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Not Eggs-actly........

I know this post will upset a lot of people. I apologize. I don't meant to press any buttons or ruffle any feathers or take away anything from anyone. I'm just relaying information to hopefully help people to get better. Please do with it as you see fit...

Over two years ago, life was running along. There were lots of people with chronic illness, anywhere from inflammation to leaky gut to cancer and lyme disease, and although doctors had lots of hypotheses and fad diets, nothing was really working. Most people , if they cleaned up their diets, got rid of processed junk "foods" and started exercising, felt much better, but for the most part no one really seemed to know causes or cures for most dis-eases. For one, they are usually complex and two, no one liked to point fingers at the pharmaceutical companies.

Then "corona" hit and all the information began to come to light. Not only were professionals talking about viruses, they were talking about lab science, corruption and information that had until then, been shrouded in secrecy.

Vaccines and pharmaceuticals were trusted science, although the manufacturing process and ingredients were hardly known outside the laboratory. Thanks to the outspoken whistleblowers, scientists, journalists, doctors, investigative reporters, lawyers and tech people from the inside, much has been revealed. From aborted fetuses, animal blood, carcinogens, heavy metals, microbes and other deadly toxins, we now have a better understanding of what these "frankenstein" creations are, what they're real purpose is and how they're made.

One bit of information that has been consistent is how viruses and bacteria are kept alive and fed while in the lab.. Viruses and bacteria need a host to live off of in order to be kept alive and stable. In order to develop drugs etc in the lab, they need to 1. produce lots of microbes and 2. keep them alive to conduct experiments before injecting them into a host (whether animal or human).

In their search to study disease, scientists came across eggs as a perfect medium. Not only were they a perfect food for humans for thousands of years, eggs were able to keep the bacteria and viruses alive and well in the lab. No other food had the same effect as eggs did on these diseases and their viruses and bacteria. Thanks to this discovery, scientists and doctors could now watch how cancer and other diseases responded to different treatments.

In almost all disease, there is an aggressive virus or bacteria or both involved in the growth process. So if you have a perfect food feeding one of the main reasons for the disease, you can keep it alive and experiment on it. After so much time in the lab (decades), these microbes have learned to regard eggs as their favorite food.

Microbes are alive. They eat, they excrete, they adapt.... They've learned to survive and thrive on eggs that have been given to them for decades . These viruses and bacteria (and perhaps fungi) use their favorite food (eggs) to grow, become more virulent and multiply in the lab setting. The same phenomenon happens when we eat eggs. The viruses that are now in us, (either from inheritance, pharmaceuticals, injections, blood transfusions, daily transmission from person to person etc) are kept alive in our body somewhat by the eggs we eat. (see below for more of their favorite foods)

Judy Mikovitz and other scientists have described how this process works in a petrie dish in the lab. Anthony William and many others take it a step further and talk about it in the body as well. Each egg we eat feeds these "bugs" for about 90 days, giving them strength to multiply and build armies , biding their time waiting for the opportunity when the conditions are perfect to begin the takeover. They lay low in organs, joints or places of injury feeding off of these once harmless eggs.

(The same goes for processed s