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It's Time.......

It starts tomorrow! I hope you'll join us in A Return To.... Hanukkah Festival. December 10-18

This time of year is a time of joy and of miracles. A time to share and celebrate being alive. We were put here in this place at this time to witness and take part in the evolution that is happening all around us.

The more connected we are, to each other and to ourselves, the more we can participate in a meaningful way. When we are empowered, we empower others to do the same in their own way.

As we begin to trust in and listen to our intuition, we begin to create and to find the light that exists within each of us. Fear turns into faith, we tap into the limitless power we hold and we become enlightened and powerful beings once again.

That might seem like a lot to take in, but that's what this time of year is all about and that's why I'm posting the A Return To..... Hanukkah Festival right now. You have the entire thing at your fingertips for the whole week of Hanukkah. That gives you plenty of time to watch (and rewatch) your favorite presentations for free.

Sit back, enjoy, take notes, and sprinkle a little Hanukkah gelt around (this festival) with family and friends . Don't forget to comment and tell me what you think.....

Oh, I almost forgot!! GF "Matza ball" Soup......

I love this recipe! Easy, only three ingredients, can be used in a couple of recipes......... I add a tiny bit of olive oil just to mix the dough. Do not add any water. You can add spices, if you like, but it's not necessary, such as thyme, cumin, paprika or black pepper. I simmer the "matza balls" in a soup for 20 minutes with vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, peas , onions, celery or whatever vegetables you like . These can also be used as meatless meatballs in spaghetti sauce. Make them the same way, simmer in soup or in plain water. Or you can use left over (if there will be any!) "matza balls" and add them to a tomato sauce. These keep in the fridge for a day or two or in the freezer. They can be reheated in soup or sauce.

Soaked (optional) sprouted buckwheat groats...... green (not toasted)

pinch of salt

spoon of olive oil

1. Soak buckwheat groats (not toasted) overnight. Strain

2. Next day, you can let them continue sprout for another day, or you can use them as they are.

3. Fill a pan for soup 1/2 way with water, spices and vegetables (Your favorite soup) . Put it on the stove to boil

4. I use a Green Star Juicer to make the dough. You can use a food processor as well. Do not add water. It's important that it is a dry dough. You can add salt and oil to the food processor or mix in later with your hands.

5. Remove all the dough from the machine when it is uniform

6. Add salt and oil if you haven't already. Mix with your hands until it is uniform

7. Spoon out a small portion and roll into a ball with your hands. Drop it in the boiling soup/water. Continue until you've rolled all the dough into balls. Simmer in the soup for 20 minutes with the lid on.

When the "matza balls" are floating, they are done (about 20 minutes). They can be stored in the fridge in the soup and reheated or taken out of the soup and frozen.

This is a recipe I use many times during the year. It's gluten free, so the dumplings can be used during Pesach. It's a warm hearty soup, so it's also great in the winter months and the "meatballs" go with spaghetti and tomato sauce too. I'm sure there are other uses for it because it's quite versatile and easy to make. I make big batches and freeze some so that I always have some on hand to make a quick meal.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Holidays to everyone............

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