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My Magical Morning Routine

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

We have been drinking fruit smoothies in the morning for 4 years or so now. They have greatly increased our health, immune systems and our fruit intake. After learning from Anthony William, we have added celery juice and lemon water to the mix. Now we are soaring. Soaring with energy, soaring with strong immunity and soaring with optimism . This new mix has made a difference of 200%.

What I've seen and experienced is that starting with lemon water flushes out the liver and the whole system. It gets things moving ,wakes it up, and rehydrates the entire body after not drinking after a night's sleep. 20 minutes or so after this, we drink our celery juice. The celery juice contains among others: vitamin C , and mineral salts not found anywhere else. The celery is able to cross the blood brain barrier . So that 20 minutes or so after drinking it we drink our fruit smoothie . The celery juice is able to carry the vitamins and minerals from the smoothie (and any supplements or herbs added to the smoothie) right into the brain where heavy metals are stuck to get them out and deliver nutrients to the brain and deeper into cells all over the body where it's needed most.

We have never experienced health like this before. While my kids classmates are catching everything under the sun, we slide by unaffected. My family has energy, and a robust immune system.

I like to add medicinal mushrooms to our morning as part of our smoothie supplements. We take one capsule each morning of Host Community 17 mushroom blend and that small amount has a huge effect, especially combined with our celery juice and fruit smoothie.

The berries in the smoothie are a mix of blue berries and other berries. Wild blueberries are the ideal, but here in Israel we've got cultivated. If that's the best we can do, it's good enough for us. Bananas give incredible energy to the liver and give us a lasting energy for a good start to the day.

I add about a cup of cilantro (for it's ability to pull heavy metals from the body). Other times I add wild greens or other green leafies such as parsley, kale, purslane, mallow, nettle, wild mustard, olive leaf, chard, etc. The minerals from these chlorophyll filled leaves is taken deeper and absorbed better by combining them with the fruit (and the celery from before)

I also add fresh turmeric root or ginger root. I love the turmeric root. i have seen amazing things happen by adding this to our morning smoothies. My husband was going grey. His whole head was being taken over by silver hairs. But when I started to add turmeric root to our smoothie, it started to reverse. We will all go grey eventually, but it seems to have slowed the process down.

I have tried a lot of things over the years, and I have gotten it down to what works best and keeping it simple is the most inexpensive way to do this. People spend hundreds of dollars buying vitamins, pills, the next newest fad etc. I have also tried all of that. But the most effective and simple way is by using the most humble warriors out there: Mushrooms, celery, fruit and greens .

This coupled with a clean diet, exercise and healthy mindset can literally turn disease around. After all these drinks we aren't very hungry, but later in the morning we might have some oatmeal which will tide us over until later in the day. Snacks in-between meals is some form of fruit: fresh, dried, frozen etc.

This lets us feel satisfied, without cravings, energetic and ready to take on the day with power, self confidence and purpose.

The magic of celery juice as a medicine together with the magic of fruit, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and pure energy , makes this mix of medicine that is and forever will be beyond doctors and their prescriptions. I have seen it cure aches, pains, impotence, cold sores, skin discolouration, bad vision, floaters, brain fog, teeth problems, joint complaints, hair issues, and mood disorders. This morning routine, coupled with lemon water first thing in the morning, clean eating, exercise and staying away from eggs, dairy, gluten and excess fats/oils can turn anything around. With enough persistence and consistence you will notice things begin to change for the better. It may take a few months, it may take a year or so. It doesn't matter, the point is to stick with it and you will continue to be amazed at it simplicity and it's power.

Many people complain that they don't have the time, but believe me, if you want to, you will make the time. I have 6 children, homeschooling some of them, school lunches, meals to prepare, work, a farm to run, animals to care for , a house to keep up with, projects to complete...... the list goes on. I make the time anyway. I get up early because it's important to me. As part of my early morning routine, I drink my lemon water, make the juice and smoothies for the whole family. I also make time to meditate, listen to mentors give talks/interviews, journal, stretch or just give myself quiet time to breathe and be with myself before everyone wakes up. I don't always like to get up early, but I know how much better I feel and how my energy, my focus and my creativity increases when I do. So I make the time. You can too.

When we pay attention to how much time is spent on social media or doing things not conducive to our goals, we can cut out a lot of the nonsense to make more time for what is important to us . Then we've got time to do the things that we always say we don't have time for!! We've all got the same 24 hours in a day. The difference between those who have enough time and those who don't ,is just a matter of rearranging our priorities.

With some self discipline and consistence, we can all get there. One morning at a time..

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