when I want and not have to rush to get everyone "tanked up" and off to school or work. I hope you all have a relaxing Shabbat or weekend wherever you are.....

Day 8: What are you eating? What is your preferred meals, snacks, drinks? I feel drawn to dried figs, sprouts, and seaweeds. They satisfy any craving for me. My morning routine every day (except Shabbat) is to drink 32 oz of lemon water first thing in the morning. Wait at least 20 minutes, then drink 16 oz of celery juice. Wait at least 20 minutes then drink a fruit smoothie with a little greens , fresh tumeric root , coconut water, lemon juice, and / or herbal tea. By the time I finish all of these, it's late morning. This routine has helped me to stick to my plan and helps set me up for the day on the right foot. What is it that gets you through the day? Some people are having detox reactions. This can be rashes, headache, fatigue, nausea, as well as emotional sensitivity. Be patient and persistent with this. It will pass. This is your body's way of throwing out toxins, viruses, bad bacteria, fungus ,old stored emotions, traumas etc. It's uncomfortable, it's not easy, but it feels so good on the other side.. In order to get to week 4 we have to go through weeks 1,2, and 3. Week 4 is where it all pays off. So hang in there! And let us know what your favorite foods are (you'll see they change as the weeks go by)...... Bye!

Day 12... So we've almost completed another week. I have no idea where that week went. Just flew by. 1/2 way done!! How's everyone doing? Are you looking in the mirror and liking what you see? These last 2 weeks are when things really begin to show. You've lost some inches, eyes and skin glowing, things are coming out that you never knew you were carrying around inside of you, dis-orders begin to straighten out, cravings begin to be replaced with healthy ones . This is when it hits me that we can survive on the bare necessities and feel great. We are a culture of eating too much and not the right foods. We eat because we feel like it, not because we need to . But when we get rid of the all the unnecessary addicting stuff and peel back the layers and return to the simple healthy foods, we realise we aren't very hungry , but we feel light and energetic. The last Reboot I did, I had random pimples during the first 3 weeks. They would just pop up in different places and then go away. This time I didn't have that. I hardly had any detox symptoms at all. Each time we do this Reboot (plus adding celery juice and more fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs etc to our daily diet), we cleanse deeper and rid ourselves of unwanted toxins, viruses, bacteria etc. I'm already planning for the next one!!

Week 3 !!!! How is everyone feeling? This (for me at least) is bored week. I'm going to need to get a little more creative with my meals to keep myself motivated. But if this week goes as fast as last week, it'll be easy. I'm really not so hungry. I just keep busy with kids and chores and projects and work. I have lots of energy and I don't seem to need much food to keep me satisfied. I had no PMS symptoms just before I started. None. It just started exactly on time with no warning signs. Wow...

So while we're here I have a fun extra challenge for us while we're in this state of feeling good and starting a new page. The new year is coming up. Our Hebrew year starts in two weeks and the New year 2020 starts in another couple of months. So what I love to do at this time of year is come up with a word (theme/intention/goal) for the upcoming year. I learned this from other women coaches and it is powerful. First think of what your wish , goal , vision might be next year. What do you want to happen? Succeed in some area? Make changes or create something new? Are you looking for a partner? Do you want to dance more? Take your time with this. I like to pick 3 that really speak to me. Then take the time and focus to narrow it down to one. I know it's hard, but it's worth it. Because when we become really clear on what we want , the universe begins to help us make it happen. Last year my word was "alignment". I really wanted to bring all of my passions, interests, skills , experience etc and make them come together into something I could work with. It worked. I am now very clear on what I do and how to help others with it. This next year, I haven't chosen a word yet . We'll do it together. It's fun. It's inspiring and it works. This is a word that we choose individually and hang it on our wall or use it as a screen saver or put it somewhere that we can see it all the time during the day. We can focus on that word , write down all that it means to us. The more we put our attention to that word, the more things will begin to happen to move us in the direction of what we want. It's important to be clear and specific. Some examples are: Freedom, success, prosperity, independence, health, kindness, joy. romance, self-love, privacy, trust, vitality, sisterhood.... You get the idea. Make this word your own. Every decision you make for the next year will revolve around this word. You'll have to get out of your comfort zone a little. Step out on a ledge and be a little scared and very honest with yourself. But commit to making this word work for you all next year. Sometimes it takes some brainstorming, but usually a word comes up and doesn't leave. You keep coming back to it and it speaks to you more than all the others. That's the one you should listen to .Follow your inner voice and just trust where it's going to lead you. I'd love to hear your words and what you think of this whole exercise as you sit with it and explore the possibilities.

Reboot 4th week! New and last week ahead of us!! Wow. What a trip this last month has been. I hope all of you have enjoyed the transformation as much as I have. I'm still thinking of my word for the year (from last post), I hope that by the end of this week, I'll chose one. Anyway, This is the home stretch. This is where all the effort of the last month pays off and stays with us day after day. The transformation, the detox ,the new eating habits and reversing of dis-ease and cravings. Maybe you've challenged yourself, faced fears, changed your beliefs, struggled and overcame and ended up a different person from when you started. I know this is what happens to me every time I do any kind of fast or cleanse. It's all about learning to trust your body, letting go of old beliefs, and being humbled by how little we really do need. It goes deeper each time. So I wish for all of you a wonderful week, a happy and meaningful new year and many insights and aha moments along the way!!

Reboot last days:: Well, we did it!!! The cleanse ends this weekend and I'm liking what I see. I have so much energy, my eyesight has improved, I have no aches or pains, my hair is thick, I don't catch any colds or flu that are flying around. I feel like I'm holding this amazing secret, but I'm sharing it openly because I want everyone to have the oportunity to experience health like this. I hear people complaining of all kind of dis-ease and they're running from doctor to doctor spending tons of money ,taking pills that do more harm than good. All we have to do is reboot the system and start over again with the right ingredients. I know it sounds too simple, but simplicity is the key here. So I'm here if anyone wants to join me for another one in a few months. In the meantime keep drinking celery juice and add more veggies and fruit to your plate! !! (The picture is of dehydrated eggplant and tomato slices ( ie raw personal pizzas) Perfect for someone who is only eating raw veggies and fruits) I wish you all health, peace and happiness for this weekend and in the new year ahead. Hag Sameach/ Happy New Year/ Shana Tova

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