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Our Second Year with Celery

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

During this time of vaccine pressure and fear of some "virus" that we can't find any proof of, I wanted to put some more focus on one of the alternatives to chemical "cures". I have been trying to catch the dreaded virus for almost a year. I do not wear a mask, not gloves, I don't obsessively wash my hands, shoes, or anything else. I will shake hands with those willing to do so, I hug those who offer one in return. I don't avoid public spaces, enclosed spaces (unless I'm not allowed to enter without a mask), I even use public bathrooms.

Nothing. I can't seem to get sick. I must have an amazing immune system protecting me at every turn. Thank you for that , God. So I have no fear of the media hype, government mandates or a public full of doubt and insecurity. I'm not even scared of the dreaded "virus", or any virus, for that matter.

I know what sunshine is and I go out in it. I eat lots of vegetables, fruit, greens, wild foods, raw honey, seaweed, berries, and herbs. I supplement with zinc, Vit C, and b12. I juice, drink water, make smoothies and eat simple whole natural foods. I do all this with my family all year , every year, every day, with or without a "virus scare" .

This is what it is to be healthy. God gave me a body. I need to take care of it as if it came straight from God to fulfil my purpose here on earth, which it did. Why would I spend my hard earned money on junk "food" when all it will do is harm me and set me up to be fearful when they tell me to be fearful?

Instead, I chose to be the CEO of my health, as Kris Carr always says. I make the decisions and I am responsible. If I fail my body, it's because I made poor choices and I will pay the price. So I chose health , truth, knowledge and respect. Therefore, I cannot get sick. Even when I try.

That's not to say sickness isn't part of our world. We can get run down, stressed out or trigger latent dis-ease when the conditions are right. But I know how to respect it, treat it and move on.

Life is not perfect. It's not meant to be. But the body is perfect, the way we treat it might not be. I chose to listen . Our bodies communicate with us and if we listen and pay attention, we can feel when we're heading in the wrong direction or if we're on the right path. This is a long process, but worth the effort. I won't get into all of that now, because I'd like to focus on my family's journey with celery juice as part of our protocol for everyday health and healing.

I am actually well into our third year of drinking celery juice daily, but with all that's going on, I haven't written this until now. Our biggest health challenges have been dissolved over the past two years and never came back. The improvements I see and feel now are subtler and go deeper than the previous years.

You can read about our first year in my blog "Our first year with celery juice" and "How celery juice saved us" . This year was another amazing year of healing and progress. We have the privilege of drinking celery juice ( cj ) twice a day during the winter when it is plentiful and each celery bunch is huge and beautiful. This twice a day bonus gives us an extra leap forward. It seems to fast forward issues that might otherwise take longer to heal. Twice a day means at least 1/2 liter in the morning and at least 1/2 liter in the evening (for me and my husband). Sometimes it might be a little more. Both times we drink it alone, first thing in the morning or at least 2 hours after a meal or 20-30 minutes before eating or drinking anything (see my blog " How Celery Juice Saved Us" for more details.) During the summer months when celery is small, we drink only once a day in the morning.

During our first year , I made the cj with leaves. It made for a more bitter drink, but we got used to it. Then I learned that the medicine is in the stalks , so I began cutting the leaves off before juicing and I give them all to our farm animals . It's a much gentler juice and easier to get down for people who are just starting.

We (the entire family) used to wake up in the mornings with mucus build up. We had to clear it out through blowing our noses, coughing or spiting . That is no longer the case. Our sinuses are clear and no longer bother us.

I used to have eye floaters. My first year they diminished, now I no longer see them. My eyesight continues to clear and get better and better. Sometimes I have to think back to my poor vision before I started drinking cj. I felt like I was slowly slipping into blindness. My vision was getting blurrier and blurrier and dimmer by the day. I was afraid I wouldn't pass my vision test needed to renew my driver's license . But now this is no longer an issue. My vision is clear and sharp . I can read books, even very small print and I don't use glasses. I feel everyday is better than the day before.

My two oldest sons started drinking cj with us, then they joined the army and no longer could. But while they were drinking, they had more energy, no more mucus, no more pimples, and lost body fat, which helped my eldest who works out . His muscles were more defined with cj.

A huge development of this last year was that my husband, Shalom, a life long coffee drinker, quit coffee and never looked back. He looks better, sleeps better, is no longer held to an addiction, has lost lots of weight and is holding on to his natural black hair at the age of 53. He looks 10 years younger since doing this. He no longer has gas like he used to. It has completely disappeared, along with his snoring at night (thank God!). He used to have a bloated stomach, but now it has gone down . It seems every week to continue to reduce in size. His skin is smooth, not like before with many bumps, moles, skin tags and pimples.

I have also treated ringworm with cj. I have a garlic/tumeric oil that I applied to ringworm areas from the outside, while drinking cj . It took a few months, but the ringworm is gone and hasn't come back. Ringworm is a fungal infection. Cj breaks down fungus (mold) in the body. It takes time , but it works. Between a few people in the family, we had infections, in under arms , feet, hands, inner thigh and vaginal areas. It is all cleared up completely with no recurrences.

My hair continues to thicken and repair. Before celery juice, my hair was thinning at an alarming rate. As soon as I started cj, it started sprouting all over my head. I had never in my life had such thick hair. It has continued all this time. I will be forever grateful for a thick head of hair.

My menstrual cycle has been readjusted twice along this journey. Each time it comes back stronger and the blood is a bright red color. Not dark and murky. My PMS symptoms disappeared in the beginning and never came back . My hormones are balanced. No more mood swings, pimples, bloating, cramps, cravings etc. My period starts exactly on time and just shows up with out the drama.

Our teeth and mouth environment continue to strengthen and heal.

Our energy is always positive and never drops until it's time to go to bed. I used to burn out at around 3pm. I haven't felt that drop in a very long time. I am not held up by caffeine, sugar or any other stimulants. I cruise through the day with positivity and good natural energy.

Because cj worked so well with our family, I began treating my animals with celery juice as well. I have treated cysts, wounds, sickness, and general loss of well being with this amazing juice. I have used it on dogs, pigeons, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats and horses. All I've seen is success over and over. I use it in conjunction with other herbal remedies and I see cj works with them to improve their potency and accuracy.

I continue to be amazed at celery juice's subtle power. I feel it going deeper as time goes by. My kids are thriving on it as well and my husband and I . Every time any of my clients start, they are also blown away with the results.

Recently, Shalom read about celery juice in Hebrew! That means the Israelis have caught on... Finally! I have been shouting this from the rooftops for close to 3 years. My hope is that people begin putting their faith in their body's natural ability to heal.

With the right environment and tools to feed our body food as medicine, we can overcome anything. No need for vaccines, fear, chemicals, intrusive procedures or faith in outside forces, such as governments or pharmaceutical companies . The power was given to us in the form of our natural world. All the medicine we'll ever need is right here in the ground at our feet.

As always, please check out for more information about celery juice and more healing protocols.....

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