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Optimum Digestion

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Health depends on good digestion. If your body isn't assimilating the food you put in it, you can't get what you need from it which results in malnutrition. It's the quality, not the quantity of food we eat that counts as well as the ability to absorb the nutrients your food has. There are basic easy rules to remember when eating to make sure your digestive system will work for your rather than against you.This is a quick run down. I will be expanding as soon as I have the time.

1. Chew chew chew. If we swallow our food without much chewing it puts extra strain on all the other organs to try to break down the food into matter that can be digested. Many pieces will pass through whole which means they weren't broken down or used by the body.

2. Homemade Fermented foods. Saurkraut, kombucha, kefir, sourdough, lacto-fermented drinks, etc. Help with enzymes and vitamins to aid in the digestive process.

3. Soaked, sprouted grains, nuts, seeds. There is a protective layer on all dry goods called an enzyme inhibitor. It protects the seed so that it won't get ruined before it's his time to  sprout and become a tree. If we eat something dry , these inhibitors won't allow the vitiamins and minerals to be used by the body, but if we soak overnight first, this opens up the enzyme inhibitors which allows the vitamins and minerals to become active and useful.

4.Prayer and/or positive thoughts over your food. 

5. Don't eat late at night. Unless it's fruit

6. Don't over eat.

7. Eat mostly raw foods.

8.  Colonics, sauna, dry brushing . Moving the lymph system, cleaning out the junk.

9. Whole real foods only. Mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Some whole soaked grains, Greens. No processed sugar. Use only dates, dried fruit, fruit, raw honey ,molasses, rapadura, maple, or similar


11. Fresh air, sunlight, deep breathing

12. Fasting, reboot, cleanse.

13. Celery juice, vegetable juices, green smoothies. fibre, chia, flax, herbal teas, water

14. Wear comfordable loose fitting clothes

15. Good night's sleep

16. Snack on fruit. If you're going to snack, make it fruit. Dried fruit , fresh fruit, smoothies, juices, frozen fruit ,

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