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Let the light in

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Since the advent of sunscreen, people have been made to believe the sun is bad. On the contrary, the sun is something we really need. Our body absorbs the sun's goodness and converts it to Vitamin D with the help of bacteria on our skin. It takes about 24 hours to absorb so it's best not to use soap on any places where the skin was exposed to the sun . Vitamin D is more of a hormone than a vitamin. It can help bring out the best of us, or in deficiency it can bring out the worst such as depression, dis-ease, cancer, digestive problems etc. Vitamin D can have a direct influence on pregnancy, brain, heart, bones, sleep and mood. Fifteen minutes in the sun between 10 and 2pm can help you sleep at night and make you feel happy and cheerful during the day..

One way to let the light in is to actually be in the sun. Another way is to drink liquid sunshine through chlorophyll. Both ways are required for optimum health. Greens are filled with it. Wild green leaves and grasses are like little solar panels soaking it up. We can drink juices from these and/or make smoothies using them with fruit or vegetables. Wheatgrass juice is one example, green smoothie is another.  Plants with cholorphyll have some Vitamin D , Vitamin K, C and A in them, as well as iron, potassium, magnesium and antioxidents. The leaves have taken sunshine and converted it to cholorphyll which has the same properties as our blood, except that it's green and not red. Chlorophyll purifies the liver and the blood, prevents illness, dis-ease, increases mother's milk, alkalizes the body, disolves stones and soothes the digestive tract. Also Vitamin D is paired well with calcium and Vitamin K for absorption which both come in greens in abundance. (How do cows get so much calcium into their milk? From the grasses and weeds they eat!). Vitamin D is fat-soluable which means two things: it needs to be eaten or taken with fat for it to be absorbed and that it goes into our fat cells to be stored and released slowly. Greens have Omega 3 which is a good fatty acid with important health properties.  All of this comes together to make a perfect package for us to absorb sunshine through cholorphyll.

The color green is also healing and soothing to our liver and our mood.

Vitamin D is needed all year long. So although it's easy to be outside soaking it up all summer, we also need it during the winter months. It's no good laying down indoors next to a window. The glass prevents the Vitamin D from getting to you. So if you must be indoors, at least open the window to let in the sunshine. Although sun isn't as available to some during the winter months, edible weeds growing ouside are plentiful. I prefer the option of eating/drinking these than supplementing. However, many people supplement with Vitamin D3, although it doesn't have the same effect as actual sunshine, it's a better temporary option than being deficient. Unlike Vitamin D from sunshine, it can be overdosed and it should to be taken in conjuction with Vitamin K for absorbtion.

So with all this "free" stuff out there, sunshine and leaves are an easy way to let the light in your life!

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